To the brave defenders of the tribes and sacred champions of the Empire

Judging by te messages both private and public, my colourful past seems to be both sides favorite subject.

Let it be known that I am beyond your organizations, which is not counting nations petty hostilities. I simply refuse to excuse my righteous choices either of you.

During last months in providence, I really learned how deeply poison and corruption has wormed itself to amarrian loyalists. Never I have and never will I support such…pure form of evil. During “my” time, so to speak, Providence was illuminating light of the civilization and just that was inspired by the light of His and Her Imperial Majesties, both beloved by all.

When I was forced to leave that place, I was pretty much forced to learn to know something about minmatar nationalists.

They were rather reluctant to speak to me, but I asked on multiple channels, even went to our enemies channels to ask about them because I wanted to learn. I learned how valiant they are but also how…narrow minded. Just like some of the most zealous amarrians.

To the both of you, im not your playtool. I can respect EM very much adn even applaud their goal while acting as a Lord Miner-Militant of the Crusade. I wish to have peace with you today, but it will not happen by me abandoning the cause of Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all.

I have also said how deeply I respect EM and their kind, but leaving UK out of it. It still stands. I will not apologize my rather short and peaceful co-living with them. I learned very much in Wildlands and all amarrian loyalists who think it was treason should shame. You dont know a basics how I negotiated amarrian preacing rights and so on in that area. Area that was during that time only knew some amarrian loyalist raiding incursions.

I am Lord Vaari, jarl of Sosan VII, high father of the Imperial Pharmacy, symbol of unchallenged victory, the world’s most beloved hero, self proclaimed prophet, morninglord, golden mountain, carrier of the Heaven’s light, teacher of pure faith, speaker of unquestioned truth, lion of the universe, vanquisher of all heretics, bane of the witches, the great miner and skilled industrialist, Living Saint of Amarr and the Shield of Miners. and you are beneath my need to justify my actions.




You are correct, you are above them as you said. Save this “defense of your borders” in the farce you yourself as well as many of your detractors coined the toy war.

Be this golden mountain your title claims and stop working to sell us what could be good as a poisoned religion like PIE and many others do. Poisoned by past conquest. A good product sells itself, show a good product and maybe you might get takers.


Im no salesman.


What do a preacher, a dealer, and a salesman have in common?

They all push a product, only some are physical and some are symbolic products. You were to some extent if your work on negotiating preaching rights is to be believed. I see no reason to doubt your claim.


As I said. Im no salesman. I did what God commanded me to do, not what Alliance wished nor any amarrian loyalist faction demanded. I work for the God first, Empress, beloved by all to the second and to my house third.


Well, this is awkward.

An open mind is an honorable thing, and it’s to be respected no matter where it comes from. It’s unfortunate you will not stop your ill-advised crusade, for surely there are more humane ways to serve God. But at least you opened your ears.

Be well, Lord Vaari.


As I said, in this case I serve Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all. Imperial borders are breached and this will not do.


Defense is understandable, let’s see where the defense of the empire’s borders end in his eyes. The Republic has systems in danger there as well does it not?


As if he’s ever going to make it that far, I am yet to even see these skiffs of his in combat. But this isn’t about that.

Your people hold billions of ours in chains, that will not do! This isn’t about territory, God, or even the Amarr.

You fire at us and risk your crew for our efforts to free our brothers. Why? Leave it be. The Empress is wrong. Serve God in another way.

Because God knows the people with open ears are the ones who need to be left alive if there is to be any hope of peaceful resolutions.

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Right now i would not go so far as saying your borders are in danger by the Amarr. We barely struggle to keep two or three last of our system in our legitimate borderlands in our controll.

Might I, Lord Vaari, Jarl of Sosan VII remind you that my OWN system is occupied!!? People I grew with who have familes and even childred are suffering right now on minmatar occupation! I am their sworn liege lord. They have sworn to serve me and my house well and without schemes, and my house has obligation to defend them.

Right now, considering on my perspective, Im waging purely defensive war and I would do it against anyone who does not answer to Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all.

My only regret in this that this is the earliest opportunity I have been able to join this movement to preseve MY fiefdom.


