It's nearly the anniversary of the Empress's Historic Announcement

Not only that, but that there still are people around who were born before the Rebellion, and even some who fought in it, though those are getting fewer and fewer every day…


The Amarr Empire abandoned the Word of God a long time ago. God said to reclaim; the Amarr enslaved and destroyed. God said to lead all to the Light of God; the Amarr cast the Minmatar into darkness. Only in God can we thrive and grow; the Amarr have withered and decayed.

The Amarr were chosen because they were righteous, not righteous because they were chosen. Hubris consumed the Amarr Empire from within like cancer.

“One can repent and pray for forgiveness.
But true meekness is one that has penetrated and laid its roots in the very heart of a man.”

The Amarr would not understand meekness if the very concept became sentient and talked to them. They do not repent because their arrogance blinds them.

Either you believe, honestly and truly, that God, the Almighty God, Orbis Factor, the One True Light, Ruler of Heaven, the Infinity, desires in His Aseity and Boundless Wisdom the torture, murder, rape, and degradation of the Minmatar and all other peoples that remain in bondage under the Catiz regime or the Amarr have strayed for God’s Light and Will.

This is happening, Mitara Newelle. Breeder slaves are institutionally raped to produce more servants. Poison is injected into slaves to control them through pain and suffering of cures withheld. One of your own house ordered the murder of a thousand slaves for one failure to genuflect. The Khanid, a royal house of the Amarr Empire subjected millions of slaves, regardless of age, sex, or belligerent status to orbital strikes. Priests, the supposed Holy Men of God, those charged with ‘Cultivating the Spirit of Man’ preach to Minmatar of their worthlessness.

So, does God demand such treatment of the Minmatar, Mitara Newelle?


We are meek to our betters, to God. One must be meek before the ones they serve.

I do not condone rape or murder, nor TCMCs or The Vitoc Method. To the former - those Amarr that commit such acts shall be judged, but not by you. To the later - while up to the Holder, I find such methods lacking in achieving their Divine end.

I see Gallente or Matari propaganda has taken root in you - “Thousands of slaves slaughtered for failing to tilt their head!” “Millions of slaves bombed to death while simply going about their day as gleeful Holders drink wine and have slaves pleasure them in perverse manners!” You should apply to Gutter Press.

God demands obedience to His Order. Death may be the path of some for their defiance, as may torture. What you call degradation, well, I won’t quote Scripture at you.

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Does God demand the torture, murder, rape, and degradation of the Minmatar and all other peoples that remain in bondage? You don’t condone them. Fine. But does GOD?

Also, look up Holder Grange. Then you may come back and apologize.

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I said murder and rape. You have seemed rather thorough up until now. Also, they shall be judged. Not by you, and not when you demand.

If you refer to Lord Justice Falek Grange, I know the name and only that he has not been heard from for years. Wild rumors always follow such things.

You said that you do not condone murder and rape. I’m happy to hear that. However, it happens in the Amarr Empire and continues to occur. I was in Kahah, as I am sure you were. We both are capsuleers and know what sub-orbital strikes can do. I will not even bring up my lost homeworld.

Does the Empire need to seek forgiveness and mercy for failing God by raping and murdering their slaves?

You do not approve of the Vitoc Method. I am glad to hear this. Does God? Does He approve of injecting beings who Shine with the Light of the Divine with poison to cause them suffering and pain and even death? Does HE approve of such desecration of HIS creations?

Does “lead all children to the light of God, for Heaven is theirs to inherit” have an exception? Did God, the Almighty God, He who is unable to be flawed, misspeak? Was HE misquoted? Are the Scriptures flawed, or is God flawed, or is the Amarr Empire flawed?


You are flawed, Ms Vellastraan.

Lord Idonis, you missed one.

So you do not condone murder, except for when it’s murdering Starkmanir?

I will pray for your soul, Mitara Newelle.


This is a masterclass in avoiding the question.

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Uhm… Mitty? You know he’s been dead a while, right? I don’t think he’s gonna do much. Probably already finished mouldering, even.

After taking some time to pray both for you and for guidance from the Lord, I feel the need to give this a better answer.

Yes. I am. I am a flawed human being trying to do her best to serve God and help her fellow human beings. I am a flawed woman, plagued by sin and doubt, but always remembering that God’s Light guides my feet towards righteousness. I am a flawed daughter, striving to help my family, not just those of my flesh and blood, but all my brothers and sisters of humanity in their struggles. For we are all flawed.

Even the True Amarr, once True and Faithful to the Lord are flawed. Emperor Amash-Akura literally told off the Sefrim of the Lord God. God Himself had to explain to the Emperor of the Amarr Empire that he had strayed from righteousness. Yes. This is the CHOSEN of GOD getting corrected. And it’s not like Emperor Amash-Akura had good excuses. There were Sefrim flying next to him.

Hubris: the Emperor of Amarr telling off actual angels sent by God.

Now, let me ask you this: is Catiz more or less infallible than Amash-Akura? Are the ‘True’ Amarr more or less infallible than Amash-Akura?

If Emperor Amash-Akura was flawed, what does that mean for Mitara Newelle?

