[SARUM] Slaves Freed in Honor of Jubilee

In honor of the first Jubilee of Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, Lady Mitara Newelle of House Sarum has reviewed the records of her faithful and loyal servants and selected ten families to be freed from their bondage to take their place as faithful and free subjects of Her Majesty.

The Scriptures command the faithful to go forth and reclaim that which God has given. It also commands holders to “[l]ead all children to the light of God, for Heaven is theirs to inherit.” - The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming. The last step of the reclamation is freedom so they may take their place as Amarr.

By freeing these forty-seven slaves, Lady Newelle lifts them up as an example for their once-fellow slaves to emulate and aspire to.

May all the faithful look forward to the prophesied time of slavery ending, for the reclamation will be complete.


Lady Mitara Newelle of House Sarum, Holder of the Mekhios province of Damnidios Para’nashu, Champion of House Sarum, Sworn Upholder of the Faith, Divine Commodore of the 24th Imperial Crusade, Admiral of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris



It’s so nice to see a responsible Holder these days.

I’m curious…now that these individuals have been freed, what’s to become of them? I certainly hope you didn’t just turn them out.

Should they need, I would like to offer these newly freed individuals transportation to the world of their choice, a small stipend to set themselves up and the opportunity of employment with a few different organizations.

Unless, of course, you’ve already provided for their material well-being and not just their spiritual wellness?

Either way, I pray God continues to light their path.


This wasn’t a bad read. I don’t condone the owning of slaves in any regard, but compassion is always a plus.

What of the remaining slaves under House Sarum?


The freedmen will be remaining in Damnidios Para’nashu. Employment has been arranged for the adults–though I believe a few are seeking admittance to institutions of higher learning–and the children have been enrolled in local schools. Housing (admittedly not the most luxurious) will be provided until they locate a more permanent and fitting place they desire to live.

Lady Newelle has every reason to want to make sure these freed slaves are successful in their new life. As the Damnidios Para’nashu Freedmen’s Bureau falls under my purview, I too have a vested interest in seeing that these freed slaves succeed. Otherwise, it will look bad on my efficiency report, a fate worse than death for a Caldari.

While your offer is generous, Mister Mokk, it is not needed.

The remainder of Lady Newelle’s flock will remain in her service. Should this Jubille emancipation work out well, it might become a yearly tradition, though the numbers might fluctuate. The holding operates under SPCS guidelines, with multiple independent offices ensuring that all the slaves are treated, trained, cared for, and worked in accordance with Scriptures with the ultimate goal of reclaiming them to the Glory of God.


I’d say sycophantic subservience like a dog to foreign masters is a far worse fate than death for any Caldari who considers themselves as such.


But what if we pay really well?


Please don’t actually belittle my oaths and service by injecting mammon into this.

(See how bad of a sycophant I am?)


Given that the resistance of the Empire’s loyalists is about as stiff as a microwaved cucumber without the coin for hired help they could probably do with paying better.


You’re pretty sensitive about Caldari serving Amarr. Almost like you think your whole State will do so eventually.

Which it will.


Trusted allies indeed…


Oh, I’m sure the Empire will make its attempt at subjugation just as the Federation did its own. All I can say is I can only hope to be alive on the day it does, so just as with the Gallente I can have the opportunity to crush their children’s skulls beneath my boot and put their parents in an oven where they belong.

However, that the Empire of today is left only with its withered laurels of past glories and halcyon days in an era of consistent and continued failures which leaves its citizens with nothing more than recourse to a life of clinging to, “No one can convince us we are wrong, so therefore we are still right,” is not my concern. Faith, just as with hope springs eternal after all.

To put my views in context though: There is a reason why the Caldari in their history have never resorted to slavery, even if it is a regular occurrence throughout human history during periods of war and conquest. Fundamentally, there is a humiliation and indignity to be permitted in life after defeat – death is preferable than living with shame. There is a disrespect inherent in defeating a foe and permitting them to live.

As such, when I look at the Empire and its subjugated people’s who were permitted to live, then as far as I can see they are the products of shame and humiliation whether they are Khanid, Udorian, Ni-Kunni, Ealur, Matari or whoever else the Amarr have conquered. If you are a conquered person, then in my eyes you are worthy of very little respect or dignity. In the State, such shame is reserved for the un-persons, and I look at yourself Mr. Shutaq, or Ms. Vea, or Kernher and Aria with the same measure of contempt. You are all defeated peoples whose personal or ancestor’s shame of submission you must live with, unworthy of either respect or dignity.

