It is the anniversary of the Empress's Historic Announcement

Once again, it is the anniversary of Empress Jamyl’s Historic Announcement that emancipated a significant number of the Minmatar slaves in the Empire, and that the Empress said was a sign of things to come in a New Age of Reason and Enlightenment.

Empress Jamyl 1, may she be at peace, died before this came to pass.
Empress Catiz 1, long may she reign, has not yet issued any new edicts on the matter.

As a new year approaches, it is worth remembering the words of Saint Ageroth: “Happiness is not measured by what you hold in your hand, but in your heart”

An honest day’s work, pride in a job well done, expanding one’s knowledge, these things should be more important than how many or how shiny one’s possessions are.

Honesty though, that’s the thing. I am Amarr, one of the Faithful and, in time, will be a minor Holder. There is no point denying those things.

And what of the Empire ? The Empire that professes love for all the Faithful, but binds them in a rigid society, enslaves strangers and foreigners, and always thirsts for more. More space, more productivity, more citizens. What does that mean ?

The honest truth is that there are few, if any, excuses that can be made for how the Empire is run. A rigid society with a hierarchy based on belief cannot be restructured and rebuilt easily where it doesn’t work effectively. A society supported by slavery allows itself to discriminate against people on a fundamental level. And an empire that is expansionist is impossible to treat as a peaceful entity. Those are the honest facts of the Empire.

Being a capsuleer has perhaps allowed me to step outside the Empire, for a while, and to gain perspective.

The hierarchy and belief… for the unrighteous, it is just another layer of deceit and scheming to hide in. for the righteous though, it gives ideals, something to aspire to, a sense of a greater good. As Saint Ageroth said. Without faith, there is nothing but material wealth, and unrestricted pursuit of that brings only desolation and ruin.

Slavery, the whole system of it, is unfair, brutal, and horrific. There is no denying this. Even so, slavery exists everywhere in New Eden. Not in the trite way that some Gallente would say, that all work is drudgery. Every society has those at the bottom, a class of people who are forced, compelled, required, to do the most menial or demeaning jobs and are punished in some way if they do not. They call it different things - poverty, disaffection, renegade, but all of them obscured the reality that the people affected have no choice and never would.
The Empire though, is at least honest about that, and codifies that reality, in law and scripture. Slavery is honest about the limits that a slave lives under, and does not maintain a false promise of freedom where there is no freedom to be had.
A slave may remain a slave, but through honest work, their children or children’s children could become free, unquestionably. There is a necessity to force people into doing the menial or demeaning roles, because otherwise the rest of the citizens would suffer, from those roles not being fulfilled. Slavery does that openly, but with a clearly delineated way out for those that earn it. The economic systems of other powers of New Eden, such as the Gallente cannot sincerely guarantee freedom for the lowest of their citizens. And so, the Empire is honest about this. Unfair, unjust, though honest.

And if this is all necessary, then, expansion is then also necessary. The Empire needs land, and people, and for those people to work that land in whatever way is necessary to ensure food, housing, and safety for everyone else.

It is not right, it is not just, but if this is what has to be done, to provide structure for society, food for the hungry, housing and safety for all, then it is the least worst way to do it that has yet been found.

The Empress Jamyl I, may she be at peace, promised there’d be a new age, where this would not be necessary, that this age was coming soon, that it was almost upon us. The Empress Jamyl I though, is dead.

And that’s the honest truth about everything. There is no point denying it.

May Saint Ageroth bless you all in the coming year.


This message is approved by Federal Intelligence.

Perhaps that was a bit harsh. But the perspective does not ring as particularly Amarrian to this outsider, though it does have a whiff of the familiar - the desire for a worldly paradise.

Based on this proclamation, I think you might do well by having a chat with Ms Elkin.

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Oh, dear…
You have said you have travelled outside the Empire, but…

If you really think that just a slavery is ‘unfair, brutal and horrific’, may I recommend you looking at the gallente prison camps? If you see what gallenteans do to people, you’ll consider slavery just a slightly distasteful in comparison to real unfair, brutal and horrific crimes of federals.


Who ?

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Brother get the flamer

The heavy flamer.

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This is the government mandated reaction that most Amarr have to me, yes.


I’d contest that it’s actually a Honor-mandated reaction, since I have quite similar feelings myself, but for sure Imperial government can’t mandate anything to me… at least directly.

Or maybe it’s a… virtue-mandated reaction?
Humanity-mandated reaction?
Something like that.

There’s quite a notable absence of comment from the imperial loyalist capsuleer contingent.

The disenfranchised among the Caldari State no doubt would envy them Diana. For the luxuries they have that the disenfranchised have been explicitly denied and even forbidden.

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What is strange is that this year I did not even realize it had passed though since then everything had changed.

Strange to experience anyway, I know it is common to hear other people forget those unforgettable anniversaries that once were so defining.

Time washes away all as all is washed by the sea.

I think the original poster presents a rather cynical view on the institution of slavery.

To me slavery is the necessary preparation of the slave to function wholly and properly within the temporal domain of God’s chosen. The only guaranteed method to do so is to divorce the slave from their past and the darkness that lead them astray from belief in God. To do such requires the complete erasure from a slave population of their past culture, traditions, and beliefs until all that can remain is acceptance and submission to God.

It is a work that might take generations to complete, but it is a work that is worthy in my eyes.


So that’s why the Khanid were never enslaved and didn’t have to give up most of their customs, I presume?

Khanid such as myself are descended from the civilized peoples of Assimia who in antiquity demonstrated in our willingness to embrace the authority of God in our lives that our customs and culture were not in opposition to the divine order of the Amarr Empire.

Those who are enslaved, such as the vast majority of the tribes of the Minmatar, have shown that their culture is base and blinds them to the truth of God’s mission for humanity. This leads them astray to reject and resist the Empire in its manifest destiny to redeem the human race. As such the only recourse for such peoples is their subjugation in slavery and the complete annihilation of their past culture so that rebellion against God is not even just a distant memory but completely impossible.


That was absolutely beautiful. I haven’t read such truth in so long.

It was lovely.

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I have only spoken the truth as I see it.

Perhaps in this day and age since the rule of Emperor Heideran VII it is not in vogue to speak on the nature of slavery that does not carry with it a sense of shame.

I feel no shame that Khanid take slaves for we are a people born for war in God’s name and the roots of our faith was always watered with the blood of infidels and heathens as we conquered the unbeliever.

That the unbeliever can be made to serve a purpose in God’s plan for humanity as a slave is an example of Their continued mercy and munificence when the alternative is death.

May Saint Garkeh be praised that the Khanid were spared any shame in making the slave kneel in obeyance to God.


Agreed, well spoken! Slavershaming has to end.


Be proud in your ways, don’t let bullying matari/gallente degenerates to tell you you’re wrong, don’t let them shame you for slavery. Kick them in the face if they try! But at the same time don’t become scum like them either and don’t force your slavery on others, and you’ll be Golden.

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In the great battle at the end of time, your god will lay upon the battle field, slain.

I never was one concerned too much with eschatology.