[EVENT] Elder Fleet Memorial Capsuleer Celebrations YC122 - Sat YC122/06/13

The accounts in Minmatar legend of a station orbiting Pator IV and predating the Minmatar civilization may also be true. No definitive evidence has been found, although enigmatic references in the Amarr records of the conquest of Matar seem to confirm its existence at that time. While there is speculation that the sculpture named the Eternal Flame" is constructed of this station’s remains, no empirical evidence has been shown and these claims are widely regarded as romantic conjecture on the part of the artist. (A Short Guide to Matar)

Liberation Day is approaching. I’ll probably be travelling for that date proper and I’m sure folks will mostly be busy on the date proper with their various circles and families, I propose we have a celebration among capsuleers to remember these events, on Saturday 13th June, to coincide with the anniversary of the Elder Fleet and the return of the Starkmanir.

I have neither time nor inclination to run anything formal, just hope to shoot some fireworks and engage in a bit of unbecoming behavior, but if anyone is planning to do a ceremony, or run a tournament, host a pre/post-party roam, a related party in another venue / on another date, whatever takes your fancy, I’ll gladly to add the information here.

Sat YC122/06/13 - Party in Pator

19:00 EVT: Fireworks at the Eternal Flame statue in Pator. Bring fireworks, snowballs, and other effects. Bring fancy ships and pretty SKINS, engage in duels if you wish (or not if you don’t). Note that Pator is (duh) high-security space and all normal regulations apply, so beware CONCORD and avoid your war targets, as you’d do any time. Free gifts, grab them at your own risk…

20:00 EVT: Drinks and talk at The Shackled Amarr (Kulheim RSS, Pator). Free bar for the first hour, venue open as long as there’s anyone conscious left. No formal program, bring your own post-ceremony traditions.


I am glad to report that a total of 1B isk worth of items have been scoured up as prizes for the fireworks event.

Here’s how it works:

  • during the hour of fireworks, an associate of mine will drop jet cans with named modules, SKINs, boosters and other fun stuff around the statue
  • finder’s keeper’s
  • you are by all means invited to shoot people who pick up a suspect timer claiming a prize (bring volunteer crews and/or light ships - we have rescue personnel in place)

Prize pool will likely grow. I am in the process of an assets consolidation and will buy some things for this too. Donations welcome. (Contract in Hek or Pator, preferably; wire any ISK to myself.)


The prize pool is now at almost 2B worth of loot, including some sweet In Rust We Trust and Tronhadar Ink ship SKINs. As explained, the rules are very simple: in ages old EM tradition, if you can nick it, you can keep it! Beware of the tacklers though…

To encourage fun times, I will offer from the donations a Typhoon Fleet Issue, a Hurricane Fleet Issue and a Jaguar for the persons with most kills in Pator during the event (between 19 and 20 EVT on the 13th), judged by killmails in your name on the zkillboard service by the next day. Each person killed by you counts only once, so don’t go killing your associate five dozen times in hopes of a free ship (if you are that desperate for a free ship just evemail me instead)! In case of tie a die will be cast, and if there are no three people with kills by the Old Mother, I will simply give the ships a random person from those present on local at about 20:00 EVT.

And don’t forget the writing contest award ceremony is just before this event, at 17:00, for a full evening of entertainment!

Confirming this is THIS SATURDAY, not Liberation Day proper, when I’ll likely be travelling and unable to have fun (or in any case fun in space).

On 10th June in YC110 the ‘Elder Fleet’ crossed the border into Amarr, winning us back the Starkmanir tribe and starting the events that lead to the Republic-that-is-today and while opinions on that whole mess vary wildly, for capsuleers coming together to get drunk and fire some weapons, decorative or not, around this time is traditional.


Also to clarify at request: yes, you are allowed to team with a wingmate for the loot stealing event and co-ordinate which way. Yes, you are allowed to steal from wrecks possibly created. Whether you will hand back the modules that are not part of the event itself after is between you and the theft of your target, but I’d recommend being honorable about it myself, both ways. Never fly what you cannot afford to lose, too.

I obviously have no way to police any of these so I won’t even try.

EDIT: Yes, you may gank the associate but he won’t be carrying all of the 2B at one go so it’s probably not worth picking the criminal timer for, just wait for him to jettison and pick suspect instead. If y’all troll me with these questions and then don’t show up I will be annoyed.

EDIT2: If you get CONCORDokkened that’s totally on you, too. I recommend safeties yellow.

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Thanks for folks who showed up. Some stuff was stolen and some things were killed, as is appropriate for the Elder Fleet memorial.

Stay tuned for more shenanigans. This was for pure fun, but we are overdue a moot, too.


It was a very colorful party :slight_smile:


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