[EVENT] New Eden Wave YC124

An event advertisement is making rounds through Jita 4-4 and other prominent entertainment notice boards:

Event Date: Saturday April 30, YC124
Doors Open: 21:00 EVE Time
Dress Code: Stylish wear! Be it clothed or bare.
Main show to follow an opening act.
Mature setting (18+) Please enjoy responsibly!

(( OOC Info: ))
(( IC Event Channel: Party Badger ))
(( OOC Channel: Blacklace BTS ))
(( This event has a casual hangout vibe set to banger music. While mature in its setting, ERP is not permitted at the event. ))


This party will be wild! I hope everyone is comming. It will be a little bit of a birthday party for me too.

See you on the dancefloor cowboys (and girls!)

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