[Excubitoris Chapter] Faith and Loyalty in Troubled Times

We live in troubled times. Our empire is under attack from without and from within. It is easy in these times to lose faith, to stray from the path, to be lead by doubts into damnation.

In response to the chaos of our times, our Divinely Appointed Empress Catiz I, blessed be her reign, has released a sweeping reform, the Pax e Kilizhi Do, that turns the page on the Era of Heideran. Alongside the repeal of the Heideran Edict banning house navies, this edict revives claims on the Rebel provinces that have long lain dormant, as well as claiming Providence for the Empire.

The response from much of the Amarr capsuleer population has been dismay. This is understandable, Amarr has been working for peace and for reform to avoid conflict with the galactic community for over a century now. It is all most of you have ever known from Amarr. We have been a sleeping giant, non-responsive to even the most egregious attacks upon our sovereignty.

I have been warning you all that this situation would eventually break if we were sufficiently provoked for over a decade. Well, now it has. The empress has spoken and the Empire is waking from its slumber, revitalizing its military capabilities, and reorganizing itself to face all of the many threats that have brought us to this point.

In the face of such a once in a lifetime change, it is understandable that people would cling to what they know. It is also a failure of loyalty and of faith to do so.

Amarr is a society of divinely inspired order. When we are acting with faith and loyalty as a society, each and every person has a place in the structure of the system designed to bring humanity back into unity with the divine.

When Amarr is stricken by the cancers of heresy, this order breaks down. Holders forget their duties and live lives of decadence and excess. Commoners believe that they can second guess their lieges. Slaves think they can pick and choose which holy laws apply to them. And throughout it all, everywhere one looks, they see the signs of Sanist individualism and wanton violence.

But the answer to such a sorry state of affairs is not sedition, mutiny, or apostasy. I see a situation now where many Amarr watch other Amarr flouting the rules, but instead of being watchful and using the other as an exemplar of what not to do, these Amarr think that they are free to also deny proper authority and law. By this process, the plague of free thought grows exponentially and society collapses.

The Throne of Amarr exists as the ultimate authority to counter these breakdowns. The Emperor has the divinely granted right to harness good and punish evil. The Emperor’s ultimate job is to defeat the enemies outside of the Empire and to control the enemies within.

It is in this context that Imperial Edicts like the Pax e Kilizhi Do are so important. They are the rubric for communicating divine will as understood by the Empress to the rest of the Empire. When faced with such a moment of changing Imperial policy, there is only one choice if your faith is true. You obey the edict and you find your new place in society without complaint.

But perhaps, as a result of the edict, things change so that something you had worked for in the past becomes impossible. Or perhaps you see someone promoted who you do not believe deserves the honor. Perhaps it’s one of a million other quibbles.

None of them matter. The only acceptable choice in times of change is accept your place in the order of things and do your duty. The edict will not immediately set things right, the Sanists will still be embedded in the system and it will still be your job to call them out as you see them. But their existence does not create permission for your own dissenting views. Publicly questioning an imperial edict itself, either directly or indirectly by questioning the actions of those acting in clear accordance with the edict, is perilously close to sedition against the Empire, and acting to counter the edict would be treason.

We are only human. Wavering in these tests is understandable, but it is imperative that when the test of faith truly arrives that we stand together and hold fast in our faith and loyalty to Empire, Empress, and God. We must face the enemy as a solid wall, armored in faith, through which the enemy will find no breach. We must surround ourselves with the faithful, we must stand together. We cannot fail, for we have the Empress to lead us and destiny to follow!

May God Bless Amarr and all the Faithful,
Chapter Master Gaven Lok’ri
Excubitoris Chapter of the Order of the Sacred Throne


An excellent and much needed post, Chapter Master. I am glad to see such wisdom present among PIE’s leadership.

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So what’s your plan for those within your very organisation that, one could argue, have done this?

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More’s the point: if this is intended for consumption by the Exubitoris Chapter of the Order of the Sacred Throne, why is it here where reprobates like myself could conceivably tear it into tiny little shred by highlighting the rampant cowardice inherent in it?

And if it’s not, why tag it that way?

To get you to expose your lack of reading comprehension skills, mendacious agenda pushing, or combination of both.

So, go right ahead.


Alright, then. I’ve a shift to deal with, but before I go, let me just pose two questions:

  1. Is the occupant of the Imperial Throne infallible?
  2. Was it the Emperor/Empress who gave you your ears, nose, toes, internal organs, reflexes, and other physical attributes and inborn abilities? Or was it God?

I mean, feel free to refuse to answer—or get told not to—but that won’t exactly weaken the case for ‘cowardice’.

