Floseswin Ceasefire; Proper Terms

Sometimes, bloodshed is necessary.

I find that a cynical view myself, and it is not one I would prescribe to myself. My own experiences with the Lord I serve have shown me that other virtues can guide those who wield power and authority.

You mean the one who isn’t near the top of the food chain? Like I said: Stupidity and the naked lust for power explain more or less everything the people in charge do.

Lord Arim Ardishapur, to whom I ultimately beholden to does not strike me as the man I would attribute either stupidity or lust for power to. Rather, a man of faith and conviction to admire and aspire towards.

Really? So you didn’t pick up on how he’s made his little play for the personal loyalty of all of the subjects of the Mandate, while giving himself another vassal, rather than just a servant? Tsk. Ekroz Salaf and his family will forever be devoted to House Ardishapur, even if the Mandate itself is given to another liege. Indeed, the entire Mandate is more likely to be… irked… at such a thing. Perhaps even to levels that are downright… Starkmanir.

And that, good sir, is how one defends the interests of one’s House: by shoring up its base of power.


I suppose our perspectives differ. I see only an act of magnanimity on the part of Lord Arim Ardishapur in the Mandate that is the happy antecedent to the expansion of House Ardishapur patronage, and not the other way around.

That is because…

Edit: and let me be blunt (I know, it’s so unusual that I would do that!): IF this were nothing more than a gesture of magnanimity, of Arim Ardishapur saying ‘hey, Ekroz, I think you’re a good egg, lemme elevate you to a totally new spectrum of opportunity for your descendants’, without a single thought for how House Ardishapur would/could benefit from such a thing?

That’d be an example of stupidity. After all, he’s the Heir. His first responsibility is to look out for Ardishapur’s interests and consider how any action he takes impacts those interests.


Quite so. The pursuit of power by Lord Arim Ardishapur is first and foremost a responsibility to the Family Dynasty, not some naked lust for power for its own sake.


Do not mind this one. She is intent on painting any Amarr in the worst possible light to serve her ends. Those being, of course, weakening the Empire through manipulating the weak of spirit. She’ll see everything about us destroyed if she has her way. The only way to beat her is to prove acts have far more meaning than her empty words.

After a lifetime of being trained that it is his responsibility to seek power, do you really think there’s a difference in his mind?

You really don’t understand me at all, do you?

I know everything I need to.

Aren’t you ‘in charge’ of quite a lot yourself?

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And I blame that entirely on stupidity. When asked if I was willing to do the job and join the Directorate, I was stupid enough to say ‘yes’. :wink:

(And yes, I was waiting for that question to eventually come up.)


I cannot presume to know the mind of Lord Arim Ardishapur. All I know is that there is nothing untoward in seeking power for, and advancing the interests of the House. For under the system of patronage, doing so means everyone under the House benefits.

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This an incredibly naive claim to make. No, increasing the power of the House doesn’t mean everyone under the House benefits. If Khanid’s fortunes continue to wax, does that automatically mean the scant few people alive on the Fabai constellation’s colonies benefit? Of course not. Khanid is perfectly free to continue to ignore the well-being of those people as he’s long ignored the well-being of commoners whenever they’ve become inconvenient.

When power is systemically concentrated in the hands of those at the top without recourse or accountability to the masses, corruption will inevitably grow at accelerating rates. It’s why, even in systems expressly designed to serve the needs of the people, you see those in power working tirelessly to expand their own authority, limit oversight, and stifle dissent with threats, belittling, and intimidation.

I cannot comment on the nature of House Khanid, my own personal experiences with patronage only exist within the demesnes of Ardishapur.

The specific House doesn’t matter. No, the House’s fortunes improving does not translate to an improvement for everyone in their train. It only translates to an improvement for the people the House makes an effort to give benefits to.

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Well, benefits should only be commensurate to the amount of individual contribution and service to the House.

But are not necessarily. They are, in fact, entirely at the whim of the liege, who may favor a useless fool and neglect an industrious servant. So long as they maintain the loyalty of enough of their minions—whether by genuine dedication or simply being strong enough and cruel enough to cow many of them into compliance—they can afford to be petty and spiteful to others who have done nothing to earn it.

Yes, Holders maintain a great deal of arbitrary powers.

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