[Event] The Next Party in My Honor

Come this December, I will be answering the hopes of many capsuleers across the cluster and holding a celebration of myself. This event will be in celebration of the official neutralization of my on-paper base standings with the Minmatar Republic and the Sebiestor Tribe. I am officially not openly despised.

Additionally, my parties are apparently so fantastic that my enemies scream as though their disinvitation constitutes a warcrime under the Yulai Convention. But I am nothing if not magnanimous! This particular party will allow those regarded as enemies of the Minmatar Republic or Electus Matari to attend via holopresence. I can’t take any risk of you doing damage to any people or the structure itself, but if you wish to surround yourself with your enemies, you may. Those with overly abrasive attitudes will still be subject to having their holofeed cut, however. Though the party is more open than before, it still primarily caters to a specific target audience. So with that in mind, some specific rules apply.

  • Do not attempt to proselytize the Amarr Faith.
  • Do not come specifically to advocate for enemies of the Republic.
  • No anti-Republic or anti-Tribal bashing.
  • Generally do not think that because you’re technically allowed to holo into the room, that I or anyone else has to put up with your ■■■■. You can tell me that I’m awful and why in the off-topic thread here on the IGS if you wish. Don’t do it at the event.

So here’s the details in brief.

What: A gathering in the style of my previous parties this year. Food, coversation, games, etc.
When: Saturday, December, 11th, YC123, 19:00 New Eden Standard Time
Who: Literally anyone. Though enemies of the Republic or EM may only attend via holopresence.
Where: Abudban - The Arboretium - Event Courtyard
Dress code: Informal. But please be dressed.

Any questions may be asked below.


You know what you should do…

Give them the next 3 weeks to earn showing up in-person. Let them rebuild their Arsia standings. :wink:


As an Inter-Factional Diplomatic Ambassador, I highly recommend those with questionable standings who want to attend to research my report ‘The Plan’.

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I honestly did not expect this kind of self-aggrandising from Arsia.

I mean, the only person I can immediately think of that announces celebrations of themselves is Vaari, who is utterly and completely unlike Arsia in every way.

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She’s being funny, Dr. Valate. It lands a little weird but I’m pretty sure she’s being funny.


Ms. Jenneth is correct.

I mean, they’re both humanoid collections of sculpted generic carbon-based biomass with four nucleotides…

Are we sure about that? You are talking about Vaari, dear.

Fixing your own on-the-books personal standing isn’t so much the issue with attending, even though the reason for the party has to do with my on-books standing. It’s mostly directed at the loyalists of various enemy factions.


Well if you put it like that, they’re almost twins!

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What is the joke?

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As you probably well know, it’s a parody on this and similar comments, in the true Minmatar fashion of taking an insult and laughing at its face.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Terror harlot, peddling guns and rebellion
Capsuleer renegade, veiled in tribal concern

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Was not asking you, but that is still not a joke. That is hiding behind the excuse of parody to do the actual thing.

This is a party in Elkin’s honor, thrown by Elkin, for herself.

What is the joke here?

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Just because you don’t find the joke funny, does not mean it does not exist.


There isn’t one. At best the only form of humour she probably finds in this thread is one that manifests as the result of the people she’s antagonising being… well, antagonised. While I’m sure that some people here find that humourous, I must admit that I’ve always found antagonising for antagonising’s sake to be rather unbecoming.

Despite the claims that her self-aggrandising is purely facetious, and Rhiannon’s post above, there really is no other reason one would so publicly broadcast every minute detail of their life nor expect the average Summit user to care so much about what the Republic’s standings records make of her. Unless, of course, she actually does think that she’s important enough that everybody else would care about the fact.

Taking a valid criticism of oneself and embracing it while maintaining the illusion of it all being a facetious joke is a common tactic employed by people of low self-esteem to mask their insecurities, and this apostate is nothing if not a walking manifestation of insecurity projecting its shortcomings on everybody else.


I never thought I would speak any kind words to an Amarrian, but this Arsia Elkin is a beacon of light which was born in the cesspit of Amarrian religon and culture. Not only did she remove herself from the evils of an empire built on slavery and oppression, she decided to fight it and fight it she has!

A true Amarrian? I hope so… The rest are weaklings living of the backs of the Minmatar people.

Pol MacSliebh

Poet laureate to the Thukker Tribes
Diplomat, peacekeeper and all round nice guy.


Or, unless, she actually wants people to know there is a social occasion they are welcome to attend, and to give interested people to mark a symbolic change in status, and to celebrate our tribe and our nation gaining supporters.

Not unlike your own organization advertises its numerous religious balls and parties, which could very well also be advertised in private to those invested in the religion, no?

But of course, that’s what you’d like, is it not? Only Amarr religious events publicly advertised, everyone else quiet in their corners.


To be fair I have never seen any Amarrian capsule pilot throw a party in their own honor like this. Such embarrassing displays of egocentricism are usually reserved for Federal degenerates or exceptionally immature, spoiled children.

The fact that Elkin is too insecure to even stand by her self-worship in earnest makes me believe this is a case of the latter.


Maybe show basic politeness on the IGS and do not derail people’s event threats for bashing them. Don’t like the party idea? Don’t enjoy the host’s sense of humor? Don’t show up. It’s really as simple as that.

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This is not the event.

I believe this is very much on topic.

To that end, I pose my initial question again, this time to be answered by Elkin, not her Matari parent, unless you do not think her able to speak for herself.

What is the joke?

This is not the off-topic thread either, and you did talk about how she is awful.

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