[PIE] Jubilee Week Events


(Aldrith Shutaq) #1

In accordance with the command issued by the Holy Throne of Amarr:

Loyal and Faithful Peoples of Dam-Amarr, Honorable Allies of the Caldari State, and Welcomed Guests,

We of the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris formally announce our intent to host festivities to commemorate the First Jubilee of the Coronation of Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite, long may she reign.

Beginning today, Monday September the 25th, 23,355 AD (119 YC), the Praetoria will commence hosting faithful pilgrims that plan to attend Jubilee Week within its facilities upon the Emperor Family Academy station in orbit over Oris, free of charge. Included will be food, lodging, complimentary shuttle service to and from Amarr Prime, and security provided by the Praetorian Kameira Honor Guard, in conjunction with Imperial and local security forces as appropriate. Applications and security clearances have been processed and quarters allotted on a first-come, first serve basis, regardless of class, background and nationality.

On Wednesday the 27th, the most blessed anniversary of Empress Catiz I’s ascension to Throne of Holy Amarr, the Praetoria will host a public ceremony for the Renewal of Vows of Obedience to Her Majesty. Loyal capsuleers will be encouraged to renew their vows publicly on an Intergalactic Summit thread dedicated to the act, which we shall create on the day of.

Update: In light of the recent announcement, we will also hold attendance at Cardinal Sourem Itharen’s speech in Amarr at 20:00. A fleet will form and fly in formation outside the Emperor Family Academy. Same requests and rules as the Saturday parade shall apply. See below for details.

On Saturday the 30th, we would like to extend an invitation to all capsuleers who declare loyalty to the Amarr Empire, Khanid Kingdom, Ammatar Mandate, and Caldari State to join us in a military procession honoring our Empress. Other guests will be accepted at Praetorian discretion. We ask that those intending to join us make a public request on this thread and we will grant approval or denial privately in a timely manner.

Form-up will commence in the Amarr system on September 30th, a half-hour before the intended time of the procession, which is set to be 22:00 New Eden Standard Time. Thus, the fleet will be beginning formation at 21:30 NEST.

Preferred ships will be battleships of Amarr design, or any Amarr ship bearing Imperial Jubilee colors. We demand that heretical (Equilibrium of Mankind and Blood Raider, specifically) ships and colors not be displayed. Non-compliance may result in exclusion from the fleet, standings adjustments, and/or destruction of the offending ship. This is a formal and important occasion, and all fleet members will be expected to abide by suitable decorum and discipline while accompanying the Praetoria. Any who are considered to be breaking decorum or fleet discipline will be removed. We thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

Update Unfortunately, due to a declaration of war leveled by the notorious criminal alliance known as P I R A T upon both PIE and SFRIM, the Saturday fleet is hereby canceled.

At the closing of the week, on Sunday, October 1st, we shall co-host the first Jubilee Ball with the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque within the Dolvan Hetrelad Ball Room located upon the Emperor Family Academy station. A final night of revelry and merriment shall mark the end of the festival, and the beginning of another year of the reign of Catiz I, blessed be her name. Details will be announced at a time closer to the event.

We pray that Jubilee Week shall herald a long and felicitous reign for our most Blessed Sovereign, and an era of strength and prosperity for the Empire itself. We welcome those who wish to celebrate with us with open arms, and hope it will usher in a clime of further cooperation and fellowship between the Empire, her loyalist capsuleers, and those who offer their friendship freely to both. Benedictions to the faithful and their allies.

Amarr Victor

(Alizabeth Vea) #2

I look forward to it all. Long may she reign!

(Maria Daphiti) #3

God’s Blessings on the Empress!

(Vincent Pryce) #4


Alright, lets do this.


(Lasairiona Raske) #5

Very best of luck with all your events :slight_smile:

(Aldrith Shutaq) #10

Updates to the original post have been made.

In light of the recent announcement, we will also hold attendance at Cardinal Sourem Itharen’s speech in Amarr at 20:00. A fleet will form and fly in formation outside the Emperor Family Academy. Same requests and rules as the Saturday parade shall apply. See above for details.

The Saturday parade has been rescheduled to a forum-up of 21:30 and shall embark at 22:00. We apologize for any inconvenience this change might create.

(Sah Phyre) #11

I’m looking forward to what will hopefully be another step to some much-needed peace and stability for my adopted homeland.

I’d also gladly contribute a suitable hull to either parade, if my presence is deemed acceptable.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #12

A transcript of the Cardinal’s speech and surprise announcement:

Loyal and faithful capsuleers of Amarr! I bring you greetings from the Court Chamberlain on behalf Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite. On this day we celebrate the auspicious coronation of Her Imperial Majesty and join together as faithful subjects of Most Holy Amarr! Long live the Holy Empress and the Amarr Empire!

Faithful of Amarr, be it known that I have been enjoined by the Court Chamberlain to address the loyal capsuleer on a matter of great importance to us all. By the will of Her Imperial Majesty and Order in the Privy Council, it is declared that the Exhortation to the Faithful by the Supreme Sobor of the Theology Council dated October 11th, YC118 is to be added to Scripture. As the faithful will know, this Exhortation by the Theology Council contained the judgment that cloned humans should be accepted as embodying souls in communion with the Imperial Rite. On the most wise advice of the Privy Council, Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I has accepted the judgment of the Theology Council and declared that it is included the Final Law and Scripture of the Amarr Empire. As a loyal and faithful capsuleer, given over to service in this cloned form by the call of my duty and order, I rejoiced at this news and know that you too will rejoice even as you praise Her Imperial Majesty’s profound wisdom.

