Petition to the Throne, Imperial Majesty Catiz I

Dearest and Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, care of Cardinal Sourem, Capsuleer Emissary to the Court Chamberlain,

Re: Statement “Additionally, His Grace has seen fit to commission labour acquisition expeditions to each and every system in the Upper Rebel Provinces currently held by the forces of the 24th Imperial Crusade. All labour acquisition specialist groups will be accompanied by troops drawn from the Shining Flame company, the Red and Silver Hand company, and the Order of St. Tetrimon. A priority order has been drawn up for the full reclaiming of the population of Floseswin IV.”

This is a Petition of the Khimi Harar loyalist alliance, and other Faithful and Loyalist capsuleers, humbly and respectfully submitted for the consideration of Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, Master of all Matters Spiritual and Temporal within Holy Amarr, in light of her gracious invitations for Petitions to the Throne.

The Empire has been paramount in attempting to establish the Rule of Law in the New Eden cluster: from Emperor Heideran VII, the author of the Pax Amarria who started the successful engagement with the other empires, opening the doors to trade, one of the architects of the Yulai Accords, establishing Concord, which maintains relative peace between the empires and capsuleers in high and low security space; to the sadly short-lived reign of Emperor Doriam II, known for his outreach to other Empires and for retaking the Bleak Lands from Blood Raiders; to the reign of the late Empress Jamyl I who reaffirmed the Empire’s commitment to the rule of law through the CEMWPA treaties even in the face of Matari treaty violations in the Elder invasion; to Empress Catiz I who has led the Empire into a new age of prosperity.

What is being planned here is contrary to, and places at risk, one hundred and twenty one-years of Imperial practice and undercuts progress through Reclaiming by the Good Word, whether through preaching, works or the influence of trade. While we defer to the courts and lawyers, there is a concern as to whether it is in accord with the Yulai Accord treaties entered into under Imperial Authority, if the scope goes beyond military personnel (POWs).

If escalations of this kind are allowed to happen and to stand, it will set a dangerous precedent, leading to escalation of wars, unnecessary loss of civilian life across all the warzone, economic retaliation from other empires, and perhaps unforeseen retaliations in high security space. Continued restraint will support trade, Imperial stability and strength, and the spread of the Faith.

Khimi Harar, “The Light in the Dark”, has steadfastly endeavoured to do our Duty for the Empire, the Faith and the Rule of Law since our founding, and before through our founding corporation the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaque, by supporting the Empire and Greater Amarria in Providence, Devoid and the Bleak Lands, the Kingdom in Kahah, the Empire in the Throne Worlds, Thebeka and Anath and Mishi, the Mandate in Tanoo against Blood Raiders and Triglavians, against all manner of threats to the Empire, both from without and within.

We, and those who sign along with us below, appeal to the Empress and the Privy Council to take action against these plans before they do irreparable harm to the Empire and your Majesty’s legacy and visions for the future.

Signed, in the Name of the Empire and the Faith:

Those other loyalists and faithful who wish to join the initial signers may sign in the thread below.

Updated: Added three more signatures


Why no one asked my signature before sending this letter?

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On behalf of myself,

Thank you.

Deitra Vess, CEO, Non-Hostile Target PMC


The Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne does not support this petition.

Chapter Master Gaven Lok’ri


Looks like some of them do.

Thank you, @Lunarisse_Aspenstar.


I expect we’ll be seeing those names disappear within the day.

Unfortunate. As usual, PIE takes the position of blind obedience, even when it is clear that the Amarrian government is acting contrary to its own oaths.


Also, the rather blatant attempt to subvert Lord Arrach Sarum’s will is noted.


I really hope for all our sakes that the Directrix has correctly assessed the correlation of forces within the Privy Council before lodging this petition.

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Nothing of the sort is clear.


Looks clear…

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I am personally disappointed that PIE seems so adamant about dismissing the work of one of their top pilots, rather than taking her point of view into consideration.

This is not an aberration, and she is clearly trying to say something. Instead of dismissing her out of hand, or playing it like she’s gone rogue, maybe you all ought to heed the years of trust and titles you’ve bestowed her with, and hear her out.


We did but time is of the essence and you do speak with the north dialect.
Thank you for signing it now.

I can’t believe I have to agree with Samira of all people.
Blind obedience is good for children and the uneducated, I assume most here aren’t either.

Even if they act like it.


Do not conflate loyalty with obedience. I would have thought a self-declared adult could tell them apart


I’m glad you brought that up.

Is an adviser disloyal for objecting to a rule for another path?
Disloyal would be to disobey after the gavel falls which this petition hopes to invoke.

Its what happens after we can discuss loyalty.


I think loyalty in action is more telling than loyalty in word. And that among its capsuleers the empire has far more petitioners than defenders. Despite the dire need for the latter.
If House Sarum mean to rally that defence, I trust to his Lordship’s wisdom and stand with him.

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We simply request that our position is registered and considered. The consequences of these proclamations exceed well beyond they who are active participants in their execution, and we feel it is right to request that they who may well face those consequences duly consider possible ramifications. Our petition requests that our concerns are part of any discussion by the Empress and her Privy Council, guidance is said Council’s intended purpose, and that advice be provided us.

I would hope no Imperial citizen would find that anathema, particularly in light of the petition procedure which Her Majesty has graciously invited loyalist capsuleers to utilize.


Oh. And what sort of action would that be? I sense an implication that the signatories of this petition somehow do not qualify.

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Your defensive leap to such a conclusion says more than any implication I could make.
As for action taken, I was referring to any that contribute to the future safety of the billions dwelling in the occupied systems. The most obvious if not straightforward being to take them back.

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With all due respect, the ‘leap’ is entirely understandable given the context.

The work you do against the mutiny in the crusade is good. You’re working to get Amarr systems back into Amarr hands and fighting against some of the most corrupt among us and potentially saving lives in the case of escalation in the warzone.

However, Dam-Amarr is a big place and there’s a lot of important tasks that need to be done. Don’t get tunnel vision. Your work isn’t the only work important to Amarr. A lot of Faithful, hard working people are on that petition.


Thank you for the explanation, Lyra. I’m afraid I couldn’t have done that nearly as politely in my current jovial mood.

One thing left to address though.

The most straightforward thing to do would be not to put them or any other world in the Empire at risk of disproportional retribution in the first place, which is the whole point of this petition.