CSM 12 Summit 1: Minutes Discussion

In the just over 3 years I have had a character in the starter NPC corp CAS, I can confirm this.

The other most frequent reason would be the inability to rejoin your starter corp after leaving it.

I would wager, that if players could return to their starter corp, the numbers of players prepared to ‘try’ a player or FW corp would drastically increase.

Weather they stay in the player corps, well that’s up to other factors.

atm, there is very little appeal to sov bashing, CTA’s, specific doctrines, player politics/drama and F1’ing, with a overall feeling of loss of freedoms as opposed to gains.


will miss the o7 show in it’s current form, but I understand the logic in spiting it into components.

Jin did a tip top vid on sov distribution, titled spheres of influence, It would be nice to have something monthly tracking the movements in null, more on the alliances involved etc… and FW progress.

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Likewise, having talked to many players over the years in null, many of them, myself included, are loathe to touch faction warfare, not because of how rapidly it can destroy your standings with a main empire, but how insanely miserable it is to repair faction standings. Nothing of value would be lost and fw would likely see a heavy uptick in participation if being in a faction warfare Corp modified your enemy empire standings to - 10 while in fw, but didn’t cause the actual value to drop for participating in fw activities, and the - 10 modifier vanished the moment you left fw.

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That’s a good idea, and makes much more sense both thematically and from a gameplay perspective.


Afraid not, at the moment.

That devil prioritization.

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I actively try and do Monthly (ish) updates, which I swap over to weekly during wars on that channel, as well as pretty much any other content I feel like making. You can take a look at some of the content here!

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I’d also love to have Standings repair in general made vastly more obvious in the client. It’s something people on the forums have done an admirable job maintaining, but the fact that it’s not official really grinds my gears, as there’s so many new players who won’t think to check the forums :frowning:


Any way you could have CCP ad a new part to the NPE that “forces” them to come to the forums and run through the forum tutorials? I mean a better informed player base should help make the overall game better and help reduce communication problems both up and down the chain.

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The problem with FW as a new player experience is that it’s currently 100% player driven (which is a good thing for established players, not so much for new players) and there are several issues with FW right now, especially when it comes to finding groups and finding fights, the UI needs to be revamped with better intel which is currently provided much better by 3rd party tools, however new players don’t have access to those tools, they have to download them, the ingame FW UI needs to be significantly better, currently you can see plexes captured in the last 15 minutes using a 3rd party app which is possible since map data is updated every 15 mins and you just look at the changed contested %. But there is no good way ingame to see this.

New players are not going to have the fitting knowledge, skill, and SP to be able to win fights in FW. I’ve tried several times as one of the most veteran and experienced PVP pilots to PVP in FW with new characters and it’s usually a negative experience for myself. Since you’re going to be dealing with Faction/Pirate frigates on average, piloted by veteran players with near maxed skills, and occasional implant sets which will make them unsurpassable walls even if you outplay them (And genuine new players aren’t going to outplay them).

Teaching them to farm in 5 WCS punishers, or defensive plex in ships designed to run away, which is probably the gameplay genuine new players can perform outside of FW fleets. is also horrible gameplay. You need to 100% rely on FW corps picking these characters up if they ask in militia and teaching them the ropes by flying fleets with them and relying entirely on player interactions is the same NPE we have now.

The new resource wars put new players in a structured, group environment where they can interact with players who are at the same level as them, bond together and hopefully socialise and create groups. Veterans can fly alongside them in these sites and recruit them or teach them the ropes. it’s much better suited than FW.

As for Victory Points for the same time, I actually want timer normalisation (Reduce all plexes to 10 minutes) so you spend less time with your dick in your hand in the bigger plexes if you don’t get a fight, and you’re more likely to get a good fight if you’re in a site for 10 mins in a ship like a battleship (Where players have to hastily form for you), instead of 20 mins which gives significantly more time for hard counter, racial ECM and carriers to find their way to you. This makes it easier to offensive plex the bigger times because the enemy has less time to form for you.

As for timer rollbacks, currently you trade time 1:1 with stabber farmers, which is what makes them frustrating to fight against, hell, in some cases, a stabber farmer just warps between the medium and large whenever you come in and theres nothing you can do about it, even though you are willing to actively fight and they aren’t, you can’t win. I personally am someone who prefers a sped up reset for FW players over a timer rollback (I don’t want neutrals or pirates to be able to influence or defend a warzone while being outside FW, but I also understand that those guys are angry because they want more incentives for the guys in the plex they’re invading to fight). I.e. if a stabbed amarr WCS punisher brings a novice down from 10mins to 5 mins, a minmatar player comes in, the timer will reset much faster towards the neutral position (10mins), such as 4x speed. so the minmatar player will have to wait just 1m15s in the plex to reset the WCS punishers progress back to 5m, so you can win a system against stabbed farmers if you’re the only one fighting there.


