Thoughts on the Reclaiming

Ask on a public board, get answers from the public. You know how it is.

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With swords in one hand, and chains, collars, TCMCs and Vitoc in the other. Reclaiming by force — the only real Reclaiming. The only Reclaiming commanded by God:

I give to you the destiny of Faith,
And you will bring its message to every planet of every star in the heavens:
Go forth, CONQUER in my Name, and reclaim that which I have given.

- The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 22:13 (emphasis added)

Oh look, another opportunity for Cora to jump in and make jabs at me? Of course she won’t let this pass her by. Of course she will make comments on events she doesn’t fully understand, in attempt to prod out an emotional response.

I’m not taking your bait.

What you and other Empyrean loyalists still somehow fail to understand, or perhaps selectively ignore, is that there is no such thing as a discussion on “Reclaimation” in good faith. This is literally a discussion on how best to invade and take over an interstellar nation, with the goal of enslaving the entire population. That is the definition of “Reclaiming” but a title of “Thoughts on the Forced Subjugation of Other Races” doesn’t quite have the same ring does it? We aren’t the ones propagating the golden scare, you do it just fine all by yourselves.

Also, when your objective is to subjugate myself, my friends, my family, and my people, I am automatically involved. I do not need to wait to be asked for my opinion, and I’m honestly not sure what Zubzedai expected by posting this kind of subject on the public IGS forums.

Oh, and by the way Zubzedai,

No. You aren’t. You are a free man, who is free to think and do and talk as you wish. You have nobody dictating your day to day life. Nobody is restricting your movements and actions. Nobody is forcing you to work and do things against your will. I have heard this claim from so many Amarrians and it is laughable. You have never experienced slavery.

You are a privileged member of the Amarrian system, who is buying into this elitist world view because it suits you. You do not care about the people you force onto their knees and into your collars. Not truly. You may have convinced yourself that you do, but you dont. You would never put yourself into their position and forfeit all the privilege and power you have, because being in their position is terrible.

It is true that compared to the indentured serf I am afforded the privileges of choice and freedom. However, unlike in the Federation where freedom is used to glorify the individual in the spiritually nocuous pursuits of selfish materialism and a morally vapid culture I use my privilege differently. Instead I use my freedom of choice to shackle myself to God and the mandates of Paradise. I have decided to serve in obeisance those masters which ensure the salvation of my spirit knowing that my service in faith fulfills the manifest destiny of the Holy Empire to bring all of humanity back into covenant with God.

When the spirit is cultivated sufficiently then one can make the informed choice to impose the restrictions upon oneself that service to God requires. I can make such a choice, the indentured as yet cannot.

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An ‘Indentured serf’ is also not a ‘slave’. An indentured serf is legally a person who is indebted to someone, and so must work off their debt. A slave is property, and there is no finite amount of value to be paid back.

Out of curiousity, for those Amarrians with greater scriptoral understanding, doesnt the fact that we Minmatar rebelled and explicitly rejected your faith/god make us unsuitable for recliaming?

Something about knocking twice?


Certain lunatics have an abject fixation with heritable sin; but my understanding of the Book of Reclaiming would be that those of you who have personally rejected God’s true word ought to be struck down.

Everyone except the chosen of God and the followers of the Prophet Gheinok in Amarr are the descendants of those who rejected God in the past.

That Minmatar rejected God in apostasy and now live as squatters in the rebel provinces is not as great an issue as their attacks upon the faithful of the Empire. As such the Minmatar of the rebel provinces have shown themselves to be a truly wayward peoples far from God’s light requiring their reclaiming either through their destruction or the mercy of enslavement by Holders in the defense of the Empire.

I’m so sick of this. As someone who is a freeborn Matari and a former citizen of the Federation I guess I’m doubly damned in your jaundiced eyes, huh?

Let’s just have the final war that burns this cluster to ash, you damned imperials along with everyone else. At least whatever (if anything) comes out of that final confrontation won’t be stupid enough to have this same tired crap posted by you bloodthirsty imperials on the next IGS. Well, or the cans and string that will be the next IGS, anyway.


I do not have a jaundiced view of the Matari or the Gallente – far from it. I hold no contempt or hatred for the Matari or Gallente, instead I regard them as fellows of humanity and worthy creations of God. It is because they are human beings that are worthy creations of God that it becomes necessary to provide them with the good news of God’s love for them through the chosen of Amarr so that may be disabused of the darkness of ignorance and sin and brought into covenant with their Creator through the truths of revelation.

It is my hope that Amarr may bring our fellow humanity out of their darkness and into the truths of covenant with God through peaceful means as promulgated by the late Sublime Imperial Majesty Heideran VII – may peace be upong him – and that the doctrines of the Pax Amarria remain a true method of saving a fallen and broken humanity.

However, I am also a realist and I know that all throughout the history of the Holy Empire that the unbelievers have always despised and hated the faithful and have done all in their power to persecute the faithful. The violence and bloodshed of the rebel Matari of the Republic towards the faithful clearly demonstrate their depravity and rejection of peaceful existence of the faithful. Having experienced war I know it to be a terrible affair that I would think need only be considered in the direst of circumstances, but I also accept that the patience of peaceful toleration has its limits when the faithful are attacked by the unbelievers.


