Who of you want the forever war to end?

Curious. Just curious. please share your thoughts.

I’m being a bit fed up with the perpetually reoccuring same ■■■■ all the time and i wonder if i’m alone. i wonder if i’m the only one who wants to see some Change happening, instead of this perpetual back and forth of the warzone, serving no one but the empires. a breathe of fresh air seems necessary. Plus, not to forget the perpetually reoccurring half assed propaganda, written by certain soldiers who seem to be stuck in a loop, shitting into every thread.

Thank you and please excuse my french.

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I do.
The Federation must be destroyed.


In a word … YES

In a few more, I’d like some REAL FW, where stations are destroyed, systems actual change their flag on the map.

What we have is a toy war.


I’ve never gotten involved in factional warfare. As far as I see, as long as I keep my venue neutral, I can cater to all races and factions…so it really doesn’t impact my business.


I moved to WH space to avoid this rubbish.

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i know it still affects you, though. maybe it’s not money, but it’s nerves. i saw it indicated in the other thread, if you recall. there’s only one name that popped into my head and you, too, know what name it was. it’s the name of the person who keeps blaring about wanting things, without ever doing anything for it. am i right?

And what are you willing to put into it, to force the hands that can change the situation?

FW sounds so awesome but when I roam around lowsec it just seems so dead. Maybe I’m doing it wrong

Heh, “forever war.” That likely was not the original intent, since the whole mandate is called “CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act” and put up hastily while CONCORD had too much stuff on their plate to deal with, like having their HQ in pieces. I would assume it was meant to be rescinded once things stabilized, but then they noticed how useful it was in keeping a sizable group of empyreans pacified and on a slacked leash. That is mainly why I think it still exists, and has indeed become a war without end in sight.

I wonder, if we could petition CONCORD as a large group to end this? Such things have been done before by capsuleer entities, though I think this would be hard undertaking and would require an intense backing. After all, while war is good for business, peace is also good for business.


I wouldn’t be the least against ending the war. In the end I know who my enemy is by name and I would notice them without the notification in local. If you need that notification you seriously need to work on situational awareness which is a necessity no matter what your doing. Nor do I really need the isk that comes from its activities. In the end it really does nothing different than what I could do simply roaming enemy space, which is what I generally do anyways.


You’re right about how the situation evolved to what it is now, but in my eyes you’re wrong about thinking that some sort of democratic event could bring change to a situation CONCORD and the empires favour, especially considering how they fear us. And that they do.

Even if successfull, democratic events usually do not lead to the desired outcomes. the “leading entities” will ask for time, will influence the masses’ opinions, will stall. A petition is nothing short of a symbol of blind acceptance of authority, and in our case it’s authority that works against us.

There are much better ways to get a point across, without being dependent on the authority’s will to hear it in the first place.

:raised_hand:I do.
Considering the responses from CONCORD and its members to the Pakshi Peace Conference has been silence, I guess the next thing to try is to flood their representatives mailboxes, and the warzone with ECM ships and pacify the area until capsuleers on all sides give up in frustration.
I have a Falcon I’d be willing to use for this.


I doubt it’ll ever end anyway. I can’t help but think it’s a convenient way to keep the more lunatic capsuleer elements safely away from the general populace of New Eden.

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No. This thinking is the product of indoctrination. you can not change a system by means the system gave you in the first place. you also can not change the system by simply continuing to act inside the system. Flooding lowsec with ECM ships will do nothing else but turning the people, who agree with you, against you.

Could you explain in greater detail how it would turn people?

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Clockwise 180 degrees


No, because I see nothing inherently wrong with the conduct of the current conflict insofar as it fulfills its objectives of offering deterrence credibility and recognizing that a return to the status quo ante is impossible without resolution of fundamental political and security concerns which at present prove intractable by the belligerents on all sides. Since these concerns cannot be resolved via diplomacy then one must accept that their resolution can only be determined through the use of force – one way or another.

While the present CEWMPA conflict can justifiably be described as a low-intensity (comparatively vis-a-vis the potential scale of violence that could be deployed by CONCORD signatories) conflict, it is no different to every other low-intensity proxy conflict waged throughout history for political aims in a period of Great Power rivalry: whether during the decades of the Udorian wars; the nation-states of Gallentia; or the feudal wars of post-Raata Tikiona and Oriyoni.

The entire objective and point is the use of threat and coercion to achieve future concessions without resort to full-scale conflict, and to be advantageously placed if such does occur.


That’s a clear yes to peace from me!

I for my self never had any grudge against the Caldari and am sick of the propaganda against the Federation. Peace is good, especially for all the children. - Did anyone here spend a thought on them?

Caldari, Minmatar and Gallente belong together. We are all the same people!

You want to disrupt the people’s activities in lowsec, hoping it will cause a chain of reactions eventually leading to authority to listen to what you want. they will listen, but they will listen to those you disrupt; those you’ve brought up against you; and those who now will not agree with you anymore, because you pissed into their cereals. they will listen to those who help them keeping the status quo, with the goal of harming those who try to change it.

the other point is, that as long as you keep acting in lowsec, no one at any level of authority will give a rats ass about what you want, because you do not actually create an impact where it matters most, which where civilian capsuleers reside. operating in lowsec only works in authority’s favour (aka inside the system) and will lead to them finding ways to stop your disruptive behaviour.

When you want to change the status quo, relying on those who want to keep it and operating where they want you to operate, doesn’t work. The only way out is by acting differently, outside of your designated “playground”. when this becomes clear, then the last hurdle is getting people to actually putting effort into it.

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And… Amarrians?