Eve PvP Videos & Clips - Enjoy!


Ill be videoing single fights and uploading the videos and then posting them here! I didn’t want to put this on my tutorial thread so I made a new one, my vids will be wins and looses.


So in this video I had jumped through a gate and spotted two ships of the same type I was currently flying, I immediately crashed gate and jumped in, then warped to a Novice complex and they followed, the battle ensues!


& here is todays video - me being bored :stuck_out_tongue:

Went to a complex, saw three ships in, was quite confident I could take all three I jumped in, I may have screwed up

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Zarvox Cruiser Roam

Main Fight i.e fleet fight with PH 60+ vs 60+ is time stamped

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Nice little fight!

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This is today’s video, this is today’s mass test which takes place on the CCP test server, in which we bash a refinery and destroy the fleet W with ease

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This was last nights live stream, about 5 of us having a right old laugh, me getting shitty, lots of banter, enjoy!

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Here is last nights live stream, over 1.3billion ISK killed (i.e with us in frigates) Some sick fights, good bait and a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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Hi peeps

This is last nights pvp roam, with Zarvox fleet after my solo roaming

So this is what happens when one streamer is sat on a complex, another streamer warps in, first streamer follows him in then two other streamers jump in…

Last night we got into with Brave Newbies, this is the result

here is a nice 1v1 between me n zarvox

This is a small gang fight that basically got out of hand i.e 4 groups coming in at once, ■■■■ hit the fan

Another awesome fight my small gang got into


We took a fight from ISKY Business - They had balls

Last nights live stream! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gBM4bswQTk

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