At least the Minmatar redeemed themselves with blood to defend who they are as a people.

So no, I have very little fear of the Empire, but a great deal of personal disgust. Least of all because it permits that very same kind of racial admixture that dilutes cultural purity of the blood. A Caldari serving Amarr? Hah. Why they’d be just like yourself Aldrith, a pig the Amarr the dress up in golden robes and try to tell others is a man.


The Caldari would sooner take their own lives than let themselves be dragged into slavery. History may not be perfect, but only the truly ignorant don’t look toward the future.


That’s a lot of words to say “I’m so insecure about the independence of my people that I can’t take a joke.”

Do you even listen to what I say when I speak seriously on the IGS? I don’t even want the Empire to enslave the Republic, let alone the State. The Empire, I’m sure, feels the same way for the moment, and will so for a long while, especially with Catiz I at the helm. Go take your damaged mind elsewhere and let others do the diplomacy.

Now, about your words on defeat… I believe the inhumanity shown in your little speech speaks for itself. Insult what I hold dear all you like, but I cannot take your words seriously. It is the barking of a leashed dog that knows not why it wants to kill, only that it does. Come now, you really don’t think yourself loyal to anything but the taste of murder, do you? Your feeble justification for war with your own allies is ridiculous, and certainly not an opinion any sane individual in the State would hold.

We are not going to launch a military Reclaiming of your State. We have far more to gain from cooperating with you than betraying you in such a base way, and vice versa. Still your tongue and go fight your real enemies for a change, or are you so addled you just target everything on a grid still? Even if I am a trained dog at least I am well taken care of. You are one that needs a beating to keep it from mauling children.


And yet, they support a culture that intends nothing less, against like-minded people who would gladly be their friends and allies in the struggle to maintain our own cultures, our own ways of life.

We all know the Empire and the Federation would never make common cause in a war. The Republic and State should band together to break this bi-polar gestalt. Together, we could press either side for the redress of grievances, without supporting a power that has already demonstrated its disdain for the independence we hold so dear.


I have no clue how this thread managed to devolve into utter crap, but I would appreciate it if everyone would take it elsewhere.

If there are more questions or comments relating to the original topic, I would be happy to answer them.


Yes, back on topic. I wish the families that were freed the best and that they will find their place within the Empire well. Our household gladly provides them what assistance they need until they are fully independent.


Thank you for this kind action. If you don’t mind me asking, do you know what generation they were? I’m honestly just wondering if that was the deciding factor, or simply on merit, or other some other reason.


This I can provide. The families were picked for not only their individual accomplishments, but a long family history of service and devotion to God. So, all of the parents were of 8th or 7th generation and the children were either 8th or 9th generation who were born after the Empress’s emancipation.

So, of the criteria that factored into the decision to emancipate these specific individuals:

  • Marks in religious education, including notes and reports from the clergy and lay workers of the church.
  • Marks in non-religious education, including notes and reports from teachers and school administration.
  • Work records, including notes and reports from holding overseers, civilian co-workers or associates, and/or custodians.
  • Any disciplinary records.
  • Habitation block supervisor reports.
  • Any other bit of information that was entered into record.
  • Family history of all the above going back as far as their original enslavement.

In addition, the question is asked: “If freed, will these individuals be successful, contributing subjects of the Sacred Throne, faithful to God, and their offspring also, to eternity?”


Seems fair enough, I was just curious if it was some, for lack of better words, extension of Empress Jamyl’s decree where people were just dumped on the street to avoid some possible event such as the aformentioned one further down the line. Again, I am actually thankful that atleast some of you people, even ones I personally shoot at, can actually be reasonable or however you wish to take it.

Thank you.


So, there are two responses here.

For Lady Newelle, I can say that she takes her duties as holder seriously. This is a Scriptural command to rule her flock in such a way to reclaim them for God. I’m sure that many have heard stories of abuse: mass execution, breeder slaves, working to death. I myself have never witnessed these in Amarr. However, I am aware of the many accusations leveled. I can categorically say that none of this will ever happen in Damnidios Para’nashu.

Slaves can be likened to her children. Lady Newelle intends to raise them to be faithful, responsible subjects of the Throne, however long that takes.

Speaking for myself: I have personal reasons to ensure that all of the slaves on the holding are treated in a human way, for lack of a better term. Even if the Empress decreed that all the slaves in Amarr were to be emancipated tomorrow, I have enough wealth to ensure that none of the ones on the holding are ‘dumped’ on the street.