More links to the forums could be a good idea in the NPE


The current standing mechanics and repair plan are demoralizing; on a level only reserved for things like dropping your toast butter side down when it’s your last slice of bread and the last of the butter. Or the light bulb desiding it’s time to die in the middle of changing a nappy.

Rather than encourage, it dissuades from engaging in other areas of the game.

Talk about learning implants causing risk aversion, I’m sure I am not the only one who would prefer loosing a full set of +5’s to having to grind standings back up.

Someone can usually provide a link to it or the tldr in chat if asked. Putting the repair plan in client would be great ofc, but won’t be enough, sadly, it needs to go back to formula… :microscope: …and that’s just crazy talk.

You do indeed, not knocking it, but it could also be done by CCP in house as part of a recurring theme.


I can get behind this. This is a much better idea than timer roll back.

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Yes and no, covering or not covering of space entities and their activities could be seen as taking a side at the worst and unfair “advertisement” at best.
Something players can do but GM’s shouldn’t


well, I read that and thought, yeah valid point, this chap is probably right. Nothing wrong with players doing it at all anyway. Their was a guy doing it regularly for the o7 show. Tantric Handlebar. Good vids, short and sweet, not as in depth.

Then I thought some more, and I asked myself, am I ok with that? Should we be ok with that? I genuinely ask.

Should CCP or the NEC be restricted in providing up to date news bulletins to it’s player base because some may see it as favouring one over the other? Or should Information on current events take priority?

Are we saying we have little faith in CCP providing, or being able to provide impartial coverage? Or that it will inevitably get abused for a source of Intel?

Is the whole idea just pony?

More importantly, who are these players that would make such malignant judgements to the detriment of synoptic inclusion and should we or CCP give a quack what they think?

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It’s certainly true that standings repair options don’t see much exposure in game, but I can’t help but imagine part of this is because ccp would be embarrassed to show how bad repairing your standings are when you’ve tanked them pretty far. I’m not saying it should be trivially easy, but under the current system I’d rather mine a Moros in lowsec using rookie ships, because it would be less painful

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Nor only repair, but even maintaining standings can be a huge PITA. I’m not saying it should be easy. But the amount of faction kill missions handed out by some corps seems quite unbalanced.

I’ve noticed it particularly with minmatar. They seem to hand out a LOT of “kill amarr” and “kill caldari” missions. Which makes it quite difficult to raise standings with them and not tank those 2. I have never noticed this problem to quite the same extent with the other 3 factions.

Again, I’m not saying it should be easy to gain high standings with all 4 empires. But rather that the current distribution of faction kill missions seems unbalanced.

I also disagree with the idea of making it IMPOSSIBLE to have good standings with all 4 empires. It takes a considerable amount of work as it is, and with how ■■■■■■■■ the current standings repair mechanics are it would make ever relocating a huge PITA.

From a lore perspective, capsuleers may be from an empire, but we are not strictly beholden to them. We work for them by choice not force. So while an empire might not be happy about us working for their enemies, it would also make sense for them to not reject a capsuleer entirely if they have also done a lot of work for them as well.


I started by trying to get T2 BPOs from the lottery by running missions for the Thukkers.

And boy did they thukk my standings :cry:.

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What does it mean that all teams have to mind monetization? :thinking:

More different things to buy in a PLEX store, that would not be available just by playing the game?
Or just that they have to be carefull not to break current monetization models?
How does it fit with removal of CQ, where you could see your clothes and SKIN on ship worth many PLEX?

Any CSM member willing to further ask about it?

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Bear in mind that the ‘monetisation’ team’s main project was creating Alphas, the F2P model for EVE and controlling the PLEX/Aurum merger. Monetisation doesn’t just have to mean ‘how can i add microtransactions’, it’s just ‘how can we make more money’. Still, considering they’re actively changing a team dedicated to that into a balance focused team, I am fairly certain CCPs priorities are in the right place there.


“how can we make more money”, I heard virtual currencies are on the rise, maybe tech team could propose a virtual currency mining project, and develop algorithm tied to asteroid or moon mining. CCP could also share the wealth to incite more mining. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::joy: