To my chief, Acassa Midular

Thank you.

Your words on the tribal council, and your insistence that we get to openly hear those words, have lighted a new spark of hope in hearts that were going through a very dark time.

Many are those of the tribe, and not only those of our tribe, who have had to take hard looks at their loyalties, lately. We have fought and struggled and lost, and felt like we do it without support. We have asked and questioned and called for justice, and felt like we do it in a void.

Thank you for raising your voice against the corruption, and for asking the right questions. Where are our resources going, when they are not going to the defense of our people? That should be a concern to anyone, regardless of tribe. Shame to the notebook-bearers for answering open questions with veiled threats, and shame to those who cower in silence in front of them.

You might have been left alone on the Council, my chief, but rest assured you are not alone in the cluster. We are still here, we who lived through the purge, we who lived through the following years of silence, we who still love the Republic for its own sake, not as a tool to satify our selfish greed or bloodlust.

Let them write their notebooks. This time, we’re prepared.


Well said. Particularly about those who cower in silence - if we want to stop the Republic from descending into dictatorship, time to put some feet down is long overdue. Shakorites are solidifying their power once again, like they did before against the Ray of Matar. But whose heads will roll this time if they are allowed to continue?


I can only imagine which foreign power they’ll choose to blame for murdering a second Sebiestor Chief. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out Shakor’s whole lot are in league with the Blooders.


The only Minmatar government known to have been riddled with blood cultists and Amarr catspaws was, of course, the Midularist regime that was necessarily swept away by the actions of those loyal to the Tribes of Matar.

As usual, those still nursing misguided, I shall charitably assume, grievances over those events can’t keep their opinions to themselves. This is a shame, for them, but the Tribal Republic shall endure.

Have no concern, I say, as to the safety, security and freedom of the Matari people. Under the wise government of the Tribal Council, with the respected guidance of the Sanmatar, the peoples of the Republic will be protected and preserved from the vile acts of slavers, cultists and terrorist filth.

As for the absurd claims of death threats in open council of the Tribes: let’s face it, these are the hysterical and irrational ravings of the usual capsuleer agitators and destabilizers fancying that they speak in any wise whatever for the Matari people.

I am sure that sensible and stable heads will prevail over and above these crazed, shrieking capsuleers of dubious repute in all the Clans and Tribes of Matar.

Kril Efrit

Sanmatar’s Circle for Security Co-ordination


Well, this is a conundrum and disagreement easily solved.

If you are correct and I am not, there will be no more notepads left by bodies of mysteriously disappeared tribal marshals, indeed no more of these “mysterious” attacks by forces without insignia, no more random acts of terror peculiarly concentrated on political commentators and plays of satirical nature, no more implausible incompetence in planetary security causing attacks on kin of political opponents, no more harassing of unmarked youth and clan premises of victims of Blooders while supposedly searching for evidence. Moreover, should you be right, and do your new job, soon the Fleet will have the resources to utilize the openings capsuleers have made for them, just like House Sarum has already done.

Am I right? We will see the end of these sad events, and everyone will live happily ever after, united under the benevolent banner of Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor.

I am sure it won’t do any harm if while we are waiting for this happy time to settle upon us, people who feel the need will take precautions in case of another Purge. In a time of war, prudence in security does not hurt, even if no assassins come.


With respect, I am a child of the “Midularist regime”. I grew up believing Minmatar have some inalienable rights, such as the right of not being summarily executed without trial by their own government “for the greater good.”


You should be concerned. 150,000 (likely more) of your people were insecure and their freedom robbed of them in Floseswin. That was under the wise government of the Tribal Council, with the respected guidance of the Sanmatar. They were not protected and they were not preserved from the vile acts of slavers.

You shouldn’t need an Intaki to point this out to you.


Then you should have no trouble providing the independently corroborated evidence of this, right? I mean, we wouldn’t expect people to just take it on faith that a large covert organization of liars[1], thieves[2], and murderers[3] must be telling the truth just because they’re the ones in power now, right?

Dubious repute abounds in the Republic these days.

1. Secret organizations working hard to make sure they aren’t discovered are, after all, practicing deception. They lie about their own existence. Makes it a little difficult to claim they’d never deceive the public, though.
2. Mmmm, sweet sweet embezzled funds that built the Elder Fleet. Gosh, it’s good to know Shakor and the Thukker would never divert public funds to their own secret ends… oops.
3. Extrajudicial killings for which nobody’s ever actually even tried? Seriously? Look, if you want to claim those actions were necessary, great, but if I had the courage of my convictions behind me, and knew my cause was righteous? You’d damned well better believe I’d want my day in court. My day to stand up proudly, make my case, and prove my claims in front of everyone? HELL YEAH. It’s kinda telling that not one member of this group of “patriots” ever stood up to say 'Yes, when my people needed me, I answered that terrible call."


You and your ilk are the most disgusting group of murderers, liars and hypocrites I think I’ve ever seen. You have a lot of nerve demonizing us capsuleers whom you always call on to clean up your messes when needed (EMWPA, Colelie, Sansha, Triglavians, etc.) but, expect us to keep silent and behave like good little pets while you go about your day to day deceptions and abuses.

Screw you, Efrit. Sanitize your own house before calling someone else’s filthy.

Oh, and clean up your own damned mess next time. Since we’re so terrible you shouldn’t need our help anyway, right?


Like several elements both within and outside of the Republic, Efrit is attempting to divide us–specifically, to strip the Sebiestor and probably the Vherokior tribes of their power so as to rule unimpeded.

Don’t fall for his trap. Condemn the actions of his ilk, yes, but watch for his not-so-subtle political maneuverings as you do.


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