It is nearly the anniversary of the Empress's Historic Announcement

It is nearly the anniversary of the Empress’s Historic Announcement, that emancipated many slaves, made by Empress Jamyl 1.

Empress Catiz 1, has not countermanded this, not officially anyway, despite the Doctrine of Two Swords, and the Floseswin situation, so… lacking instruction to the contrary, my family and I have been continuing our works.

So, what I’ve been working on is a path out of slavery for the many slaves that I have become responsible for, in the course of my capsuleer activities.

I have been able to set up several schools, hospitals, trade colleges, and other educational and community facilities, to help the newly emancipated transition to independent living. My grandmother, as the Holder of our modest holding, is able to use her authority to sponsor peoples memberships of trade guilds and professional associations, so that they are able to practice their craft or profession throughout Amarr space as freedmen.
We’ve now got a small shipyard, and many of the former slaves now work there, building, repairing, and refitting, industrial ships and other small craft in the baseliner spacecraft market.
Eventually, the free craftsmen will be able to sponsor other freedmen as guild members, and our shipyard provides an opportunity for them to gain useful experience to secure guild membership.
I’ve also been able to get in contact with some of my old school friends, and found one of them now has her own shipping line, that has a route from Amarr space to the Joint Harvesting stations in Minmatar space. So, with a few favours here and there, I’ve been able to come to an arrangement to allow the freedmen under my responsibility, an opportunity for low-cost travel into Minmatar space, should they so wish.

I am no great thinker or businessperson, so if I can set up a workable path from slavery to freedom, then other Holders would surely be able to do much better, and bring about the realisation of Empress Catiz’s vision of the new age.

May God bless us all in the coming year.


I will provide transportation for anyone wishing to travel to Minmatar space free of charge to both you and the passengers. I also have a few places where artisans, engineers and labor workers may find employment.

Feel free to contact me if there’s any way I can assist.

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God demonstrated what he thought of the late Empress’s illicit manumission when he lifted his hand of protection from the barrier that separates our world from the demon world and allowed a pack of demons to one shot her. As I recently revealed, by virtue of the principle of collective guilt combined with the principle of woe to those who knock twice, the Minmatar people have by their Rebellion made themselves a permanent slave people, ever to serve the Chosen in unrequited toil, never to be freed.

Current and future Emperors and Empresses who wish to avoid being one-shotted out of their office had better heed my words.

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