Thoughts on the Reclaiming

Greetings to those fellows of the Faith,

I am a recent graduate of the Imperial Academy and a new capsuleer. The advent of the independent capsuleer has seen a tumultuous era come to pass for the Holy Empire of Amarr with the deaths of three occupants of the Holy Thrones – may peace be upon them – and the installing of a fourth in Her Most Sublime Majesty, Catiz I.

With the passing of so many occupants of the Holy Throne in such a short span of time there has also come to pass different doctrines regarding the faith. Most critical to me are those doctrines regarding the religious duties of the Reclaiming.

I can see now the great wisdom of Emperor Heideran VII who through the Pax Amarria sought peace through institutions such as the CONCORD Assembly so that the faithful may rebuild the strength of the Empire following the uprisings in the rebel provinces and to curtail potential invasion by the infidels.

For a century peace has allowed the Empire to flourish with the technology and trade of the heathen nations and we see now the promulgation of a new doctrine in the Peace of Two Swords by Her Most Sublime Majesty, Catiz I.

While I remain hopeful that the heathens may come to embrace God through the mercy of the Empire, I also understand that just as with the Prophet Gheinok and now with the apostates of the rebel provinces or the Triglavian Collective that the darkness and evil in humanity’s heart will lead them to persecute the faithful and harm the chosen people of God which leaves little recourse for action except through force.

I must then ask my fellows of the faith: how best should the Reclaiming be conducted?


Fighting on the frontlines, I guess that’s the most direct method for capsuleers who feel strongly about this. I hasten to add that it’s not for everyone - I tried years ago and quickly found out that I didn’t have the mental disposition for that type of activity. Your experience may differ, or it may not, but don’t let me discourage you, perhaps discuss with some militia pilots.


Empirically. Find a way to prove, through testable, independently-verifiable means, that your god exists and is everything you claim he is. Until then, stay the hell home and keep out of our affair.

And if you can’t manage that, be honest with the rest of the Cluster. Tell the Caldari that they’re next, because after all, they are. The Federation’s still too large for your brave and noble Empress to risk attempting to Reclaim them, even if she does manage to kill us off. And the recent Trig actions have illustrated just how much more competent the Fed Navy is at repelling an invasion than the State’s is. So the next target’s a no-brainer.

But then, honesty has never exactly been the Empire’s forte, even internally. If it was, you probably wouldn’t have had a Blooder running the place, nor spent 2 years letting an EoM nutjob rise to the Theology Council while so many faithful, loyalist capsuleers actively sucked up to him, then quickly decried him when he started doomsdaying planets of the Empire.

So there’s my advice: Either provide empirical evidence, or at least be honest that the savage barbarism of your empire will be turned on your allies next.


While current police actions in the rebel provinces against Minmatar terrorists and apostates is worthy, I believe it to be beyond the scope of Reclaiming. The Minmatar were already Reclaimed by Emperor Damius III – peace be upon him – and we are but returning the wayward slaves back into the embrace of God and Empire.

It was perhaps an act of high charity and magnanimity on the part of Emperor Heideran VII – peace be upon him – to recognize the rebel Republic as a nation for the purposes of establishing CONCORD. However I feel it was a charity squandered by the current leaders of the Republic who in the end could not be trusted to fulfill their treaty obligations by giving support and safe haven to terrorist proxies in attacks upon Amarr.

That leaves only the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation in considering the mission of Reclaiming in the age of CONCORD. The Caldari have shown themselves to be a worthy people and stalwart allies and friends which makes a military Reclaiming unthinkable.

The nations of Gallente though parallel the nations of the Udorians upon ancient Athra: a liberal and wayward peoples lost in the darkness and depravities of the material world. It is perhaps against the Gallente we must best prepare for in Reclaiming and it is such a future endeavour to which the doctrine of the Peace of Two Swords that Her Most Sublime Majesty has promulgated is preparing the faithful of the Empire towards.

I would say faith in God requires belief in the presence of doubt, not in its absence. The material and secular world will always create doubt even in those of faith, but through conviction of belief, through faith, such doubts are discarded and one is reminded of the only metaphysical maxim that matters: God exists and He loves the chosen faithful.

It is that maxim, that God exists, that necessitates the mission of the Reclaiming. That in a world that is made broken by secular doubts and material diversions humanity must be disabused of such false notions and the truth of God revealed to them through the word and the sword of the faithful.


I would say that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and the claim of ‘we are entitled to enslave you all, send your women to our ‘breeding facilities’ to be systematically impregnated against their will over and over again until their bodies wear out, and eradicate your culture’ is pretty damned extraordinary, so you damned well better be able to provide evidence.


Well, the Gallente are fighting in the war as well, so you could still join, if you wanted. Or don’t. I mean, I’m not going to tell you “you must join” when I’m not in it myself, it’s really up to you what you do, but hey if you’re going to talk the talk…

What. People just making stuff up now.

Unfortunately… no.

This is CONCORD’s description of these facilities when you encounter them in space:

Straight out of academy and you are already calling for a declaration of war and an invasion of the Federation? The Amarrian ego is certainly something but you seem to have inflated it beyond typical levels.

