It's nearly the anniversary of the Empress's Historic Announcement

In 10 days, it will be the 10th anniversary of the historic announcement, that emancipated many slaves, made by Empress Jamyl 1, may her soul be at peace.

The Empress also announced that God had informed her that the cluster was moving into a new age of light and reason, where slavery and hatred would be things of the past. Which of course gave all Imperial subjects the duty to move things in that direction.

Thus, on the 10th anniversary, we should take time to reflect on the Empress’s message, and consider our own progress in bringing God’s instruction about, and what the righteous and correct course of action should be for the coming year.

While of course remembering our duty to the Empress Catiz 1, long may she reign, and the spiritual tasks that she shall set the Faithful in the coming year.


It is heartbreaking that such horrendous events mar the anniversary of such an important event.


I’m pretty sure the Amarr failed miserably on that count.

Mayhaps that is why the Empire is now engulfed in


Well. You’re not wrong.


Question, isn’t it an affront to your deity and whom ever is in charge now to break the command?, or is it pick and choose what you want to follow and what orders to obey?..


You foreigners need to stop projecting your ‘now’ sense of time on Amarr timescales.


Is “now” somehow different in your part of the cluster?

I assume you’re trying to insinuate that you will “get around to” freeing the slaves “at some point” as opposed to doing it now, or at least in an acceptably efficient time frame. Ten years, I should note, is not acceptably efficient.

Don’t deflect your people’s failure to fulfill terms onto some “foreign” interpretation of “Amarr timescales.”


Jamyl never said ‘now’. Only that a new age was ‘on the horizon’, and ‘racing towards us’. Similar ideas were remarked by Heideran in the Pax Amarria, and past emperors before him. It’s a non-statement, and the Amarr can push it off as long as they like. I doubt Jamyl ever meant to end slavery. It just lets her be claimed to have prophesized it whenever it does arrive, which could be decades or centuries or millenia from now, and it excuses any reductions in slavery in the short term as a sign of this one-day future.

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I’m not sure if the terrorist heretic Kernher was addressing me with “Jamyl never said ‘now’” or was just generally commentating, but yes, she did not say ‘now’ and I was not implying that she did. That all said, I shall clarify my words - What I was addressing is the immediacy the other peoples of the cluster tend to view time whereas Amarr, being eternal, tends to take a longer view in comparison.

Procrastination of that degree does not seem beneficial. The Empire has been in a strategic rut because it is surrounded by societies that accomplish in centuries what the Amarr take in millennia.


We have different priorities. Your standard is flawed.

I can only surmise then that having an innovative and creative society with the industrial and economic base to achieve the objectives and interests of the state vis-a-vis others is not an Amarrian priority.


In some aspects, yes.

You see, while the Minmatar Rebellion is something that most people in the Republic, State, or Federation read about in history articles, in Amarr, especially in the upper echelons of some parts of society, there are still people for whom the Rebellion, and the pre-Rebellion times, are things they experienced. I, myself, can ask my grandfather about what he experienced as a junior officer in the Army during the war.

Thus, things are slow to change. But change they shall.

My grandmother, and her friends, for example, have been training their Ealurian slaves for a while. Turns out, they’re just as capable at more academic tasks as any other people, given the right education.

Things Will Change.


I sincerely hope this is not insinuating that were the Empire to let Minmatar free, it would just replace them with massively increasing breeding of the Ealurians or any other slavestock. Some of my brothers and sisters might be content with that, but I won’t.


How on Athra did you come up with that interpretation ?

My point was that training the Ealurians to be free people has been a pet project of my grandmother and friends for nearly a century now. It takes a lot of careful management and effort to get those results.

Training the Minmatar to be free Imperial citizens would be a decades-long project as well, I’d expect.

I just did.

It would be, if Minmatar wanted to be Imperial citizens in the first place. Clearly, that they take any chance they can get to rebel, might hint otherwise.


I take so, so so much issue with this.

For the Federation and the State, this might be true, but do you really think that Matari learn about the Great Rebellion from “history articles”? Have you considered that the results of the Rebellion, and of Amarr invasion and enslavement of our peoples, still resonate among our communities, permeate our lives in tiny, insidious ways?

You’ll have to excuse us for wanting the complete eradication of the institution of slavery, and the return of our brothers and sisters, right the ■■■■ now, thanks.


This is Gods act were just actors in it

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I believe that it’s fair to say that the Rebellion has not ended and will not end until the Tribes have thrown off the yoke of Amarr. The actual fighting may wax and wane, with various sides attempting to negotiate for their goals when they can. After all, if the Tribes could free all our people without fighting, I would hope we would do that. If not, may God have mercy upon the Amarr Empire.


God’s mercy is already with us. It’s the rest of you that must seek redemption.

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