My apologies, I did not take that into consideration as I haven’t looked at the Min/Amarr warzone in quite some time. Given that being the case I actually can’t blame you for defending Sosan. I know if Eram or Bosborgor were occupied I would probably do the same.


Forgivenes granted. Even if people are at opposing sides. I beg everyone to undestand that motives can be pure and righteous. That is one of the most important thing I., Lord Vaari have learned during my drift between amarrian loyalist and minmatar loyalist occupied spaces.

Of course we all value our prime loyalty to be the most important. If you do not value the word of God Omnipotent, and directly oppose His word, you become contradict to my values. Yet I really cannot very harshly condemn the one who tries to keep his ancestarl culture free of such influence.

Yet It is required that word is spreaded, so I call freedom of religion to no yet Imperial dominion. If their ancestral ways are so good, they surely repel our barbarious ways, but if our word is true, they will convert sooner or later.


They can’t.

Not when these motives are used to justify the enslavement of billions of people. Innocent people, only for the sake of Amarrians supporting their own counterfeit lifestyles.

If you truly understand us, then stand down and allow us to free our sisters and brothers. Do you have to forswear your god and empress? No. Do you need to get out of our way? Yes.

But if you wish us to prove the goodness of our “ancestral ways” in warfare, then we’re more than happy to oblige.

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Your answer is what I feared it is to be. You yourself do not understand.

When our late Empress, beloved by all released countless millions of freed slaves, your own nation were not ready to take them, because they were too amarrian.

Slavery is not efficient and in time total freedom will come. However we dont want to rush it. It is bad for both of us. We are not ready to replace such vast workforce in short notice, and you are not ready to receive a tens of millions “amarrified” mataris.

That is an excuse almost as ancient as the Empire itself to put off doing something you don’t want to! “Well, I don’t want to rush it…”

The “amarrified mataris” put a strain on our system but we can, and will, take care of those freed! Adapting to Minmatar life is hard. I know that. And our ways are not your ways and may seem strange to you, but I ask you to accept them for what they are. Not everybody will be able to make the change from slavery to liberty. That is an unfortunate truth, thanks to the depths to which you indoctrinate our people, but we all have an obligation to try to save as many as we can, and we will.

After all, “not rushing it” is utter nonsense! What, and while you take your time, how many of my people have to live their lives in servitude and slavery, have to lose years of their lives to you that they could have spent living the life they wanted? Shall we wait another nine generations?! You wouldn’t tolerate that for the Amarr, so don’t expect us to tolerate it for our kin!

If you do not approve of slavery, then simply say so: Say that you disapprove of something your Empire does even as you serve it? At least in that case you can push for the advancement of the freedom you claim will come anyway.

“In time.” “We don’t want to rush it.” Sounds like the usual pseudo-abolitionist drivel to me.

When you (Vaari) refer to “Amarrified” Mataris, are you referring to Ammatars? Or are you perhaps, possibly referring to the Mataris who were injected with Vitoxin by their masters as a way of keeping them obedient? Because if it’s the latter, you just made it sound a hell of a lot like it’s our fault that we don’t have a consistent antidote to reverse the cruelty that your slave holders themselves inflicted.

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They don’t need to be enslaved to be Amarr of Matari origin. Even you would agree on that, @Vaari, as would some of the more vocal members of PIE I would imagine on all accounts. The late Empress did free many as an act of compassion or thinly veiled attack depending who you ask. These are also issues above Vaari’s station. He is not the Emperor, he does not pull the strings. Can we please not dive head first into the same tired arguements? They have been covered in detail over the years. Relevant, yes, necessary in this, not really.

We will get nowhere stirring the settled muck from the bottom of the pot. We all know it’s there.

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Im referring on those countless millions of slaves who know The Empress, beloved by all is the mortal head of the universe.

Ammatars are entirely different group. They have been there since the great rebellion and they choose to remain loyal.

Okay, so the brainwashed ones as well. Isha covered that well in her reply to you.


Some of us can’t do anything to help aside from argue.

No one’s forcing you to partake in this discussion.