Now, in token of this news and in fealty to our Holy Empress, let us swear anew our vows of obedience, loyalty and faith to the Imperial Throne and Holy Amarr! I swear that I shall be ever obedient to the will of the Empress, loyal to the Imperial Throne and faithful to the destiny of Holy Amarr!

Amarr Victor! Amen! Rejoice, my faithful comrades and enjoy the remainder of this jubilee! Amarr Victor!

And thus we Empyreans are confirmed to have both the blessing and burden of an immortal soul. Salvation to the righteous capsuleer, woe and oblivion to the unrighteous. Think upon your sins, warriors of the stars. You are yet to be judged.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #13

Working on it, sheesh.

(Arrendis) #14

I still want to know if capsuleers are held to have the original soul, and it’s just being transferred over and over again… and what happens if someone violates CONCORD protocols and forks the cloning… or if each clone gets their own soul, and if so, does that mean the Amarr believe there’s like a hundred Miz’s in the afterlife ganking solo Amarr souls as they pop?

(Aria Jenneth) #15

As a default it gets pretty awkward to approach each clone as a new person, so … uh, continuity seems kind of a natural thing to assume. Might take a bit for that to get formalized, though. The Amarr are, ah, a little cautious? About stuff like that.

I’m still pretty cheerful about things like this, even if I’m not bound into the Imperial Rite myself. “Has a soul,” is pretty close kin to, “is a person,” so, yeah.

Me: not a soulless marionette.

Steps towards affirming that do tend to make me happy, even if I have some little concerns about how much power our class is allowed.

(Arrendis) #16

Why would continuity be a natural thing? There’s nothing natural about cloning. The fact that CONCORD had to say ‘don’t make more than one of you at a time’ would argue directly against that, in fact—if it can be forked, what happens to this ‘soul’?

Why rely on other peoples’ opinions to validate your own personhood at all? Who are they to say if you’re human or not? If you’re ‘real’ or not?

If you don’t believe in their spiritual authority, this decision means nothing. If you do, then you acknowledge their theology as ‘correct’. The only ‘middle ground’ is to be looking at it on legal grounds, and let’s face it, we’re outside their jurisdiction on that already.

(Valerie Valate) #17

It’s simple. One body, one soul. When they die, the soul enters the arrivals lounge outside the gates of Paradise. There, the souls play the equivalent of cards, or chess, or other pastimes, whilst awaiting the arrival of the rest of their group.

It also makes the Judgement quite a bit simpler, as it allows the souls to be Judged by a jury of their peers, as well as by God’s representative. One can hardly argue that it is unfair, when that jury is made up of yourself.

If one is so irresponsible as to fork a soul, then, well, that creates factions in the group in the lounge, refusing to sit on the same sofa as one of Them and so on. And when the Guardian asks “Are you all together ?”, then angry words are had, and the Guardian says “I shall come back later.”


Heathens such as Mizhara, their soul approaches the gate of Paradise, only to find that there is a revolving door in their way, which they enter and to their eternal dismay, the exit returns them to the entrance. An eternity trapped in a revolving door. Such are the consequences of heathenry.

(Aria Jenneth) #18

So, first, you’re misunderstanding me re: “continuity.” I don’t mean it’s natural that the soul would transfer; I mean it gets really awkward dealing with every clone as a separate person. Even Ms. Kim, who, mind you, really believes that every death is genuine, doesn’t do such things as treating people very differently based on whether they’ve cloned since the last time they spoke. (Call it a hunch but I think Ms. Priano has probably jump-cloned a time or six since her feud with Ms. Kim began.)

In the end, we treat clones as though they were the people the clone was made from. We clones also act like we’re the people we were made from. That’s also “only natural”: creating continuity, as much as possible, is the whole point. I don’t feel at all like a different person from the one who last climbed into a medical scanner to jump-clone into this body.

Second, I don’t really rely on other people’s opinions as to my personhood (these days, anyway). But how they look at me will influence how I’m treated, and I’d much rather be seen as a human being than as something horrible and sad. How the Amarr think about these things is a little important to me, not just because I’m curious how they’ll resolve these questions for themselves (although I am), but also because it affects so much about how they see the world, each other, and me.

So, on one hand I’m interested anthropologically, and on another I’m interested socially.

As for the maze of “how it really works,” I wonder if a spiritual realm, if it exists, would even be governed by rules similar to ours. I don’t expect to get an answer to that in this world, so, I’ll leave the puzzling to people for whom it’s a more pressing question.

(Arrendis) #19

So it’s laziness. Gotcha.

(Aria Jenneth) #20

Uh … you know what, sure. I totally don’t ask whether you’ve cloned since the last time we’ve spoken because I’m too lazy to do introductions again.

(Arrendis) #21

I know I am. I mean, call it whatever you like… efficiency, simplicity, shared mutual assumption… it’s something you don’t tend to think to do. Doing it would take more effort. Even worrying about whether or not you should worry about it would be more effort. Natural systems tend toward conservation of energy. Inertia.


(Aldrith Shutaq) #22

An update to the original post has been made.

Unfortunately, due to a declaration of war leveled by the notorious criminal alliance known as P I R A T upon both PIE and SFRIM, the Saturday fleet is hereby canceled.

(Halcyon Ember) #23

Cloning would be akin to asexual reproduction, still practised by so very many primitive organisms. Whilst technically it’s not our natural form of procreation it is a natural form of such.

(Arrendis) #24

There’s nothing primitive about organisms that practice asexual reproduction. They’ve had as much or more of an evolutionary cycle as we have. They’re here, they’re doing it now, they’re modern. Nor have I seen any of them using a clone bay to do it. They have natural means to perform their natural method of reproduction.