Fleet Fight Breakdowns with Jin'taan

If you’ve ever wanted to see a combined view of what an NPSI fleet is like, both as logistics and as a line member, I’ve been able to put together a video that shows off what a fight like that looks and sounds like!

Please bear in mind that these comms feature a signigicant amount of profanity from myself, so don’t watch if that’s the sort of thing that offends you;

This fleet was - as the title implies - open to the public. If you’re interested in joining fleets like this in the future, join the “SF Spectre Fleet” channel in game and read the MOTD.

If you have any feedback for what I could do to make this type of video better, please leave it down below, as I’m trying to improve on my skills as a video editor as well!

Back with a new video! This time taking on Pandemic Horde after catching a Pheonix being a little too ballsy, and showing you how to get big content out of the large nullsec alliances, using ECM fit Mallers!

As always, any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

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This time I went a little deeper onto the theorycrafting and underlying mechanics that determine how a matchup plays out, using the Rail Thorax against some Caracals from Brave Newbies.

A quick channel update, alongside a fun, short fight with Ruptures going up against a bunch of armour Battleships and a Hel!

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