A Gift to the Empire, and The Nature of the War

To the people of the Holy Amarr Empire, the people of the Rebel Provinces, and the capsuleer community at large:

It is my duty to report to all that the system of Helgatild fell to the combined Empyrean forces of the 24th Imperial Crusade at 11:00 NEST today, the 19th of July, YC 123. This marks the second time in history the Crusade has achieved complete dominance of the warzone, but it is the first time it does so during a time of serious potential for escalation in the conflict. Amid news that the Lords Sarum and Ardishapur are continuing a build-up of newly rebuilt military strength on the border zone, with the Matari responding in kind seemingly in preparation for major action in the contested regions, the impact of this event may have consequences for billions of people caught between our centuries-old conflict. If that is to be the case, then so be it. I pray for mercy and deliverance for all, but shall act to deny it to those deemed unworthy.

Between the days that mark the glorious foundation of our Empire and the woeful events of the Great Rebellion, as a gift to our Empress, the Great Houses granted responsibility and dominion over the conflict zone, to our Empire and our God, we pilots of the 24th Imperial Crusade offer the fruits of our labours to them, in the hopes that with this victory, however fleeting, shall come either peace or opportunity deal a truly decisive blow. However, I must also offer a word of caution on the fickle nature of this war, and the still more fickle capsuleers that fight it:

Rely not on victory or defeat when they come upon a tide ruled by the bloody whims and greed of the Empyrean rather than Frisceas. Instead, learn the ebb and flow of it, and ride the waves to your destination, unafraid to retreat with the receding water as needs dictate.

To my foes, you have fought well but it is time to rest now before you surely take up arms against us again. There is nothing else to say other than this.


Well well, that’s downright classy for an Aldrith post. Well done. Keep it up.

Amarr Victor!


Amarr Victor!


Though the path I have elected to tread in my capacity as a loyal servant of Holy Amarr has seen my involvement with the warzone be far, far more limited than those of the brave forces of the 24th Imperial Crusade, not one day has passed in which I did not pray for their continued success.

The valor, tenacity, and persistance in the face of adversity shown by those pilots and their crews do the Lord and His Empire the greatest of credits. You are a shining example to all Faithful servants of the Empire, no matter in what capacity we serve.

Amarr Victor!


It occurs to me, that other than Lord Consort Newelle, who invariably needs to remind the cluster by the vociferousness of his own gloryhunting of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne’s continued if scant existence; none involved in pressing this victory have pontificated about it.

Is the notion that hollow praise can erase the years of scorn those you serve have heaped upon the men and women who fight on the Empire’s behalf in the Rebel Provinces one that they concocted, or is it original to you?

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LUMEN has supported Amarr’s actions in the warzone far longer than your ISK has been on the scene.


So you assert from time to time, I have seen little more substantial than Ms Cora’s prayers (appreciated though they may be) in the past two years.

I am honored to have witnessed this moment. :grinning:


That says more about your antagonistic attitude and lack of character than it does LUMEN’s activity.


I have never known character to make many ships of few, or to sustain the logistical backbone of a campaign.

I’ve never known anyone of actual nobility who spoke such nonsense.

Tell me, from whom did you buy your fake titles?


For just one second, why don’t you hold the supercilious attitude and actually appreciate that there are pilots in the 24th who are committed to the defence of Amarr and rather than looking down your nose at those enlisted in the war effort, who are far more active than yourself, take some time to congratulate them for their efforts, before returning to your self-congratulatory, attention seeking posting against the Yassavi family, who in their own way still contribute more than you ever have.

An unfortunate consequence of surrounding yourself with sycophants, I am led believe it leaves one unaccustomed to difficult truths.

Admittedly while LUMEN has been focused on existential threats by the Drifters and Triglavians the past two years and while we are not of the militia, we do support the Amarr Militia’s efforts to protect the Empire in space, and have tried to weigh in as a Shield and counterpoint, particularly when pressed in the Amarr systems (Operation Civilian Shields I and II and Sahtogas in the last two years) and with material with our industry efforts in the Mandate and Mehatoor.

Sorry these cut off after ten pages and only about 12 months, not the full past two years:
Khimi Harar | Alliance | zKillboard) (the bleak lands)
Khimi Harar | Alliance | zKillboard) (devoid)

Obviously, these do not match up with full time militia and I do not pretend that they do.

PIE and the 24th IC have a different vocation, to be a Sword for the Empire. I commend them on their accomplishment in taking warzone control for only the Second Time!


It is truly fascinating to be accused of self congratulation for coming to the defence of a long term ally of Amarr and the 24th Imperial Crusade when Yassavi was abusing them for congratulating the excellent accomplishment of Amarr’s militia.


Amazing how few of those kills are against the Minmatar, and in fact many are against IC24 pilots. Some Ally you profess to be.

amazing result from the amarr militia taking the warzone well done,
but now i think from all this posting you should all go play out side more and get fresh air tbh,


It is amazing how different people view the same information in different ways. Saronu was merely pointing out that your aligned organisations do not feature heavily (that’s me being kind), in this achievement.

Lord Aldrith, Amarr Bless his soul, has carried the involvement of PIE in this achievement almost on his own until the final couple of days fighting, but beyond that, you should look inwards for absolution.

Good guys win again!

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