[PIE] Jubilee Celebrations

Loyal and Faithful Peoples of Holy Amarr Empire, Vassal States, Honorable Allies of the Caldari State, Welcomed Guests,

The Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order formally announces our intent to host events and celebrations in commemoration of the Third Jubilee of the Coronation of Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite, long may she reign.

In keeping with precedent for celebrations in honour of Her Majesty’s ascension to the Throne each Jubilee week, the Excubitoris is privileged to reprise several of the events we hosted from Jubilees past:

Beginning Monday the 23rd of September, 23,357 AD (121 YC), the Chapter will host faithful pilgrims that plan to attend Jubilee Week within its facilities upon the Emperor Family Academy station in orbit over Oris and within its new Chapterhouse on the surface, free of charge. Included will be food, lodging, complimentary shuttle service to and from all major pilgrimage sites within the system. Applications and security checks are currently in progress, with quarters allotted on a first-come, first served basis, regardless of bloodline so long as applicants are in good standing. Any security concerns should be directed to Paladin Arline Kley in the first instance.

Upon the 27th of September, the most blessed anniversary of Empress Catiz I’s ascension to Throne of Holy Amarr, the Praetoria shall host a fleet and public ceremony for the Renewal of Vows of Obedience to Her Majesty. Loyal capsuleers will be encouraged to renew their vows publicly in Amarr local and on an Intergalactic Summit thread dedicated to the act, which we shall create on the day. Form-up will commence in the Amarr system at 19:30 New Eden Standard Time in preparation for a departure at 20:00 NEST. Preferred vessels are those of Amarrian origin bearing Imperial Jubilee colours; heretical hulls and colours are obviously not welcome. This is a formal occasion and fleet members will be expected to abide by suitable decorum and discipline while accompanying the Praetoria. Those on the ground will be able to bear witness to a parade of Order forces in honour of the Throne, including the victorious legions that deployed to restore order on Thebeka and beyond. We thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that we shall co-host the third Jubilee Ball with Khimi Harar within the Excubitoris Chapterhouse located upon the planet Oris. We thus keep with established tradition and seek to strengthen ties between Imperial loyalists and their friends and allies. The ball shall take place on Sunday the 29th of September, with further details to be presented in a separate announcement.

Lastly, though the occasion of the Jubilee is joyous, we shall close it by honoring those who have become martyrs to the Faith in the past year, and in days past. Upon Saturday the 5th of October, one week after celebrations have ended, the Chapter shall host a memorial tour fleet that will visit each Imperial world that has suffered from the infamous Deathglow and related terrorist attacks to honour all those who lost their lives. The event will culminate in a ceremony held in the Oris Chapterhouse Memorial Gardens to honor the Excubitoris war dead of the past year, especially those lost defending the Empire in Thebeka.

We pray that the third Jubilee shall continue to praise a long and felicitous reign for our most Blessed Sovereign, and an era of strength and prosperity for the Empire. We welcome those who wish to celebrate with us with open arms, and hope it will usher in a clime of further cooperation and fellowship between the Empire, her loyalist capsuleers, and those who offer their friendship freely to both. Benedictions to the Faithful and their allies.

By His Light and His Will,

Paladin Commander Shaikar Kazari
Chapter Master, Excubitoris Chapter, Sacred Throne Order
Executor, Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
Holder of Dresi III


So three days before the anniversary of the first Deathglow attack, you’re going to not include the site of that attack in your memorial. Interesting.


Not particularly. If you are genuinely interested, you could take it up with the Republic Fleet.


How delightful

Serious question:

Isn’t it more respectful for us to stay out of the Republic? We’re not exactly well liked there.


I’m really not sure. After all, with 4 weeks’ notice, standings could easily be worked on, and a temporary leave taken from the militia. I just thought it was interesting that PIE’s not making some accommodation, considering the impact the Rens attack had on later events. Say, starting the memorial tour nearby, in Amamake.

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Standings might not be an issue. It’s rather a sensitive environment to fly an Amarrian flotilla into the Republic even if you’re permitted to fly there.


You don’t say.

