It is the 15th anniversary of the Empress's Historic Announcement

It is the 15th anniversary of the Empress Jamyl 1’s (may her soul be at peace) Historic Announcement of the Emancipation of the Minmatar.

The New Age that was foreseen by Empress Jamyl in her visions given to her by God, continues to approach at the speed of 1year per year, though its ETA remains unclear. Possibly due to the Uncertainty Principle, we know how fast it is moving, but not where it is. I defer to Her Majesty’s Imperial Physicists on that matter.

The Empress Catiz 1 (long may she reign) continues to rule in the manner to which we have become accustomed.

Holder political machinations continue to turn their wheels, grinding ever onwards with that certain tedious inevitability that we all so much enjoy and revel in.

The coming New Year as ever brings the notion of Hope and Change, and it will be seen how this turns out.

May God bless us, one and all, except for sabiks and equilibriumists and people who leave sticky handprints on door handles in church.


Slavery is eternal, and God demonstrated just how eternal slavery is when he allowed a band of demons to “one shot” anti-Empress Jamyl – an act that could only be supernatural – for her crimes against the God and his Scriptures. Not only will slavery be eternal due to endless conquests producing an endless supply of slaves, but because the Minmatar made themselves a permanent slave people on account of their Rebellion. A permanent slave people who needs never – no must never – be freed.

Slavery forever, amen, and Amarr Victor.

The Current Empress has a more nuanced view.

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Honesty, I think we should just trust our Empress in every decision that she makes and we should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens.

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If we had a True Empress, that would be wise advice. But we do not.

Mr. Nauplius, when you think the leaders of your religion about the need to redeem and reunite all humankind in your god’s light have gone astray because they’re inflicting insufficient suffering and misery, they … might not be the ones who have gone astray.

At their best the Amarr sometimes make me feel as though I really am missing something important. Your Sedevacantist movement, though, well, it’s a bit of a puzzle to me how you manage to recruit any followers at all. Are they all just sadists? Masochists? … Or, maybe just people who needed more, a lot more, structure in their lives.

… Even if it was totally arbitrary. Big universe I guess.

“ I give to you the destiny of Faith,
And you will bring its message to every planet of every star in the heavens:
Go forth, CONQUER IN MY NAME, and reclaim that which I have given."
- The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 22:13

Sedevacantism is for those who believe the emphasized text to be more than a gentle suggestion.

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And Vak’Atioth to be a hiccup rather than a rebuke? Something short of proof that the Empire can’t just assume it’ll win every battle?

When you’re leading people into an extremely foreseeable series of nothing-good it might be a notion to double-check whether it’s really God that’s inspiring you or just your own accursed ego.

There is no verse in the Scriptures that says, “Thou shalt halt the Reclaiming when thou losest one single battle.”

Perhaps not, but it does seem victory is not assured-- so taking on the whole cluster is a major strategic problem.

Even if you’re not big on its implications (or its willingness to take “conquer” figuratively), the Pax Amarria has a pretty practical answer to that problem. Unless you’re eager to go out like Sansha’s Nation?

Where literalism gets you crushed, it’s wise to look for other interpretations.

There is no need to take on the entire cluster at once. First, we join with the Gallente in a genocidal war of enslavement and extermination against the Caldari and Minmatar. The enemy being massively outnumbered, we will win easily. Next we take down the Gallente.

So, little problem there? The Gallente aren’t remotely that stupid.

Come to that, neither are the Amarr.

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This thread aged well. Sosala says greetings from the Minmatar.

People who Fiddle with Social Media Devices during the Sermon should Also be Added to the List.

I have been recently told i am overinclusive on ‘the List’



Why did I forsee following when I read above?

Gratulation on painting your empire as backstabbers.

I write of Jamyl with a heavy heart and a careful hand. In my youth I was awestruck by her grace and wisdom. Her sudden death shattered my world from top to bottom and in more ways than one. My House and I are not what we once were and likely will never be again. In retrospect my outlook on her has jaded over time, but I believe she foresaw that change was necessary for the Empire to survive in this tumultuous future.

House Ajuuk has never been affluent, but after years of my idiot cousin’s regency we hold claim to a meager half-dozen slaves, a luxurious habitation unit, and my personal craft. When offered emancipation and a chartered shuttle one simply shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t have anywhere else to go. They spend their time attending to tasks too complex for my automata to perform, often clerical work or drone maintenance.

Point being: Those who choose to embrace their Reclamation will continue to serve God, slave or not. I’ve never known a Holder that could beat their property to salvation. On the contrary, the ones that try often catch a bullet or beam for their trouble.

The punchline is a decent chunk of their FW forces…went to gallente.

What is the list?

It is not his empire to paint.