I recommend you forget the books, and sims, and the monoculture you have been fed all of your life and go explore. See for yourself what your “Reclaiming” seeks to eradicate. It’s not evil villainy. It’s the beautiful diversity of culture and belief, and the rightful freedoms of people who each have their own hopes, dreams, and desires for their lives. What you are calling for is the debasement of human beings, the separation of families, and the snuffing of any and all ideas that differ from yours. It’s atrocious.

Your “Reclaiming” is propaganda. Take it from a Gallentean born and raised, I know what that looks like. This is a term used to insinuate your people had any right to invade and enslave others like the Matari in the first place. It’s an attempt to add justification to actions that are actually just bloodthirsty imperialism. Let us not forget that Damius III was the ruler that set the violent conflict between the Matari and Amarr in motion. This terrorism and hatred against your people was brought about by your people. And now you want to pick a fight with the bigger fish?

By all means, have at it. Start a war. Give us hawks a reason to swoop in and pick you off like the snakes you are. I would be more than happy to see your empire finally get what has been coming to them for centuries.

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No way. Never seen or heard of such a thing.

How can I trust CONCORD, or you. No offence but there is a lot of propaganda out there. I’ll believe such a thing if I see it with my own eyes, not before.

HAH. How can you trust CONCORD? How can you trust an organization where the Amarr representative on the Inner Council who can veto presenting any of this information? Heh, ok.

Ask the Amarr capsuleers who’ve been in space for a while. They know. They won’t even deny it.

No way. There is no way this is real.

I will ask around and get back to you.

Okay, so I asked around, and…

I’ll just be quiet in this thread now.

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I’m sorry. I really am. I wish you were right. It’s never easy to lose our illusions… and the cluster would be a better place if your people were who you’d imagined them to be.

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Well, I don’t know why do you mistrust CONCORD, though honestly they do introduce some concepts and… alliances that I myself can’t agree with, I am still not so categorical about that organization. And the issue with Arrendis is not just propaganda. I mean, there is a lot of outright propagandist gallentean outlets which even try to depict freedom and democracy as not evil concepts, but still, the issue with that capsuleer is that she’s simply a liar and tries to get a reaction out of you.

I had unfortunate experience with that person and 90% of facts she has been pulling against me were outright lies, that could be very easily debunked, so eventually I simply stopped bothering and would suggest you to follow the case, becasue eventually, would her words be lies or truth, she will be trying to emotionally destabilize you. Don’t let her. She doesn’t worth your time.

And to stay on topic, I would like to commend your approach. I am neither Amarr myself, nor a follower of a Faith, and cannot speak about the concept of the Reclamation per se, but we’re in the same boat here: both our nations, Amarr Empire and Caldari State are being attacked by foreigners who are trying to bully us into following their vision of what is right and what is wrong.

For citizens - and even more, for pilots as us, there is no better way to show solidarity with our families, with our countrymen, co-workers and friends - then fighting for what is dear to us. Fighting for our way of life, fighting for our Destiny, fighting for everything and everyone who is dear to you, fighting to those who gave you shelter, food and education, giving all the debt of your whole living with blood and sweat to your parents and ancestors.

The loyalty is not a fanaticism or blind following of some ideal, or subordination just for the sake of it. The loyalty is about Love and Gratitude, it is about self-sacrifice for the sake of those who have sacrificed something for you.

The State has given me life and thus my life belongs to the State. And for the State I will give it back, whether they will be right or wrong, where I will agree or disagree. I am Cmdr. Kim and this is my “Reclamation”.


And tell me please how often these hopes and dreams come down to ideas of “Lets subjugate nations that don’t want us to degrate them into democracy by peaceful ways”, or “lets murder these people for the sake of freedom”?

Wait a second!
Isn’t it what the Federation does when it pushes on others ideals of “freedom” and “democracy”? What again Black Eagles do to those who disagree with Federation?

At least the Empire is Honest about it. If you have a different opinion about a Religion, you’re a Heretic, and that’s illegal.
And in the Federation you’re legally “allowed” to say whatever you want, unless you say something that your Government doesn’t wish to hear. Then you just disappear without any trial or investigation.

I am not sure how it is done in the Empire, but I imagine them having courts where people who are blamed in Heresy have chance to prove their innocence or apologize for what they did, but in the Federation? Boom - gone!

This hypocrisy is another reason why the Federation must be destroyed… or Reclaimed. Really, that will do good.

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I am a slave to God and a servant of the Holy Throne, in my servility I but seek to best anticipate and meet the will of my masters. If you believe my words to be mere braggadocio then I can say with certainty that was not my intent for my remarks so far have been only to seek to determine how best to serve my spiritual and temporal masters now and into the future.

As for your Federation: I pray that the Gallente infidels receive the good news of God’s existence and love for them with the joy and praise that it should inspire. However, I am not blind to the parallels that exist between the Gallente people and that of the Udorians in the past such that I fear with great sadness that the only recourse may have to be holy war to ensure compliance with God’s will.

I have no doubt if such is to come to pass that such a struggle will cause immense suffering, but the suffering of the world is but temporary compared to the eternal rewards of Paradise.

