To all in Service of Holy Amarr

Today I address all those who walk in the rite, irrespective of fealty, or how profoundly their views may differ from those underlying His Grace Lord Sarum’s orders with regard to the system of Floseswin, you will all I hope desire to join me in a tribute to the courage and ability displayed by those of the Twenty-Fourth Imperial Crusade who fought so hard to execute them.
For my own part, I can only admit my awe at what has been accomplished by so few, for so long, with so little.

The second, and more difficult admission is that we are faltering. For years we in service to the Empire abdicated defence against the Republic to privateers, many of you spoke justly and movingly in castigation of their treason.
It cannot surprise anyone that after years of primacy within the crusade their departure left us unable to ameliorate the numerical advantages underpinning Minmatar offensives even the blindest knew were coming.

Where, however we have been surprised is not the growing pressure upon the limited forces remaining to us. But the deafness of our allies to the situation, that the March of Providence and State Protectorate are both pressured by aggressors is known; despite that both have granted what aid they have been able to spare us.

Some wish to portray themselves a shield, others speaking with bitterness, near contempt of reclamation, in some cases of slavery itself. I would entreat you clear your mind of such sanctimony upon these questions until such a time that we do not have a forces on a hostile world, until a Republic threatening reprisal does not hold most of Devoid and the Bleak Lands, until this shield places itself between those it professes to protect and those who would do them harm.

I am without means of judging what lies in store for persons who think it decent to stand by when their nation is in need, who think the mumbled words of “pendulum war” absolve them of any obligation, but for guidance I would look to Missions 13:21

“To know the true path, but yet, to never follow it. That is possibly the gravest sin”

I may be merely the representative of a modest holding, but I caution that this Empire will not likely forget or forgive those who in the height of their power, stray from their path denying to it the protection owed by all who are able.

I remain,

Lady Saronu Yassavi


Who are you to decide that the true path is the unprovoked seizure and murder of free peoples?

We have suffered under the tyranny of ‘Reclaiming’ for centuries. When what your Empire offers is a sword, those who you claim you wish to save, to turn to your God, cannot stand meekly by and allow that sword to fall, depriving us of our land, our families, our freedoms, or humanity.

Those who have stood as a shield have acted justly. They only suffer from the wrongful image that warmongers like you have cast them in–lending credence to the idea that all Amarr are worth a sword in answer.

Get off your high horse, admit defeat, and leave our people alone.

I remain,
Melisma Ramijozana
Cadet Chief, Clan Ramijozana of Matar


You speak the truth Lady Yassavi.

Where are the faithfuls when we need them most? All busy tending to their garden, attending parties with apostates or the enemies, and pretending the fight is not their problem. Meanwhile lunatics like Pol boast of maiming, torturing, and murdering the faithfuls on Floseswin for R&R and that’s somehow not worse then reclaiming???


I renounced my faith long time ago,I gave myself a mark with a Black Dagger in my own hands, and now it shines beneath a tattoo.

Our…no, YOUR faith promises salvation for your people, in reality it only creates oppression and suffering and oppression for the weak and downtrodden.
The cruelty of the Amarr theocracy will never be mine to perform, now and beyond.

Octavech Raholan
Former Holder.
Freedom Fighter.
Proud Apostate.


“Surround yourself with the faithful, Stand together, for there is no strength like it under the heavens.” – Book of Missions 71:21

The path is not mine to determine, but on standing together, scripture is direct and without ambiguity. Furthermore, I did not say they stood as a shield, merely wish to be seen as one. What shield deserving of the name allows billions of their own to live under foreign rule without a murmur of protest much less action.

You are selective Ms Ramijozana in your outrage at conquest, from you that is understandable. That selectivity being shared by so many of my compatriots whose company you keep is worrisome to say the least.


Or you can elect to stand together in peace and humanitarianism, and choose to attempt your Reclaiming through the Word rather than the sword. Your interpretation of this “standing together” as referring to war is a personal effect. Those of us who choose love understand that the only lasting influence is won through hearts, not through the spilling of blood.

You are selective, slaver Yassavi, in your outrage at compassion. From you that is understandable. That selectivity being shared by those in power is fatal to the interests of the cluster to say the least.

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My interpretation of standing together is standing together. With those I fight alongside on Floseswin IV, with the few who yet serve the crusade and with the many we would see returned into the fold.

Love isn’t chosen and allowing yourself to be ruled by it is a luxury of those either without responsibility or too weak of character to put their duty first. It is also no solution to the economic warfare instigated by the Federation and Republic and no solution for the billions of Imperial subjects living in occupied space.

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Vengeances get ugly. I do not like it myself, and I do not approve. It is a distasteful business, and I feel unnecessary.

But they don’t happen in vacuums. This murder and torture and burning and pillaging? It is a response to a Sarum Reclamation attempt. It is a Vengeance. For something you started.

Strike the shield; expect the sword.



A reclaiming brings faith and potential salvation. Atrocities only begets more blood.

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What if the locals don’t want your reclaiming, faith or salvation?

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Irrelevant. They will receive it either way. Amarr victor.


On that, at least, we agree. But a shield does not initiate aggression against non-combatants, and your Empress does not employ shields. Only two swords, and one tool of bloodshed for each hand leaves nothing to offer in peace.

Such a pity the Amarr did not consider how long their atrocities would continue to beget that blood, so long ago. Even more of one that they continue to commit them, even now.


Well said.

However, I would like to point out that not everyone is given the same path to walk, and that while all our paths lead to the same place…God lets us choose just which path we take to get there.

Not all those that help the war effort do so by fighting in the warzone.


And if not, atrocities will ensue?

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I find it difficult to blame the ants for the stings you get when you step on an ant hill. In any case, we’re in an era where war’s on the minds of every person in the cluster. I’m not sure that, logistically or philosophically speaking, trying to force Reclaimation will do much other than see a lot of people die and a lot of Sarumites get grumpy. Bonus content includes Khanid gloating.


Perhaps not, but it can most certainly be stolen.


You’re as articulate as I have come to expect Ms Rhiannon, but there is an implied contrast I feel it is important to address. War, with or without vengeance is ugly, this one much like the vengeance you attempt to humanise, it is not something that happened in a vacuum.

The political imperatives leading to this situation, and a peaceful route out of it were made clear before a single imperial transport landed. I cannot speak to the motives or calculus of your government, but that their actions precipitated this absolves me of nothing at all.

My conduct is as ever my own to answer for.

We have not even begun our campaign of retribution, Every Amarrian on every planet in occupied Minmatar Militia space will be fair game… out of respect for our Minmatar Allies who seek a peaceful outcome to the Floseswin Invasion we have held back, but after Freeing the Floseswin system and recapturing the blockade systems we are seeing no progress and our patience is nearing its end.

It will be Bloody and Terrible

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I don’t.

I have no illusions that the established and capable alliances who position themselves as loyal defenders of the Empire will deign to act in its defence.

But thank you Macsliebh for illustrating the blind hatred beneath which they allow our people to live. You remain an exceptional representative of your alliance.