Treatment of slaves and faith in the Holy Amarr Empire

In the name of God and His Spirit in the whole of creation

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Most Holy Rite, our faith has been corrupted by the chauvinism of drunken on the wine of wrath, interpreted without context or rationality despite the light of His guidance. The Imperial Rite, the sacred religion of Holy Amarr, is also a call to be custodians, stewards and graceful Shepards of righteousness in this universe.

God’s anointed position for the True Amarr has been devolved to one of arrogant supremacism by his own chosen. This interpretation has been used to justify the brutalization of those we have reclaimed and the repression of those we have seen as less than pure. In Holy Amarr, trillions of slaves are forced to live in bondage till’ death, generations consigned to live in substandard conditions with no hope of fulfilling their lives and exercising their gifts for the Glory of God. There are too many in Holy Amarr who have utilized their faith to treat those we have reclaimed with no respect or dignity, which works them like cattle until they can give no more. Those few who attain a higher station are rare and always at the whims of their master. Our only master is God, and it is only him we may serve.

We should be proud that we are God’s chosen in this universe, but we are selected to be leaders and stewards for his coming. We must show grace and invitation to spread the faith, to welcome those who come willingly and with and transformed heart, and to reclaim and truly humble those whose hearts have been hardened from God. The only entity that can prove their faithfulness towards God is the individual being reclaimed, not a family, not a generation. Only individuals can free themselves from being recycled to be a part of Holy Amarr. And it is us to show the ones we have reclaimed respect and dignity as fellow creations in God’s image. We, the chosen, must teach them to utilize what God has gifted them to serve his kingdom and his alone.

The lack of laws and statutes preventing the mistreatment of enslaved people in Holy Amarr is beyond shameful. It has allowed a culture of brutal disregard for human dignity and greed to pervade Holy Amarr, a pattern that seems destined to continue.

I call upon the Empress of Holy Amarr, Catiz Tash-Murkon I, the Five Heirs, Theology Council, to adopt the following measures to restore proper reverence and respect for God and his creation.

  1. Adopt and enforce comprehensive legislation to provide
    1. standardized hygienic working and primary housing conditions
    2. comprehensive transportation
    3. standard mental treatment and evaluation
    4. standard and adequate sustenance
    5. financial support for formerly enslaved people
  2. A special tribunal of the Theology Council to provide redress for Reclaimed individuals who have been physically or sexually abused or have been denied the above mentioned
  3. A revision for the methodology of interpretation of the Word of God by the Supreme Sobor of the Theology Council grounded in rationalism and contextualism in light of God’s guidance and endowment of the gift of rationality to creation

I call upon my brothers and sisters, True Amarr and those outside Holy Amarr who have embraced God’s message of the faith to join this call to action, to save our faith and his true word from those drunken on the wine of wrath and power. Amen.

President of the Holy Amarr Divine Law and Theology Alumni Association Jaspis Choo


Culture in the aspects of shared traditions, language, history, beliefs, ideology and family or kin are essential to forming an individual identity and defining their place or role in a society or community. In considering slavery I would consider its primary purpose as cultural – the erasure of one culture to replaced with a wholly Amarrian one.

The Gallente would call it genocide and I would agree with them. Slavery by its nature is a cruel and harrowing experience but its intention is always the preparation of the slave to serve a place in the temporal and spiritual domains of God through the destruction of their previous culture and beliefs until only an Amarrian faith and culture remains. To not do so would only invite false beliefs and heresies into the spiritual life of the faithful.

The perils of allowing pity or compassion to inform the treatment of slaves and the requirements of genocide of false culture and false beliefs can be seen clearly with the rebellion of the Minmatar of the Republic. Such slaves were not adequately divested of their false culture and beliefs which lead to the arrogance of rebellion and violence against the Divine Order of Amarr. It is a mistake which should not be repeated.

It’s not about pity, it’s about respect and dignity, both of which are God-given attributes in His Image and Name as gifts to creation. No man woman, or child should have to be brutalized, humiliated, and coerced needlessly to be a servant of his realm. We are all humans made in and equal before the eyes of God.

Is the reclaiming arduous yes, is it difficult absolutely, but it should be an expirence and a lesson to humble the Reclaimed, to have them love and revere God. We are to be stern and authoritative with those we have reclaimed, but to show them respect and compassion for their efforts.

As I’ve stated, the True Amarr should be proud and prideful, but also humbled by their role as Shepards of God’s lost flock, stewards and custodians of faith in a universe of inquity.

