New Years Party: Jan 4

It’s New Years! Or well be soon, baring a massive Triangle invasion that kills us all. On the off-chance that isn’t going to happen, the LGIC have discussed a New Years Party!

Who: Cool People*
What: Par-tay BABY!
Where: My Castle
When: Jan 4, 1900 NEST
Why: Because it’s another year and we’re going to celebrate, dammit!
How: With sex, drugs, and rock and roll!

There is no dress code. Hell, the only conduct code is not to damage my property or injure someone else. This is a Gallente Party. Fully Gallente. So, come, have fun, enjoy the new year, new life.


Q: Do I have to be Gallente to come?
A: No. Just know what awesome stuff you’re getting into!

Q: Is this an orgy?
A: No. This is a party. However, no one is going to get upset if someones duck into a side room, or a side nook for a bit of carnal enjoyment. If you’ve ever been to the Oveur Riedel club in Mannar, I’m going for that kind of vibe. Combination of a few live bands in the ballroom, a couple of DJs, and close out the night with some of Midna’s more dance-suited numbers.

Q: So, what kind of party is this?
A: The kind we have fun at! Anyone that says some unironic, pseudo-intellectual phrases like ‘reverse time’ or some other BS will be tied up and flogged. This party will be good people having a good time and enjoying life and each other.

*Nauplius and known spies are not invited. God-Botherers might want to get a jump clone to disguise their identity. Talk to the known spies about how to do that. Persons named Diana Kim must attend leashed and collared with a Dominant taking responsibility for their behaviour.


What about unknown spies? Can we come?


Well that just sounds like a challenge.

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I, of course, make concessions to those that play one on the holo!

You’re invited, my dear.

Contact me please! We’ll corner these gallente perverts!

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Perversion is in the eye of the beholder, Commander Kim. And, as usual, you’re failing to make allowance for the distinguishing Gallente traits of diversity and tolerance for it.

Gallente: we’re not all orgy-going perverts!
Also Gallente: perverted as ■■■■. Going to Litha’s orgy.
Also also Gallente: what’s perverted about Litha’s orgy?

Maybe tie them up and beat them for their crimes, eh?

And you’re once again failing to get the meaining, blaming your ignorance on others.
The meaning of these words was “Those perverts who happen to be gallente”, not “All gallente are perverts”. In the sentence it was “these perverts” with added “gallente” as adjective for word “perverts”. So I wonder, whether you have problems with logic to come to such outlandish conclusion and need some sort of urgent mental health assistance, or you just on purpose trolling people because you want to show your disagreement but fail to find any actual facts to disagree with?

Imagine someone asking, “Can I have me some sweet coffee please?” And then Gallente troll like Vynneve jumping out at them, yelling, “YOU’RE FAILING TO MAKE ALLOWANCE FOR THE DISTINGUISHING COFFEE TRAITS OF DIVERSITY!!! It can be not only sweet, etc etc etc.” Sorry, not going to recite your full rant by changing perverts into coffee.

Also, perversion is not in the eye of the beholder, it’s a thing that can be defined quite rigidly: it’s a sexual deviation, any sort of sexual activity that doesn’t lead to fertilization directly, would it be standalone (like any sort of procreation imitation activities that doesn’t cause impegnation) or supporting (like commiting an unusual act related to the procreation during the procreation, but which is not necessary for the procreation).

As for the question how many of gallentes actually have committed at least one such sort of act during their life and disgraced themselves with perversion (thus earning them name of a pervert), we will leave for statistical analysts to decide.

So, basically the entire adult population of the human species.


Was wondering when you’d be slating this, sweetie. Too bad I won’t be able to make the date…

Also, yes: I think it can be safely called perversion by most norms. That’s something I can live with.

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Look, Commander Kim, about Gallente parties… everyone is welcome to come, but if you want to just attend that’s okay too.


So this isn’t that. This is a completely different thing. It’s a party open to all.

I’m updating the FAQ.

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Oh… Even better! Hope you all have a blast for this at least. Enjoy a shot for me! :heart:

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So uhm…what is that? Asking for a friend.
Also, thanks for putting this image in my head:

-Gallente Pervert 1431146475

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That is not this. That is something completely different and far away from this. I think that would be more enjoyable, but with less people.

Beating tied people are gallente methods and considering your suggestion - methods of space trash like you.
We, Caldari, have different and way more civilized methods of punishment.
Whipping, for example.

I am not a freaking animal!
If someone needs to be on collar and leash, it’s types like Stitcher, Anabella Rella, Nomistrav.

Ah, yes. Whipping as opposed to beating. Totally different, and much more civilized.

I prefer to be the one holding the leash, thank you.

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Too late, I have a surprise for you once you get home tonight.


Sorry to report that there’s been some unforeseen problems and we have to postpone the party by a few days! Very sorry to everyone who made plans! Please watch this space for the new date!

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