CSM minutes (?)

I understand with the pandemic that things may get delayed/lost, but I noticed that the player community has still not received the minutes from the video meeting in early March. Since the latest Pulse cast mentioned the new CSM election upcoming, it would be nice to see where people stood on different ideas presented to them by CCP prior to the campaigning.

…or should we once again just let NS rubber stamp their choices to save some time? :thinking:


The CSM is still a thing?


Whilst true, its not like the current CCP seems really to care what the CSM has to say.

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But the CSM definitely got to see the new Jita station before the rest of the players. They also get a cool tag for their posts on the forums.

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30 minutes later they publish them.
Thank you.

…with that quick a response, could I talk to you about improvements in Marauders or missions? :grinning:


Just a quick note:

It wasn’t a video meeting. We were present.

Oh cool, then can you tell me, do you pay to go to it or do CCP?

I know I used to know but I think I forgot.

CCP pay for the flights, hotels and some of the food.

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Cool. Just checking.

I figured that if they were paying, they must reckon they get something out of it.

That’s what they keep saying.

It’s a big time commitment for the Americans. Less so for me (6 weeks of holidays a year) I know it’s been an issue for some (in the time I’ve been doing it)

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