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EDIT: The original opening paragraphs of this post consisted of several unconstructive expressions of frustration directed at certain participants in this thread; some of which were personal and mean-spirited in nature. I have since decided to remove these, so as to not distract from the main focus of the post. Everything following this point remains as it was.

I think an important point to clarify, and that does seem to be misunderstood by some both on this Summit and elsewhere, is that the Pax e Kilizhi Do and the Pax Amarria are not in conflict with each other. Much as with the vast majority of Scripture, they exist very much in harmony. They even deal with largely separate subject areas: one with the mechanisms through which international diplomacy is best conducted, and the other with the simultaneous Spiritual and Temporal authority of the Empress as well as the mechanisms of military organisation throughout the Empire.

I’ve often wondered why many seem to believe that the promulgation of the Pax e Kilizhi Do represented an end to the Pax Amarria doctrine’s application in international affairs. Perhaps the fact that they both start with the word ‘Pax’ has lead some less familiar with the Faith to believe they occupy the same space within the Scriptural library, however that is no more true in this instance than it is with the coexistence of, for example, ‘Book I’ and ‘Book II’ of the Scriptures. One compliments the other, it does not supersede.

There have, of course, been instances where Emperors past or present have, in their infinite wisdom, determined it necessary to supersede previous Scripture, institutions, or customs. However, that supersession is almost always made explicitly clear. In fact, there has actually been an instance in which Her Imperial Majesty has seen it necessary to supersede proclamations made by Heideran in form of the revocation of the Heideran Decree during her initial reforms of the Empire’s military structure. You will notice, however, that that particular revocation applied solely to the decree, and absolutely did not make any mention of the Pax Amarria, which remains in heavy circulation throughout the Empire to this day.

Essentially, while the promulgation of the Pax e Kilizhi Do did represent the expansion of Scriptural doctrine, it did not do so in a way that calls into question the continued relevance of the Pax Amarria.

Now, to move on to the main topic of the thread:

This is an incredibly complex topic, made all the more complicated by our status as technically independent Empyreans existing, all-too-unfortunately, outside of our traditional positions with the divine order of things. Greater minds than myself have mused over this topic before, but if I were to offer my less erudite opinion:

The single most important thing that capsuleers loyal to the Throne can do to advance the Reclaiming is to accept and respect the fact that the challenges facing our Empire are as vast as the methods for approaching them are numerous. Whilst some gravitate towards serving on the front-lines of battlefields, others seek to engage in diplomacy and outreach. Some prefer to focus on the internal economy of the Empire, seeking to make the Emperor Family Academy in orbit of Oris the capsuleer trade capital of New Eden. Some focus on industrial efforts. Many never once fire their weapons against another vessel, capsuleer or otherwise.

Every single one of them is justified in their actions, both by Scripture and by the examples set by our superiors. For while Sword Marshalls Ardishapur and Sarum bravely continue their fierce campaigns to placate TLF forces in portions of the Rebel Provinces, Lady Ersilia Kor-Azor continues her efforts to engage in productive cooperation with entities explicitly heretical, such as the Servant Sisters of EVE. While some Amarrian Navy soldiers fight fiercely within the CEMWPA warzones against the forces of the Republic and the Federation, others fly directly alongside those entities every day in Pochven against the Triglavians - all the while the Emperor Family facilitates trade and commerce from it’s famous market hub in Amarr.

What is key here, however, isn’t what types of actions those different entities serve the Reclaiming through per se, but rather how they serve it as best they can in whatever capacity God has chosen for them, whilst respecting their compatriots’ efforts to do the same in whatever capacity has been chosen for them.

All Empyreans choosing to maintain loyalty to their home nations face the same difficulty, I believe: that of having to determine how best to serve their people despite having been largely separated from the social structure that those people exist in. Very few of us, after all, receive direct explicit orders from authority figures within our home nations. This dissonance between home culture and the Empyrean condition is perhaps no more pronounced for the servants of any nation than it is for the subjects of Holy Amarr. We do best when we seek not to obstruct or pontificate over the efforts of our brethren, but to give them the space to pursue those efforts. It has saddened me deeply to see that, at times, the Empyrean servants of other nations seem to have come to understand this lesson better than those of our own.

So, the short answer, Sir? The best way to serve the Reclaiming is to do so in the way you understand God to have chosen for you, and to respect the efforts of those that serve in other capacities and other theaters to pursue those efforts. Do that, and there is no doubt in my mind that the Reclaiming will advance forever forward.


Are you then going to claim they’re something else, or are you tossing that word in there in an attempt to misdirect and obfuscate?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Dame Cora, I will endeavour to take them under consideration.

I will admit perhaps my life spent on the battlefields of Floseswin and the Vindication Wars have left me more cynical than I would like and much like a hammer I have come to see a world of nails.

However, one is never alone when one walks the path of faith and servitude to God and one can learn much from the thoughts and experiences of fellow brothers and sisters of the Rite - much as you have shown.


Well this surely has been an interesting collection of people responding to a question addressed to those ‘of the Faith’.