Thoughts on the Reclaiming

You asked on thoughts on the reclaiming, if you want to be reindoctrinated go lick the boots of your priests, I dont blame you, what chance do children have against indoctrination, and those who choose later need something to cling to, its fate really, but here we are, if you force the issue we will fight you we may lose but we wont stop until the stars are cold.

Bold words. I look forward to the day I may take the measure of the truth in them.

I mean, if you really feel that way, why wait? Leave LUMEN and go do the thing you want to do.

I don’t see why membership in Khimi Harar would prevent me from seeking out to destroy Minmatar apostates and terrorists.


I’m so glad to hear that, after these horrible false claims of LUMEN’s abolitionism in another thread. Ms. Cora put my worries to rest, for which I thank her again, but to see such a staunch defender of the faith as yourself in their ranks is even more reassuring.

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Our policies do tend to be misrepresented rather often. Much as we are not an abolitionist organisation, we are also not purely pacifistic - not even in the Societas. Whilst we would much prefer matters of international concern be resolved through diplomatic means wherever possible, we do recognise the necessity of military force in such circumstances that it is needed to secure the interests of Holy Amarr.

Though you may not necessarily find within Khimi Harar the sheer level of military capability possessed by organisations purpose-built around armed conflict as their primary activity, the alliance does nevertheless support and encourage the development of our more combat-oriented pilots seeking to serve God and Empire on the battlefield.


Then I don’t see why ‘the day [you] may take the measure’ of those bold words need be something you ‘look forward to’.

Go do it. Put your arse where your mouth is.

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When I feel I am capable of taking the fight to the enemies of the faith in space then I will do so. That is why my taking the measure of bold words was framed in a future tense as something I would look forward to, not something I would do right now.

Shakor’s war has lasted fourteen years, and the Vindication Wars lasted over a century, I don’t feel I need to be in any rush to kill rebel Minmatar.

Best way to learn is by doing. You want to be ‘capable’, go see where you’re lacking.

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