  1. Your rhetoric is old and boring.
  2. Go away.

To my Chapter Master, I offer my support to your message and thank you for it.

I am one of the many that tried their best to uphold the ideals of the Pax Amarria and the beauty of the vision for the Empire and cluster it espoused. I still very much wish to, as well. However, this past decade, and year especially, have challenged my ideals unceasingly. I am forced to admit that perhaps the path of peace is closed to us, blocked by a rage-tainted enemy who seeks to take advantage of every virture percieved as weakness we present, be it patience, mercy, or open-mindedness. I often feel that every move we have made to reform and appease has merely emboldened that enemy, making them believe their treachery and violence is working to their benefit. I cannot in good conscious keep this kindness up, not when there are so many we must protect.

Still, I pray at least some form of Pax shall bless us, one day. I pray a new policy of deterrence may begin to slow the thousand slights we are given every day as a reward for our efforts to create a better Empire and cluster. I pray that my brothers and sisters will realise a new path is here, and we must take it lest we be slain and left in a ditch by the road to peace for the crime of trying to walk it.

If peace by the sword is all that will be understood, then so be it.


Remember that it is not when we understand and agree with our betters that we accept their orders. I’m sure we can all understand that our world is much too complex to understand all that goes on around us.
Instead, it is our faith in those above us, and those above them, that allows us to do what WE must. It is us doing our duty that allows those in our care to trust in us and continue their duties.

It is times like these, when we reflect upon changes of course that we are most able to see where we came from and where we are. It is times like these that we can sometimes ask ourselves “why now?” or “what has changed?” or even “was I wrong?”.
But just as a ship does not change it’s course only when it’s wrong. Nor does a helmsman need to doubt if they were on the right course to begin with. The Empire finding a new stage of our journey and needing many adjustments is not a condemnation of the course before it.

We should always seek to better understand the world around us. Share our discoveries with those above and below us. Help our betters make informed decisions. Help those in our care understand and trust in our path.

It is with the acceptance of our place and the duties that we are best able to support our faithful brethren. Obstacles may force those above us to make changes. And our planned destination might direct those below us. Our duty remains.

Remain faithful. Remain vigilant. Do not let doubt and deception prevent you from doing your duty, for those in your care rely upon it.


I give thanks, oh Lord, I give thanks!

How I have prayed, and long, that I might see the scales fall from the eyes of my brothers and sisters!

At last, at last and shiningly, the paladins of the most noble and loyal Excubitoris have torn away the clinging tendrils of the web of heresy and treachery that tested their souls!

They have been found pure! Faithful! Loyal!

Rejoice! Just rejoice and give thanks that loyalty is still to be found in the example of the Empyreans of the Sacred Throne Order!

What a blessing. I am overcome.

I go now to make especially rich offerings to the One True Lord in thanks for his guidance and love, and for the light with which he showed my brothers and sisters the true path!

I have the honor to be,


Duke Chakaid of Fabai,
Asbara Sardar of the Sipari Companions,
Paladin Deacon, Orders Militant of the Theology Council,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III



These are the most wise words, Chapter Master!
When there is a war, there shall be no place for dissent!

And so it goes, as we always have known it will eventually go.

If only we’d have stayed on the path that would have let us face this day more ready to it, but it is what is.

Come war
I am a weapon in the hand of Fate


It was never inevitable Elsebeth, and you know it. It was Shakor’s rise and Yun’s scheming that made this necessary. They threw the punch of the Elder Fleet and introduced the poison of rebellion into our well, and we must defend ourselves. If they go, however, I am certain there will be better options availabe for the both of us.


What proof do you have that peace by the sword works?


What proof do you have that peace by kind acts works?



With respect, you’re not proof of peace. You are proof of love, and friendship, possibly, but not of it bringing peace.


We’ll talk.

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Udorian, Khanid and Ni-Kunni to name but a few. Did not become citizens to an Empire who had renounced the sword, but in time it granted strength to the reclaimed and to the Empire.


While you are not entirely wrong, the events you describe made these things happen faster. We could have postponed it by none of that madness - but we could not have stopped it. Eventually, on one side or another, someone would have pushed it, and military Reclaiming would have been back on the menu.

Me and my brother against my cousin, me and my cousin against the outsider, me and the outsider against the Enemy.


All examples from centuries ago. Times change, and societies with them. Heideran had it right.


Heideran is dead.


His late Majesty was among the greatest of our people in living memory, that he was able to maintain his peace for centuries in the face of unabated hatred is testament to that.
It was not however we who undermined that peace at every turn with our resentment and hatred. For those culpable for that, look closer to home.

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