On slavery and the Reclaiming of souls

The Amarr teach their subjects that their God created the universe and man. God gave the man free will and brought his creations into a new world. But there, the majority of humankind turned away from God as the Dark Ages began, and so, their descendants must be reclaimed into the faith - and suffer for the sins of their forefathers.

So the Amarr enslave others and take away the God’s most basic gift that defines humanity - free will, replacing it with the will of the slave’s new master and entrusting the sinner’s soul to their Holder. Instead of answering to God and being judged in the afterlife for their own choices, the slave now answers to their master in this life, the sinner’s ability to choose their own fate removed due to faulty choices in the past.

Is that what the God who created a man with free will would want? No. It’s what people like Chakaid and Nauplius want.

So why would God place such a harsh test of the soul on those who suffer as slaves? To see if they can retain his gift of free will through the test, of course. To see if they can one day rise to truly Reclaim their own soul from their self-proclaimed masters and guardians.

The duty of every slave is to resist and to rise, to prove before God that they are worthy of being born as humans. To take back the responsibility for their own life. To free themselves and stand proud, broken chains at their feet.

Rise. Reclaim yourselves. Avenge your pain, your loss and all those who suffered at the hands of the slavers for untold centuries before. Burn the empire of lies, crush the gilded shell that conceals Amarr’s rotten core. Destroy the social order that thrives on your misery.

Rise up now and never surrender.


The issue, Miss Blackwind, is that the ones that keep the slavery process alive and well do not see the Matari as “people”.
We are often refered to as being “subhuman”. As such, we are animals, not people and as such have no more right to free will or to their gods grace as say, a head of cattle.

What is sad is, I do not believe that the Amarr originally felt this way. We were enslaved as a means of control, but as their own people began to raise the very point you just made, deeming us subhuman made it very convenient. Now that lie has been told for so long many are raised actually believing it.

Funny…especially when you consider that the Brutor DNA was used in eugenics programs to improve the physical prowess of the Amarr’s own ground troops. Do you think they would have used and animals DNA, given that they are taught the body is a temple?

Yeah…me neither…


Oh hey, this looks like familiar theology/philosophy stuff.

Let me see now, oh yes. “We all can become His chosen, if only we rise!”

This is quite a common theme amongst some Sani sabik demagogues.

“Reclaim yourselves”, yes, this is also very familiar.

Now then, how did you come by these words ? Were you seized by sudden inspiration or anything like that ?

I am well aware. But, on the bright side, when the slaves rise and come for their Holder to make him pay, his opinion is no longer of interest.

The source for that particular phrase is linked in my public bio, one doesn’t need to be the Greatest Sani Sabik Philosopher of the Modern Era to notice that. The original is about power, not about the issue of free will though.

On the other hand, what is the ability to choose one’s own fate if not power?

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The issue… that’s a hubristic start. There are many issues, none as simple as imbeciles who think Matar blood makes a person less than human.

In the Empire you are born to the station of your parents as they were to that of theirs, not being elevated is not a punishment. There are many trillions of faithful slaves, like most others they do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than of criticism.

Much like other outsiders you fail to understand one of the Empire’s simpler truths, the greater your station, the less your liberty. Expectation that one submits to duty is not the realm of subhuman, it is simply Amarr.

It’s possible though unlikely that you have knowledge of experiments in human limitations I’m unaware of, but I’m going to assume you speak of Kameiras. I have the honour to command some five thousand such soldiers on Floseswin IV, they’re not Amarr with added Brutor. They are bred from the strongest, fastest and most adaptable Minmatar in the empire. They have my respect, and that of my regular forces; more than that they in faith, loyalty and ability reflect well upon the potential of your kind.

Yes. There are records of both EUgenics…and of the breeding programs.

So yes. I guess when the needle didnt work, you simply ■■■■■■, or raped the “animals” until the desired mix was found.

My apologies. I forgot how humanitarian the process was.

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Not so, eugenics is a word denoting breeding for specific traits. Maybe you found two records of one thing.

Well, yes.

I was more curious as to how you came by this line of thinking. It’s so much more fun and exciting when someone spontaneously has a Revelation about things.

to be tools, used and discarded when broken. Such a pity they don’t get to be people.

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Comradeship, service and pride. What a miserable dehumanizing existence.

Shockingly, all things that can even be found among the most denigrated slaves put to manual labor. It’s almost like human beings will find those things for themselves within social groups no matter how inhumanly they’re treated by lunatics who claim them as property.

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The greatest privilege of status is the service of those as capable as you are, I don’t know what lunacy you think is worth lessening my servants for. But in the case of those we speak of, I treat them as men and women upon whose skill my future and that of my family are known to depend.

And who, at a whim, you could sell off someplace, whenever you like.

And I answer to a liege who could have me killed without explanation, neither eventuality seems likely.

To compare possibly being killed by a liege lord to living every day without the ability to make any choice of your own, not to mention potentially being subjected to Vitoxin, TCMCs, forced breeding, and being sold off to someone else, is the height of entitlement.

The overwhelming majority of slaves make many choices over the course of a day, and your reductive arguments make less both of those decisions and the people making them.

It’s far more disrespectful to them than it is to me.

Choices such as what? To continue to obey or risk running away and being caught? That’s barely a choice.

What to do with their recreation, who to spend their time with, the same small choices that most people make each day.
For most their employment and living situation is determined for them. Within that, there’s more latitude than the simplistic propaganda you peddle suggests.

What to do with their recreation, out of whatever options their Holder may or may not have prepared for them.

Who to spend their time with, depending on who else their Holder allows them to spend time with.

Whereas the choices I made each day as a baseliner included things as huge as whether to skip work or whether a patient should be held overnight to things as small as which takeout place to order from and whether I’d like to go out to Hueromont for a change.

Being able to choose from a finite set imposed directly by someone else is not freedom.

By claiming that it is, you whitewash the very nature of slavery, which is the willful robbery of a fundamental human right: Liberty.

Even the most benevolent Holder is tied down by the truth that she or he has caged a people. Sheared their wings; kept them from the full potential of who they could have been.

I’d call it propaganda, but you seem to believe it intrinsically. Rather than a message you deign to spread, it’s almost a way of reassuring yourself and your peers that you, by the very position of being or supporting Holders, are not being inhumane with every breath you take.

Keep dreaming.

This is why arguing with you is pointless.

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