And that might be a lot to stomach coming from me, a biracial Amarr - Jin-Mei

If you had stopped with suggesting that it is good for those in power, especially True Amarr, to remember that their status comes at the price of service, as demanded by Anoyia’s Exhortation to the Faithful, or that we need to view ourselves as Shepherds, as seen in the Book of Reclaiming, this would have been effective. You could even have unobjectionably talked at length about the philosophy and edicts of the Emperors Heideran, Doriam, or Jamyl, and that might have even worked to help highlight that we do in fact have a duty to those who serve us, just as we have a duty to those whom we serve.

Instead you demand things of the Holy Empress and, in the off topic thread, explicitly suggest that the Holy Rite has devolved, exposing yourself as some variety of Tothist heretic. We have seen enough of those in the last decade for several lifetimes.


We are all humans but we are not all equal before God. The chosen Amarr that stayed true to the teachings of the First Prophet Gheinok were raised up and given the mission of faith.

I will say cruelty for the sake of only cruelty is abhorrent. However cruelty can be made to serve a purpose. The life of a slave may be harsh, but if through physical harshness the slave is expunged of false belief and embraces faith in God then I would say such harshness served a purpose.

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Would you be so kind as to explain what a Tothist is, for those of us who are quietly reading all of this, but are not versed in the subject matter?

A Tothist is a person who asserts that the True Meaning of the Scriptures has been Altered or Distorted by various parties for their benefit.

The name Derives from the followers of Ilash Toth who was a Theologian some 1900 Years Ago. Toth claimed the Scriptures had been Twisted, to favour a form of Reclaiming that incresed the Wealth and Power of the Holders and the Emperor, instead of benefiting the Common People. Toth Favoured an older Interpretation of Scripture that placed Emphasis on Reclaiming through Good Works, and Acts of Love and Charity to the Heathens, rather than Conquest.

Toth is Also notable for Disappearing Without Trace in a search for the Ametat and Avetat.

Tothist is a term that is used Pejoratively in the Modern Era, for A particular Kind of Heretic that makes Suggestions publicly, about Social Reform in the Empire.


This is… surprisingly accurate.


I’ll tell you, all of that is useless. The words directly written by the Prophet Gheinok with his own hand, objectively and verifiably credited to him are the only ones I follow.

I ask you, did he also write the Book of Reclaiming that came thousands of years after his death. Of course not, because it was written during the Reclamation of the Udorians.

I do not think you even begin to comprehend how much scripture you are attempting to exclude.

A more comprehensive insanity than Tothism it would seem.

Gheinok was the founder of the Holy Rite. It was he who directly received and written the word of God. Anything outside of that is not directly from God himself

So you deny the scriptures of St. Junip and others as being words of God as well?

The divine truths revealed to the Amarr through the Prophet Gheinok are of singular importance, they are perhaps the foundation upon which the Scriptures rest, upon which Amarr society was built.

Denial of the divine inspiration of the Prophets Anoyia and Kuria is heresy by any measure, while it would not mitigate that heresy, your claim to be guided by the teachings of Gheinok the First are given lie by how little your own words reflect his teachings.

Is rather at odds with the Gheinok’s own writings on the nature of the Emperor’s authority, it is also worth clarifying for those less aggressively ignorant than yourself, that the Book of Reclaiming— despite the millennia separating it from the Prophet, more closely resembles his writings both in form and message than any other book of such prominence.

Pilot, I don’t doubt your sincerity but even a heathen like me can see it’s like you’re providing a helpful example to go with Synthia’s definition of a Tothist.


A Tothist, despite wrongheaded conclusions, requires more scriptural literacy than this.

Except, of course, for The Book of Gheinok II: Deific Boogaloo.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Neway, seeing “loyalist” space lawyers get all uppity about how we treat our pet vermin is almost as entertaining a spectacle as watching minmatar rebels crisp up on Turnur I. Please, keep it up.

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Oh my. That’s even more deranged than I had imagined.

The insane notion that the only Scriptures are Gheinok’s requires God to have abandoned Amarr almost as soon as it escaped the Old World. It places an insane load on our Glorious Prophet. In this madness, not only did Gheinok need to shepherd Amarr through it’s exodus intact, but now it seems he needed to record every divine message that the faithful would ever need for the next sixteen thousand years or more!

It’s insanity. God has not abandoned Amarr, divine revelation is still ongoing and the scriptures have expanded as the Divine Hierarchy of Amarr has grown from the light of a single small colony to tbe largest known human Empire.

We have the Empress to lead us and Destiny to follow, God guides the Empress as we work constantly to bolster the light of Amarr and live up to the Divine Trust.


Why is it Surprising ?

I consider it Important to be Accurate, and also Concise.

Given recent history, I am impressed that you can pretend to be so certain of that.