I think we all, like civilized people, can agree with this (well, sanse the religious parts, since I am not a believer, but I do understand it pretty well, from my point of view it’s the Trade and Prosperity is better than War and Destruction). Ones who bring real hatred to our world are people like Rella. It’s they want the War, they to burn our cluster to ash because of their hatred…

And I think we shall give them what they want, just… in a modified sense, we shall burn them to ashes, so they won’t burn the whole world. We shall exterminate all these aggressors so our Cluster can live in Peace and Prosperity, with Law and Order, where the differences are solved by Competition, Trade and Diplomacy, and not by madmen like Rella.

And it’s our duty, as Soldiers of the Civilized world is to cleanse it from those who wants to destroy it. We shall burn them out with hot red iron, without mercy and regret, for the Humanity to survive.

You claim to believe in peace yet, you continue to wage an aggressive war of brutal repression of minorities, cultural imperialism, slave taking, forced labor camps, forced breeding facilities and more.

If you truly believed in peace you would offer your so-called gift of faith to those who wished to accept and leave those of us who reject it alone. I am a Gallente-raised freeborn Matari who is rediscovering her heritage, culture and tribal traditions. I do not wish to be Amarrian. I do not want your deity. I do not want your culture nor your imperial government. I just wish to be left alone to live my life as I see fit.

As to your assertion that the Republic practices systematic mass persecution of your faithful I call bull. While many Matari despise your people and all you stand for because of what you did to us, we do not hate nor attack our brothers and sisters who have been brainwashed into following your religion. While there have been instances in the past involving individuals attacking your missionaries this is neither common nor government sanctioned.

Your arguments simply attempt to justify your wars of aggression and conquest.

You do realize that an all-out war would destroy us all, don’t you? You would be able to overrun the Republic (at a great cost to yourselves because we will fight to the last man, woman and child) but then you would be at war with the Federation. In your weakened state from conquering the Republic you would not be unable to withstand the guerilla attacks from the remaining Minmatar as well as a full on assault from the Federation not to mention having to deal with your home-grown terrorists the EoM and Blooders along with the Sansha, Drifters and Triglavians who would seize the opportunity to attack whatever was left of your people. In short, your empire would fall.

I know this falls on deaf ears as you truly believe your god will come to your aid (although where was he when you faced the Jove, during the Minmatar war of liberation or, when the Drifters killed your empress?) and that he demands you you do what you do. So, I guess just keep on the path you’re on and continue to sew the seeds of your own destruction.


It truly beggars belief that on a discussion addressed to those of the Faith, the deafening multitude of replies belong to those of other convictions. Every rat seems to scurry in the general direction of discourse when they deem a fit chance to accrue their dastardly lifeblood off the goodwill of a fresh-faced graduate of the Academy. While the Empire has dealt with these crude reductionists more times than one can take, I apologise that your question has been met with such chicanery.

The truth is, son- the Reclaiming is as broad a topic as any involving galaxy spanning politics. It is best you search your innards for the answer to the method and the truth, for it is new blood like you that will end up making big decisions in due time. It’s good to be fresh, not jaded by the world as I have been. To see the Reclaiming as the purpose and the future that it is. There are those who will deny the existence of our God and of our Light, and to those we need not waste time on the public forum. God is more than form, more than proof. Upon the gilded throne of your heart, be it marred and blackened by war or bedded in flowers by a couched life, lies an untenable belief which fuels your very body. That is to believe, to have hope, to seek purpose. It is not some reduced form or act. Keep those words bedfellows and fight the good fight, and over time your place in the greater wheel of the Reclaiming will become evident. Every dash of colour in my paintings plays a part in the greater picture. Pick a colour and play your part beautifully.


Yeah just like whenever we pose a question for someone other than you, you slavers often see fit to jump in. Wow, public IGS and free speech and all, you know?

Also good dodge to my post. Rather than respond to it simply set up a strawman to knock it down.

Oh well, I’m out of this “conversation”. Enjoy your echo chamber.

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I was not replying to you, nor was I engaged in a conversation with you.

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Then have your conversation privately. If you don’t want to involve the public, don’t do it in public.


It is perhaps a dream that cannot ever be that the faithful might return to Amarr Island separate from the rest of humanity in communion and contemplation of God. However, ever since the Udorians stepped upon the shores of Amarr the faithful are reminded of the teachings of the Prophet Gheinok: that the unbelievers if afforded the full remits of power will use that power to persecute those of the faith. The Reclaiming was and still is an act of defense of the faith used against those that would seek to destroy it. It is the intolerance of the unbeliever that makes them incapable of peaceful co-existence with the faith try as the Empire does towards temperance and toleration in peaceful accord.

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Really? Because your Scriptures seem to indicate otherwise: that it’s a direct command from God that doesn’t allow the Faithful to tolerate other beliefs. All of humanity must be brought into union under God.

Through Missionary Activity.

Yes, I believe on the topic of the Reclaiming if more people were willing to adopt the missionary position it would lead to more productive intercourse on the faith.