It is nearly the anniversary of the Empress's historic announcement

In two weeks time, it will be 9 years since Empress Jamyl 1, may her soul be at peace, made the historic announcement that emancipated many slaves, and that God had told her that the cluster was moving into a new age of light and reason.

Since the 9th generation Minmatar were emancipated, perhaps this 9th anniversary is of particular significance.

So, let us reflect on the Empress’s message, and contemplate what it means for the future, and consider the righteous course of action.

While of course remembering our duty towards the new Empress Catiz 1, and the tasks that she shall set the Faithful for the coming years.


Guess God lied.


That’s not fair Miss Arrendis! The cluster is a lot better now than it was 9 years ago.

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Bigger isn’t always better if you don’t know what you’re doing with it.


I hate it when imaginary friends do that.


Empress Jamyl 1 has released more Minmatars* from slavery than any other human, would they be Minmatar of from other nation.

And what she got as a gratitude from Minmatars? They were dancing and celebrating her death.

For me the result of such reflection is very clear:

DON’T DO ANYTHING FOR MINMATARS. They are just ungrateful swines.

*) Of course, I accept that there might be good individuals of minmatar origin, but we all saw what we saw in the large scale.

I clearly remember my only public statement on the matter as something to the effect of “There is no victory here. She wasnt killed by our hands she was killed by an enemy to the cluster.” I believe I wasnt the only one to make similar remarks though I could be wrong. And yes, the events of that day were a tragedy, out of politeness I avoided commenting here but I won’t let that remark go uncorrected.


I only wish for more Minmatars would be like you, Ms. Vess, maybe then there wouldn’t be war with Empire at all.

But we have to deal with what we have.

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Completely missed the last paragraph of that last post. My apologies on that.


You’re right, I haven’t released a single slave.

Dang nabbit, I guess that means Jammy was more anti-slavery than me.


How do you live with yourself? Release a small percentage of your enslaved population this instant!


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