A Gift to the Empire, and The Nature of the War

Lord Shutaq’s message is a recognition of the brave and noble efforts made by all those who have taken part, regardless of the unit to which they belong or whether they aided in one fight or were there from the beginning.

In this time of Victory, let us not now fall apart into needless bickering, a rift that our enemies shall doubtless seek to exploit. To belittle the actions of any Crusader in such a public manner does nothing to support the Empire.

God gave us this Victory, through the skill and bravery of the Crusaders. Let us celebrate as one.

It is, after all,

Amarr Victor


While true, that is not precisely what I intended to highlight; it simply seems that those most comfortable with their deeds felt least necessity to by word attach themselves to this achievement.

True, I feel no need to highlight any of our deeds, though indeed they were many. I leave the posting of glorious deeds to others, for I am happiest in the trenches, as it were.


[ Translation Follows ]

Congratulations on your victory against the Tribal Liberation Force from the Veles Clade of the Triglavian Collective. May your own Forest of Glorification become a serene parkland benefiting your ruling class. Should you wish further Proving you are welcomed in the domain of Pochven.


Saronu was picking a fight where before there had only been congratulations of the deed.

The fact you feel a need to spin this as simple fact telling rather than the obvious purposeful insult that is clear in their post tells me just how much you have been blinded by pirate money.

Pick up that particular propaganda fighting alongside Electus Matari?


HAHAHA, Oh my Gaven, you are hilarious, at least I hope that was a joke ?

Did you not realise than since my corporations return to the warzone, I personally spent nearly 80b to finance the taking of Floseswin and other systems ?

How many Punishers and Dragoons did I personally purchase and ship to the warzone to allow Lord Aldrith to dispense ships like they were sweets ? Along with the purchase and deployment of a fleet of Abaddon class battleships and Guardian class logistic vessels which were vital to the final battles in Floseswin.

No, I think you were unaware, and uncaring, for that does not fit your narrative. Saronu has given me nothing, and I have asked for nothing. You owe myself and my pirate corporation an apology for your vile slander.


I will confess I’m somewhat confused as to how a simple, and indeed very much deserved, congratulations offered towards a loyal Amarrian servant showing pride in the 24th’s achievements managed to devolve into Faithful bretheren attacking each other so publicly.

Should some members of the Crusade prefer to ignore my congratulations, or consider me unworthy of offering them, then they are welcome to do so. They nevertheless remain offered towards those that wish to accept them.


Less than twenty-four hours and they’re eating each other. While gratifying, I’m legitimately disappointed that Aldrith’s no doubt titanic effort to avoid smug shitposting couldn’t just be allowed to be a place of appreciation for even a single day. Have some damn class, people, and let the grrposting come from the enemies when appropriate. In more suitable threads and media, at that.


I never would have believed I would say it, but thank you, Mizhara Del’thul, for proving my point.


As much as it must hurt your ego, we did not in fact discuss you once in Pochven.


Welcoming the involvement of a foe… you’ll have to ask Adams, but I think the Gallente term for situations like this is déjà vu.

Your abject failure to actually understand Paladin deSilvestris’ meaning does indeed give me a sense that I have seen this tragicomedy before.

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It would appear the foe is treating the achievement and those involved with more respect than most. Perhaps it’s time to let this thread return to the original intent? I’ll at least leave it be from this point.


Familiarity with abject failure would account for how long and tightly you have grasped it.

To shed light on the discontent apparent among my amarrian brethren, there is a growing awareness of the difference between sentiments, and actions in the context of contributions to the victories achieved by our holy militia. The magnitude of victories such as this are not achievable merely through the positive sentiments of well-wishers garnished in ornate robes from the comfort of a luxury yacht in high security space, or from ill-conceived contrivances with minmatar militia in the depths of triglavian space. Rather, this victory was distilled from amarrian blood spilt on the decks of mightly combat vessles under the crimson starlight of contested systems such as Bosboger, Floseswin, and Ardar. To this end, the efforts of Aldrith Shutaq, the pilot, were pivotal. However, the difference between Aldrith’s efforts, and the sum total of efforts of his alliance, is approximately zero. In this context, I believe that my brother Saronu’s point is that the magnitude of self-congratulation for a victory should be proportional to one’s contribution to that success. And thus, for many entities that claim alignment with the objectives of the amarr militia but contribute nothing towards completing these objectives, the appropriate magnitude of self-congratulation is similarly, zero.


Mikal Vektor

Supreme Commander of the Amarr Militia


That point would indeed make sense if anyone had been self congratulating before Saronu came onto the scene with her accusation that LUMEN has heaped scorn on the 24th Imperial Crusade.


Trivialising the pendulum wars, subversive attempts to undermine an edict by an Imperial Sword Marshal; dubious requests that a crusade fleet stand down from an operation to cleanse a Minmatar staging citadel from which the Imperial Protectorate of Arzad was being besieged, lest it interrupt an unspecified joint operation between Khimi Harar and Electus Matari… I cannot possibly fathom where in that I intuited scorn for our cause.

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Three cheers for the 24IC! You all fought hard and long to see this sort of victory. Respect!

On a separate note: Maker break my ass, Saro… I never used to know you to be this cantankerous over something so positive- not even in our chats while I was conscripted to Garrulor. The Saro I knew might have made a cutting remark in smugness while maintaining pride and composure- not lash out in so bitter a manner at praise, regardless of who it came from.

Your time on Flos IV has changed you, honey… The WZ has changed you, like it tried to change me. I hope it isn’t permanent. You were a blast that night we played drinking games at the Starwater with Jules and Sini! :heart:


I should think so, fewer than half the paladins I took to that planet returned, while the same people who then under the guise of moral protest sat on their hands, now in easier times laud the achievements that however hard-fought, came too late.

If I am bitter, it is at the cost I have paid in the stead of those who position themselves at Holy Amarr’s defenders yet do not care to raise a hand in that task.