Monument to Amarrian's "martyr" and elder fleet

As scope announced earlier, the amarrians want to build a monument in memory of the “martyr” who died during the elder fleet invasion.
And I want to point that if the amarrians had not ENSLAVED and DRUG the minmatars, then injected them with a horrible DISEASE, they would not have made the invasion.

Furthermore, I want to point out that I read the reports of this day, the minmatars did not attacked the amarr’s vessels, only focused on the slave extraction and retaliated on amarrians forces when necessary.

I also want to point that the previous empress used a lethal weapon on a fleet, at the moment, full of civilians…

To remember this day is okay, but only if it done in a Historical point of view, a neutral one I would say. To use it as a propaganda mean is simply not tolerable in our time, when we should unit against the drifter menace.

To divide is to conquer.

If we are at war with each other, who will stand when the real threat is coming?

PS: If the amarr empire would maintain their plans for the memorials, I’m afraid that some “less diplomatic” ways could be taken by minmatars capsuleers. I’m trying to find a pacific way to solve this problem. I’m really worried that if failed, it could take us years back in the minmatar/amarr relationship.


Given that she condoned the outright murder of civilian children for the crime of no longer being slaves, I’m going to give her a bit of a pass on the whole “shoot hostile fleet” thing. That is not exactly something I’d judge anyone for. She was guilty of far worse atrocities over the years, no need to start making the perfectly normal stuff a crime.

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Can’t wait to “visit” it…



I propose the construction of a giant, free-standing, statue of the late Empress Jamyl 1.

6 light-years in height.

That ought to be impressive enough.

I don’t think there’s any way that you’re likely to stop the Amarr from erecting this memorial, or an any attempts to efface it either. The Amarr, on the whole, aren’t convinced that they were in the wrong and that they were the victims. Why would they feel compelled not put this monument up?

I mean, I agree with you in principle, but I can’t see how you’re going to stop it.

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The Empress has destroyed the fleet of minmatar invaders, who violated the Imperial borders and started to kidnap people that belonged to Amarr Empire. That was one decisive victory and perfect display of the Imperial might. Minmatar aggressors paid with their lives for their deeds, and I feel sorry that some of their ships managed to cowardly slip away from the righteous retribution.

As for the civilians, it was, of course, acceptable loss. Especially considering that these civilians were held on a military invading ships - that could only mean that Minmatars have used them as a live shield, and later would use it as a petty excuse to attack the Empire for what otherwise should be considered a perfect execution of a military operation.

The blame for civilian deaths shall lay exclusively on Minmatars, who have kidnapped them and put them into military vessels during the military operation.

Only because Amarr Empire avoided confrontation with them in space before Her Majesty has arrived. It wasn’t Minmatar desire to “not attack” ships, and I believe that they were absolutely clueless why the Empire doesn’t interdict them, or were even foolishly believing they “won and scare” them away.

With this strategy the Empire prevented unnecessary military ship losses, and I salute our allies for such excellently conducted military operation with their superweapon. Very good and efficient tactics, obliterating hostile aggressor’s fleet without losing own ships. 10/10.

that’s called kidnapping

That’s called killing peoples, who were defending their homes.

Nine years ago a real threat came in form of the Elder Fleet. And the Empire taught all of us, what should we do when the real threat is coming.

I think for this you first need to pay your respects to that memorial, after it will be constructed, praise Imperial excellence in strategy, pray according to their traditions to martyrs of Minmatar aggression (even if you don’t believe in their God - just to show the solidarity to those, who suffered from Minmatar atrocities), then help the Empire to catch all those who managed to escape with remnants of the Elder Fleet to pay for their crimes. Then you should judge those, who try to release Imperial criminals (slavery is a penal punishment in the Empire), convince the Republic to pay the reparations for the war they have started against the Empire and for the attack on the CONCORD…

… and maybe then the minmatar/amarr relations will start to improve.

I wish you good luck in that!

D. Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State


I know you won’t follow the advice, but a friendly reminder to everyone not to engage her. You’ll waste everyone’s time, and most importantly your own.


oh don’t worry, I won’t, someone who claim that “the empress” destroyed the fleet when she was considered as dead at the moment ( is not worth the time. Let her believe what she want…

my plea is to avoid further death. Being raised in gallente space has taught me to forge my own opinion and I’m in no way saying that the minmatars are perfects, they have their flaws, but so does everyone. only by following someone (or a book) blindly can you think otherwise…

Actually a good advice.
I am quite sick of whelps, who try to argue with me without having anything of value to contradict to my words and just make a nuisance of themselves in order to show I was “wrong” somewhere I clearly wasn’t.

So, for all people like Teynihr and others, who can’t bring facts and argue with me objectively - don’t engage. Keep your mouth shut and IGS clean.

Thanks in advance,

D. Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State

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its ok, someone wrote it into the scriptures after the fact, there for it was a mandated miracle by god…


I’m not even sure what this is trying to say. The translation program he used is terrible. Can someone explain what his objection to mourning and remembering our dead is?

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I think the concern is not that you’re morning your dead, but that the Amarr are using it to villainize the Minmatar. At least that’s what I got out of it, but I could be wrong. You might want to ask the OP.


So it is fine to be sad that our people have died, but not to recognize who killed them.

Don’t worry about it, Aldieboo.

Deify those who failed, vilify those who killed them if necessary - although I honestly can’t say I see much of that in this - , but you know you can’t scratch your nose these days without someone being offended into apoplexy. Me? I personally find the notion of victims raising a monument to my actions to be rather delightfully fun, if a bit overblown.

  • The Minmatar began their little campaign by attacking and destroying CONCORD’s headquarters in Yulai. You know, the interstellar body and peacekeeping force? How beneficent, this Elder Fleet!

  • The Elder fleets crossed into sovereign Imperial space. That is an illegal act and a war provocation by the laws of any of the empires.

  • Defending your own space against an illegal territorial violation is not the fault of the people being invaded. It is an obligation for defense elements to engage trespassers. That’s why border defense fleets exist. The Minmatar did their operation with a fleet of warships for a reason. This was not some convoy of unarmed transports. It was an invasion, with intent to engage and destroy hostile targets in the pursuit of its objective.

  • There’s quite a few stations in Amarr space that still bare blast marks from the Minmatar attack (whose repairs are mentioned in the very news post you are citing!). I wonder who could have shot them, hm?

  • Recovery of slaves required killing planetary defense forces, slave owners, their security forces, and likely more than a few employees and other citizens caught at the wrong place and time. What, you think the slaves would have just been allowed to walk out?

  • Oh no, the invading force got destroyed by the defense force. But what about those poor civilians aboard the Elder ships? It’s not like the Minmatar weren’t knowingly transporting civilians aboard armed warships, in enemy space, fully aware of what could happen, you know.

Hahahahahahahahaha. The bloody f***ing attack took us years back in the Minmatar/Amarr relationship. The Starkmanir revelation took us years back in the Minmatar/Amarr relationship. The Blood Chamberlain took us years back in the relationship. The illegal raids, the Republic coup, and a million other things took us back. Of all the actual problems our relationship has, you think a couple of memorials to people killed in an invasion matter?

Call the attack justified if you want. Call slavery and the Empire wrong and correction by force of arms necessary. Those are the arguments most supporters of the Republic and the Elders make, and those arguments make logical sense. It was an act of war undertaken to pursue what the Republic and its supporters believe to be personal, national, and even humanitarian goals. Trying to declare the attack was “not really an attack”, however, or that the Amarr are at fault for defending themselves, or mourning their own dead, just makes you an idiot.


Lt. Kernher back with vengeance.

Let’s also not forget that one of the monuments is to remember the Pashanai bombing as well, which was a deliberate and cowardly act of terrorism upon Amarr civilians and officials, not military targets. Even Shakor denounced it:

Anyway, it would be nice if you lot could just leave us in peace as we remember the events. We can reflect upon it as we may. You ought to as well.


Two-way street, Aldieboo. While you’re still perpetuating all the grievances in question, you can’t exactly expect that.

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Yes, you’re right. Far too much to expect common decency from your ilk.

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We’ll have time to work on that, when you guys get past your barbaric savagery and bondage of our people. Priorities, Aldieboo.

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Sooooo, the fact that the Amarr held, and continue to hold, Minmatar as slaves did nothing to set back Amarr/Minmatar relations? I mean, we might as well make a full breast of it.

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