[PIE] Second Annual Imperial Jubilee Parade and Ball

Loyal and Faithful Peoples of Dam-Amarr, Honorable Allies of the Caldari State, and Welcomed Guests,

We of the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris formally announce our intent to host a parade fleet to commemorate the Second Jubilee of the Coronation of Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite, long may she reign.

In keeping with the precedent set by last year’s decree for celebrations to commence in honor of Her Majesty’s ascension to the Throne, we Faithful shall repeat several of the events we hosted from the last Jubilee, including the parade fleet. Tomorrow, upon the 27th of September, the most blessed anniversary of Empress Catiz I’s ascension to Throne of Holy Amarr, the Praetoria shall host the feet and a public ceremony for the Renewal of Vows of Obedience to Her Majesty. Loyal capsuleers will be encouraged to renew their vows publicly in Amarr local and on an Intergalactic Summit thread dedicated to the act, which we shall create on the day of.

Form-up will commence in the Amarr system a half-hour before the intended time of the procession, which is set to be 20:00 New Eden Standard Time. Thus, the fleet will be beginning formation at 19:30 NEST.

Preferred ships will be battleships of Amarr design, or any Amarr ship bearing Imperial Jubilee colors. We demand that heretical (Equilibrium of Mankind and Blood Raider, specifically) ships and colors not be displayed. Non-compliance may result in exclusion from the fleet, standings adjustments, and/or destruction of the offending ship. This is a formal and important occasion, and all fleet members will be expected to abide by suitable decorum and discipline while accompanying the Praetoria. Any who are considered to be breaking decorum or fleet discipline will be removed. We thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that we shall co-host the second Jubilee Ball with the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque within the Dolvan Hetrelad Ball Room located upon the Emperor Family Academy station. We pray this new tradition will become a time-honored event and serve to strengthen ties between Imperial loyalists and their friends and allies. Tentative date for this is October 6th, with further details to be presented in a separate thread.

We pray that this second Jubilee shall herald a long and felicitous reign for our most Blessed Sovereign, and an era of strength and prosperity for the Empire itself. We welcome those who wish to celebrate with us with open arms, and hope it will usher in a clime of further cooperation and fellowship between the Empire, her loyalist capsuleers, and those who offer their friendship freely to both. Benedictions to the faithful and their allies.

By His Light and His Will


Praise the Empress whose hands shape what is! May the years of her rule pass by as the grains of sand tumble down the majestic dunes.

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Is this where you tell me I’m not invited to the ball again?


I mean, to my knowledge neither of us have started waving knives around where we have guestright.


Truth. In fact, I was perfectly polite even to That Which Shall Not Be Named™ at the last PIE soiree I attended.


I would like to congratulate our allies from the Empire with Jubilee of Coronation of Her Majesty Catiz I. I wish best of luck and profits to all the Noble Lords of the Empire and to every Honorable Crusader, who fights against agressors from the Republic with weapons in hands, or while flying a ship, who stands on guard of their Faith, their people and their territory despite all the odds.

We in Caldari State are with you, with our hearts and our ships.
Amarr Victor!


We had Sourem Itharen appear in Amarr local:

Sourem Itharen > Hail to the faithful on this Holy Day of Celebration! My duties press upon me on this day but Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I has bid me greet the faithful across the space of Holy Amarr in Her Name.

Aldrith Shutaq > Cardinal, please impart our deepest thanks to Her Majesty for the honor she has bestowed upon us. We are humbled and awed by her magnaminty.

Sourem Itharen > Nobly and gracefully said. I shall do so when next my duties bring me into the presence of the Holy Empress. Long live the Holy Empress! Glory to the Empire! Amarr Victor!

(Local channel joins in the Amarr Victor)

Sourem Itharen > Ah, Paladin Commander Lok’ri, it is well to see you here. My regards to your house.

Gaven Lok’ri > Thank you, Cardinal Itharen

Sourem Itharen - Very well, I must keep an appointment with the Company of Marcher Lords as Her Imperial Majesty has bid me represent them as they feast her and the memory of their patron Emperor Heideran VII of Holy and Blessed Memory. Keep faith with the Empress and main vigilance against the heretic! In God’s Name.


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