It is the anniversary of the Empress's Historic Announcement

Today is the eleventh anniversary of the historic announcement, that emancipated many slaves, made by Empress Jamyl 1, may her soul be at peace.

When the Empress made her announcement, she said that a New Age of light and reason, where slavery and hatred would be things of the past. Which of course gave all Imperial subjects the duty to move things in that direction.

Since the announcement, the first children of the emancipation will be nearing the end of basic schooling, and will shortly be starting advanced schooling for trades and professions, and other apprenticeships. To assist in this, over the past few years, my family and I have been investing in building schools, hospitals, colleges, and community facilities, to help the Emancipated find their place in society.

Now then, in the past year, the Empress Catiz 1 has reaffirmed the ancient Two Swords doctrine, in her work “Pax e Kilizhi Do”, the Peace of Two Swords, one of spiritual authority, one of temporal power. Her other proclamations have since led to Heir Lord Arrach Sarum announcing his Reclaiming of Floseswin.

Which is a difficult thing to try and reconcile with the Empress Jamyl’s proclamation. If the Age of Slavery is coming to an end, it makes it hard to understand how it makes sense to issue orders to conquer and enslave the population of a planet.

The stratagems used by Heirs are of course above my understanding, so instead I shall be continuing with my works to bring about the Empress Jamyl’s vision of a new age.

So on this day, and on every day, let us remember our duty to those less fortunate than ourselves, and remember the words of Saint Ageroth:
“Happiness is not measured by what you hold in your hand, but in your heart”


Jamyl is dead.


Your point being ?

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That given the fact that she’s dead, Catiz is very much alive, and Sarum’s raiding our worlds, this whole new abolitionist era of Amarr seems like a pipedream or at best wishful thinking to me.


Whatever she stood for died with her.

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Ms. Dougans, with this statement Empress Jamyl 1 became a person who has liberated more Minmatar slaves in the history that ever lived. But was she praised for that by Minmatar themselves?.. These ungrateful swines were celebrating her death!

I do believe that the system of the slavery is backwards and far from being modern human resource management paradigms. Probably she was right and its time for the Empire to modernize itself, but… whether Amarr could be ready to live without slavery, but, taking aforementioned fact, I highly doubt that Minmatars are ready to live without slavery.

Leaving them free and running amok represenst a huge security threat.

I am pretty sure Lord Sarum’s decision was thoroughly calculated and fully justified.

She isn’t looked at as badly as you think. Quite a few of us gave good regards at her passing if I’m not mistaken.

Yes she is dead, as are her words it seems. How is the Empire better for ignoring her words? She spoke for their God but now her words ring hollow? Happy anniversary, now let’s spit on the legacy of the one we honor on this most solemn of days. Pathetic.

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To play ‘Devil’s Advocate’, so to speak, the two declarations are not hard to resolve.

The Peace of the Two Swords promotes a Reclamation. Once everyone in the cluster has been Reclaimed and their descendents enveloped within the Amarr faith, eventually they will be emancipated and there shall be no more slavery.

Maybe not everyone, but…

Elsewhere in the Republic there has been less restraint with scenes of jubilation reported on the streets of Minmatar cities. Questioned about the large crowds celebrating the death of the Empress, Sanmatar Shakor declined to comment. Chief Tenerhaddi Dykon of the Krusual was less reticent, declaring, “Why should they not rejoice? I am rejoicing as I would rejoice at the death of a rabid slaver hound.”

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