Manumission of Slaves

It still bothers me, as I remarked more than TWO YEARS AGO here:

Why is there still no legal way to free my slaves? The very idea of owning slaves is morally abhorrent to me, but i can’t allow myself to leave free human beings to suffocate in a container if i come across them in space. Anyone who “owns” slaves ought to have the option to release them, even if it means smuggling them to a friendly (minmatar?) station and paying to provide for their well-being. Is there no way for a wannabe freedom fighter like myself (and there’s certainly others!) to safely, legally, and permanently emancipate a slave?


I am not an expert of laws of Amarr Empire, but as far as I understand it, only Ministry of Internal Affairs has authority to actually free a slave, because they shall serve “nine generations” (or is it eight now?) to the Empire as punishment for their crimes against the Empire, and just as you cannot personally release a sentenced criminal if he works on your factory in a jail without the court permission, in the same way you cannot yourself release a slave without permission of Imperial judical organization.

That there is no legal way to do this, just confirms that CONCORD prohibits illegal activities and bans freedom fighters for causing damage.

As for me, I can only add that being a freedom fighter is not just illegal, but any sort of freedom cultism is outright inhumane and amoral.

This interpretation of what Jamyl did is so backwards that I have to think it took you the full decade to think of it. The only thing about the ‘ninth generation’ was as it pertained to slaves at that moment, and only those slaves who didn’t have any more recent enslavements in their ancestry.

And no, any Holder can free their slaves. Also, Ministry of Internal Order… which is the secret police, not the Department of Slave Administration.

The only ‘A’ Ministry is the Ministry of Assessment, which surveys solar systems to look for resource opportunities.

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CONCORD and the SCC are committed to free interstellar trade and protecting private property rights are essential to doing so. CONCORD and the SCC are committed to protecting the property rights of Amarr Holders just as they are the property rights of any other signatory.

Did I give YOU permission to address me?
Learn your place.

If the legal owners of these individuals can’t be located, have you considered helping them find legitimate employment?

At Suroken National we’re always in need of new entry level employees for important medical research. From blood donors, to brain scans; from genetic mapping to implant and drug trials, there’s a thousand ways for subjects to help contribute to life-saving research and earn scrip.

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist rejects any proposal to enable capsuleer manumission of slaves, unless —

  • Distinction between Minmatar and non-Minmatar slaves is made, and manumission of the former prohibited, as the Minmatar became a permanent slave people due to collective guilt resulting from the Minmatar Rebellion.
  • Enslavement of passengers such as tourists, janitors, and exotic dancers is enabled at the same time.

You made me choke and spill my coffee, Mr. Nauplius. You owe me a new shirt now.

wow okay. so i forgot that the typical amarrian apologist is denser than reinforced tritanium, and that’s my mistake. I shouldn’t have used the word “legal”. i dont give a fedo fart about amarrian laws, amarrian faith, amarrian tradition, or amarrian feelings. y’all can suck overheated Void for all i care. I just want to go into my hangars and see Freed Slaves, instead of Slaves. I’ve already saved (“”“stolen”“”) hundreds of slaves from you dirtbags and you’re never getting them back. I’ve already created the facts, I just want some recognition of such.

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I formally recognise that you’ve transferred a bunch of slaves from wherever you happened to get them over to your personal hangar, and that you now consider that they are “free” even though you’re… er… keeping them there.

There’s your recognition can you calm down now please.


I’ve no idea, really. It’s admittedly quite bizarre since you would think the Matari would, at least, have some organization in place to accept freed slaves from independent capsuleers. Customs officials outside Amarr space also have a nasty habit of assuming guilt once they find slaves in your cargo hold. I’ve heard more morbid suggestions of jettisoning them into deep space (something that clearly ended badly for you), slagging said jet can, or ‘processing’ them into biomass. Overall, your only option is to petition the Federal or Republican government. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.


I just jettison them near a minmattar or gallente station, some work in my station warehouses, lots of sorting and counting but putting them on planets would be nice, bet there be a mountain of paperwork for that though.

From what I’ve been able to see Liberator General Nola Ashok has recently taken the position as Head of the Republic Anti-Slavery and Trafficking Agency.
Though I have had some issues with contacting their department about similar concerns.