It’s also telling that after Emperor Amash-Akura messed up in such a stupendous fashion, God gave him the chance to correct himself. God, the Almighty, who created the heavens and the planets and able to unmake them just as easily, was patient with Amash-Akura, correcting him and allowing Amash-Akura to redeem himself. However, a few difficult questions from me mean that I need to be killed with the rest of my Tribe. Those who rebel, who try and throw off the yoke of bondage must be destroyed without mercy. The Amarr Empire was founded to cultivate the spirit of man, but flowers that don’t bloom at a certain time must be burned.

The Amarr Empire has been flawed from the very outset. Thank God that He is Merciful. Unlike the Amarr Empire to its slaves.


Ms Ramljozana, to teach the Reclaiming to you is not my calling, it is mine to carry out. I need not answer or explain myself to most any in these channels.

Arrendis… you of all people do not recognize ‘snark’ when you see it?

Ms Vallastraan, your example of Emperor Amash-Akura does not help you, quite the contrary, it makes me right.

Who corrected Emperor Amash-Akura?

His better. God.

You will not tell me how to carry out His Will.

I do not wish you dead, Ms Vallastraan, I wish you to take your place in God’s Empire… Refuse… You are familiar with The Word, you know what that path brings, even though you may wish to ignore it.

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So who does teach the Reclaiming? Not that I want to be “reclaimed,” but I think Ms Vellastraan posed a most interesting question, and I would like to hear the answer.

Unless I’m supposed to be “reclaimed” without my understanding or consent. Which would actually be in line with the Empire’s usual MO.


Probably this God who she sees an example of someone using pride as justification for the righteousness of their actions as a bolster for her own prideful stance. Unless somehow I’m misunderstanding the example posed. Possible as that may be. An absence of your gods voice in your ear does not make your stance righteous.


Then why is a former slave having to point out that God has already tried to correct the Amarr Empire, but it keeps not wanting to listen. “Lead all children to the light of God, for Heaven is theirs to inherit” seems pretty clear to me. It’s right there in the Scriptures. The Empire didn’t even bother to change that one, like so many others. There’s not even an exception for ‘except those children that we think are too much effort.’

God makes use of all those who serve Him. Prophet Kuria was a slave. By no means do I consider myself a prophet, and if I ever thought that God wanted me to be one, I would beg Him to pick someone else, but God’s messenger doesn’t have to be a Sefrim or His Divine Presence. God, in His Infinite Wisdom may use any message He wants to. And it would take some deliberate ignorance to ignore one rebellion and then the formations of another one happening right now.

God also calls on the faithful to follow His will. How can anyone that calls themselves faithful see the example of God’s mercy and then decide that orbital strikes are justified on slaves who have been poisoned, beaten, tortured and then gassed by Blooders? How can anyone that considers themselves faithful defend such actions?

The Amarr Empire is flawed. You know the answer to the questions I asked. God wishes all to live in His light, to worship Him. God desires all to come to Him in Paradise. God doesn’t condone murder, or torture, or desecration, or rape of those He created. You do not answer these questions here because you cannot. To answer truthfully would cause you to be singled out by the rest of those who run quality control at the idol factory. Nothing must be allowed to interfere with Amarr’s worship of their own selves.

Catiz denied a measure that would disallow the selling of slaves on the SCC markets to capsuleers. Before this petition was presented, it was known that capsuleers had murdered slaves by the millions after purchasing them from the markets. After the petition was denied, even more slaves were purchased and murdered. All because Catiz justified it with holder’s rights. God damn your holder’s rights! The ones that were supposed to be the example are the ones that care for God’s Will the least.

You might be ‘flippant’ and reference the destruction of my homeworld, my people so casually. I am shocked that you would be flippant about one of the single greatest failures of the Empire to carry out God’s Will. Facetiousness should never be used when talking about the murder of a whole world and all those innocents.

When God’s Empire returns to the cluster, I will happily take my place in it. Until then, I will just have to wait and pray that I will alive to see that day.

However, one more time, I am going to ask, just so you think about it: does God the Almighty approve of the rape and murder and torture and desecration of His creations?


I do. And I turned it back around on you. I corrected your snark. Cuz I’m better at it. :wink: (See? More snark.)


Your God can piss off.


Yes. However, that is different from hearing first hand accounts from people directly involved, is it not ?

Many freed slaves right now, struggle to make good use of their freedom, often continuing living and working in the same place, because they do not know anything different. They need help to make the change, to see all the possibilities now open to them.
And they also need help with their new responsibilities as free Imperial citizens. How to manage finances, make plans, that kind of thing. Things that would have been handled by their former master.

A relative handful, yes. And how many of them are currently in positions of major influence in the Republic ?
In the Empire, there are still plenty of constellation governors, planetary Holders, Civil Service bureaucrats, Certified News editors, who were adults at the time of the Rebellion. Most of them will be in the late stage of their careers, but some will still be around for a good few decades yet.

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I have a feeling that our understanding of what major influence means difrers. To me, all of them are living legends. Can there be a greater influence than that? Seniority tends to be valued in our society and those who are still fit to work or perform other duties, will maintain high positions unless they abdicate themselves. But ultimate authority remains in the hands of the Elders, but in practice with the Tribal leaders.

That’s almost certainly true.