It is the 15th anniversary of the Empress's Historic Announcement

It is a Meme or Running Joke in Amarr Culture and Derivative cultures.

“The List” is a hypothetical list of People whose Habits cause such Annoyance that the List maker considers them to be Irredeemable Abject Sinners

The Humour derives from the Amarr Religions being Widely Known for Intense Arguments.

Actually, we have an actual List [tm].

Fret not! you are on it… or least the Church of the Crimson Saviour is.

Am I on the list?

Friends and allies aren’t, Ms. Tereven. It’s a List of entities we really, really don’t want to be recruiting people who are or were part of, at least without a long, serious conversation, Sani Sabik of various kinds being an obvious example.

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