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Mr. Lingg,

First, as a fellow deathcan rescue pilot and creator of the C3SRC (Coordination Channel for Consolidated Space Rescue Cooperation), I applaud your rescue efforts.
Now on to your questions.

  • Why is there still no legal way to free my slaves?

This question presumes a situation that does not exist as absolute as that. You must have been aware of this, otherwise you would not have asked this next question.

  • Is there no way for a wannabe freedom fighter like myself (and there’s certainly others!) to safely, legally, and permanently emancipate a slave?

There are multiple ways, although they vary in how safe, legal, and permanent they are, and that mostly depends on which faction is handling the emancipation.

  • The most effective one when it comes to being safe, legal, and permanent would be to have this handled by an Amarr organisation, although this is usually the most lengthy process. If you wish to take this route, I would suggest contacting SFRIM (@Lunarisse_Aspenstar). Some of their pilots are also operators of the C3SRC and their facilities are well equipped to give large numbers of rescued slaves all the (medical) attention they might need. They also have all the necessary knowledge on manumission in the Amarr empire, and they do not want people to be enslaved and like to release slaves sooner rather then later, once they have learned the faith, and will make sure that the slaves will not fall into the hands of people like Nauplius or others who would mistreat them.
  • You could also do what I usually do with the slaves I rescue. Take them to a station within the Empire that is owned by a Minmatar organization and find someone there who is willing to assist them with their emancipation and escape to another faction. You may have some difficulty with this when you start out as people will have to trust you, but I have been in this “business” long enough that I now have a number of contacts who I can rely on, and who know they can trust me. When I find myself on a station where I have no contacts, by now my reputation is usually enough to have someone point me in the right direction, or I can get a referral from one of my existing contacts. If you have difficulty going this route, feel free to contract the slaves to me.
    This route is a bit less safe, legal, and permanent. There is the risk of the MIO finding out, the legality of this procedure is usually only fully recognized by the Republic and Federation, and if the person emancipated in this way decides to go back to the Empire (and perhaps the State as well) they may find themselves enslaved again.
  • There are other, less reliable ways (concerning safety, legality, and permanency), mostly involving a criminal entity offering to provide forged documentation, ID, and relocation (smuggling), but dealing with these organizations is quite risky, as the slaves may well find themselves being owned by an organization like the Cartel.

You may find that doing deathcan rescues is a thankless job (apart from the appreciation of the people you rescue). Many years ago, the person who inspired me to do rescue patrols in the border systems, Ston Momaki, posted every rescue on a former iteration of the Intergalactic Summit, and doing so was not appreciated by all.

Peace, and success.


Learn yours. This is a public space, and you have no authority. Nobody needs your permission for anything.


yes! this! exactly.

thanks for the recommendations! I’ll look into these options.


There is only one recent precedent of those held being manumitted against the will of their Holders, assuming LUMEN cannot arrange an Imperial Decree— they have no more legal standing to facilitate the manumission of escaped slaves than you.

From the perspective of the Empire’s laws, not that they have much purchase upon empyreans, the appropriate course of action is clear; if they have not done this, it significantly corroborates your other rather unsettling claims.

This is incorrect. The Societas is not an abolitionist entity; this fact is made explicitly clear during any and all interviews with prospective recruits. Anybody wishing to join the Societas is required to accept the organisation’s stance supporting the role of slavery within the Empire, in accordance with the will of Her Imperial Majesty, or at the very least not seek to undermine or obstruct it. In fact, as it just so happens, the Societas actually assisted with the enslavement of a notable convicted criminal only a few weeks ago.

What the Societas is is an organisation that supports the strict observation of Scriptural doctrine pertaining to slavery, such as those mandating the education and proper treatment of slaves so that they may serve God and Empire in good health and to the best of their ability, and those dictating that the rights to own, trade, or sell slaves be retained exclusively by Holders.


I would rather can the slaves into a sun then see them back in Amarr hands, a moment of freedon is better than a lifetime of slavery. It makes me sick to see how good treatment means you can strip away their autonomy, the ones who dont want to believe in your false god are given no choice.