Fly unarmed ships. Like Sigils.

Not only is that not generally an improvement on the situation, then you’re telling PIE to fly unarmed into a place where they know they aren’t liked. So that’s even less viable a solution.

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And? The rest of us do it.

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Well Magnates are cheap, without crew, very hard to catch, and no less righteous than any other ship of the Golden Fleet.

Upgrade to an Anathema for the measly price of 30m ISK per each pilot and get a cloak too.
The possibilities are there is all I’m saying.

Edit: And starting some stuff over a bunch of unarmed frigates/indies is just so lame, I don’t think anyone wants to be lame.


I’m sure there’s quite a lot of people and groups besides PIE who don’t ever fly unarmed anywhere, much less somewhere that we’re hated. I generally don’t quite understand what you mean by this. When does everyone else do it?

Before I continue, I’d like to state that I’m not a Paladin Commander and don’t have any power to influence our decision. My main role in the Praetoria is commanding anti-pirate and anti-TLF fleets.

You can’t cloak when an empire’s Navy is after you. See the next section for why we likely wouldn’t drop militia. We could outrun the Republic Fleet with Magnates, sure… but that seems like more of a mockery of the Republic Fleet than a parade and wouldn’t really be appropriate on such a serious occasion.

Working for any faction besides the Empire, Mandate, and for some reason, the Kingdom is prohibited under PIE rules. Additionally I don’t believe that the alliance has left the militia in at least all the years that I’ve been around. I know you’ll likely say that we could make an exception, but it seems like a lot of rule bending and effort to go through when there’s no evidence that our parade would even be wanted or welcome in Rens.

The lack of evidence for our presence even being desired is, to me, the biggest reasons why I’d be uncomfortable parading in Rens. So again, is there evidence that any of the victims of that attack would want an Imperial parade?

I assure you, I’m not trying to be difficult. Serious question.


Why not ask them directly? You—and all of PIE—know at least one of them.

And she’s an adult who could make the request herself without you derailing this thread if she wanted to.

I can’t believe that’s where you took this line of conversation. I guess that’s what I get for taking your concerns on this topic in earnest.


Believe me, I’ve touched off firestorms before walking into bars in the Republic and talking about it on the day. I’ve been given grief for flying on my own alone back and forth from fighting pirates in the Republic. A fleet of Amarrians, especially PIE, flying in anything around the Republic is going to raise someone’s eyebrows, guns or not.

Especially on such a sensitive issue, I don’t blame them for planning around that. It avoids a few potential incidents.

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I understand the practical and political implications in coming to the Republic and to be honest do not wish you to, but I also cannot help feeling that the chosen wording of “each imperial world” is also somewhat insensitive at the moment.

Elsebeth Shaninn
From Sundsele


You are lucky that we recognize Pator and Rens as being excluded under that moniker.

This is the best you, as a supposed proponent of peaceful solutions, can say to this?

Some days I am convinced you have made it your job to turn me into a Shakor loyalist.


Elsebeth, I am tired.

When I formed my beliefs that peace was possible, I was looking upon Amarr attitudes to the conflict, and found the vast majority unenthusiastic of the prospect of invading and Reclaiming the Republic. Of course there were belligerent outliers, but they were exceptions. If one side was disinterested, perhaps the other side was as well.

However, time and time again, I have been told and shown with physical proof that the majority of Minmatar have no interest in peace. Most of you seem to want to kill us, and there is no appeasing you.

Make ‘temporary’ peace, still want to kill us. Clamp down on illegal slaving, still want to kill us. Free slaves, still want to kill us. Practice our religion, still want to kill us. Use oxygen, still want to kill us.

And now we respectfully give you space to mourn your own dead on your own terms by doing the courtesy of staying out of your territory (one you do not return) and not disturbing your people in any way.

Still want to kill us.

Perhaps you already are Shakor loyalists, and you do not know it yet.


Should ‘Imperial’ worlds - a debatable moniker for Kahah III - also not appreciate a visit from PIE or find, say, a visit from an individual within PIE’s ranks insensitive, would PIE pull out from visiting that world also?