Theology Council Restructuring

This is a big deal. While all the Faithful were sitting here awaiting a decision on the state of Fabai, it seems we’ve another important matter coming out of this session of the Privy Council.

Whatever the restructuring happens to be, I do hope that the more senior, experienced members of the Council can ensure that some of the newer members don’t try to push too many ideas that may disrupt the body.

I for one would hope that the specifics of this restructuring come to light before any final decisions are made. After all, the anniversary of the coronation is coming up and this is something that many of the Faithful might have some wonderful ideas about.


I see what you did there.

Now, I know this is a public forum and individuals from all over the cluster can and will comment, but, considering the serious nature of the topic, could we please try and keep those comments productive? Thank you.


I was being productive. But I can be more productive, Captain Elkin, and make plain what you’re saying there, whether by intent or otherwise:

You fear that Alar Chakaid, the most recently ascended member of the Theology Council, as well as the allies of his who got him that position, are going to “restructure” the Council, and whatever else their plans may include, into a form that will further spread their malicious and self-serving intents throughout Amarr, and the cluster at large, permanently reshaping the largest and most influential of the empires and potentially exacerbating already-existing tensions, leading to devastating conflict at a time when we are being invaded by poorly-understood forces and cannot afford to break with the status quo that has preserved us thus far.

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May I query why people are so concerned about the actions of Aga-Count Chakaid? All that we know is that the Privy Council and the Theology Council have had discussions and there are rumours of a restructure. For all we know, the Empress herself may be wishing to engage in a restructure as part of Her anniversary celebrations or other members of the Theology Council may be trying to isolate Aga-Count Chakaid from areas of import.

To assume that Aga-Count Chakaid has Machiavellian intentions in every sphere of influence within the Empire is either very complimentary to him to assume that he is behind every piece of news in the Empire, or incredibly insulting to assume that he has nefarious intent without evidence.

From my experience of living in the Khanid Kingdom, the people there are very pious, hospitable and industrious. Should they not be represented? And why should that person not be Aga-Count Chakaid?

Well, for all we know… who knows? We don’t know the specifics. It’s just that… in a time of such high tensions, I think transparency is prudent.

You should probably just look through his posts.

Bonus points if you match the news articles about blooder attacks to the the posts that preempted them.


The only people verified as involved in prompting Blood Raider chemical and biological attacks on the people and property of Holy Amarr are Minmatar terrorists and their vile Ammatar apostate allies.

To be sure, the festering evil of traitors among those who profess the true faith of Amarr is a matter of concern to all who hold to the right proper path of our holy destiny.

We have seen that these Minmatar terror-mongers will recklessly kill, maim and horribly infect their own people if it advances their evil cause.

We have witnessed the Ammatar apostates rain death and destruction down on the planets and colonies of the Empire and Kingdom, blasting their own kith and kin if it suit their monstrous designs.

I wonder, is this the key to how it was that the dark, corrupting tendrils of terror reached into the very heart of Holy Amarr? Are there those who would be so perverse as to burn their own righteous and lordly family members alive in pursuit of their vile treachery?

I wonder, I wonder. Perhaps we shall soon discover the truth of just how far this rot has seeped into the souls of those who say they are loyal.

I have the honor to be,


Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III,
Paladin Deacon, Orders Militant of the Theology Council,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III



That is a rather large accusation to be throwing out, Ms Elkin!

One would hope that the Empress and Her representatives would be wise enough to not introduce a terrorist heretic to the Theology Council. Or is your suggestion that the Empress - God’s representative in New Eden - may be fallible?

As one whose home city became a target after a “bring it!” in IGS, I find the accusation entirely reasonable.


Strange… Are you no longer Sa-Baron of Ves-Sefris, Zirsem V…? I seem to remember you making that a point of note for a time… Maybe a particular failure of yours saw you stripped of the title…?

At any rate, I sincerely hope that there are those among the Holy Amarr who would ‘be so perverse as to burn their own lordly family members alive’… Do pay particular note to the point of righteousness I’ve omitted - it is found wanting in the Empire at current… As much as one can hope that this restructuring is of a progressive nature, I have a suspicion that as long as you are on it it will be anything but…

Maybe there are those who would be so perverse as to burn you alive and be done with it…

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This is quite the logical leap - one that appears to be quite endemic when it comes to commentary on Aga-Count Chakaid. Just because one decides to not use all of one’s titles, doesn’t mean that one is stripped of them. I dare not to speak for a more knowledgeable nor a more senior person than myself, but I read this as Aga-Count Chakaid only using the titles that were relevant to the conversation.

Whatever view you have of the Aga-Count, please leave this seperate to the conversation at hand and not try to turn every detail into, at best, propaganda and, at worst, a somewhat convoluted conspiracy theory.

Does help to read the remainder of the post when sabre rattling on derailment, Pilot Larmes… Are you capable of that…?

My point was that this is meant to be a discussion on the restructuring of the Theology Council and yet individuals have made this into some conspiracy theory that Aga-Count Chakaid is behind it and he’s trying to take over the Theology Council to release some kind of Blooder terrorist attack onto the Empire.

You own post implied that you wished someone would burn the Aga-Count alive due to your belief in this nonsense!

Certain people on the IGS have decided that, due to what is at best coincidences, they will let their prejudices against the Aga-Count and, by extension, the Khanid Kingdom at large over-rule fact and use it as an excuse to ignore whatever he may be trying to do to improve the cluster. Having been the victim of this myself previously when a member of the New Order, I completely empathise with the Aga-Count’s position as, no matter what you say or how much evidence you may provide, people react with their emotions first.

Nothing is nearly as black and white as some on here would have us believe.

Oh, great, the former CODE. flunky is now a Chakaid flunky. Naupy’s a gateway drug.

I have a feeling you Amarr loyalist peeps aligned to the left of Chakaid (which is, like, most of you) should beef up security and probably invest in lots of fire extinguishers, after that little speech.


How dare you.

I became a capsuleer for the sole purpose of better serving the Empire!
I have spent the last seven years fighting Republic and Pirate capsuleer forces in service to the Empire, leading regular fleets with thousands of confirmed kills.
I only use Amarrian ships.
I flew under Lady Mitara Newelle in the Succession Trials representing Lord Merimeth Sarum, peace be upon him.
I fought against the Minmatar forces in the conflict in Thebeka.
I helped fight off the Blood Raider attack in Tanoo.
I’ve dedicated my entire life to God and Empire!

How dare you of all people accuse me of attacking my own family.

It is my righteous task to be,


Granddaughter of Lady Leona Cordelia Elkin of Dam-Torsad.
Khizanat Aldawla en Para’nash Sarum
Navarch of the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris


Have care, Captain. Your seams are showing.

Men like Chakaid have the ability to see through others, even on forums such as this one. Note that he tailors his approach slightly when addressing you, or Lord Consort Newelle, or Captain Rhiannon, to suggest a few. He knows just how to needle you, and anyone else, in a way that makes him the victim, and you the attacker. For certain, that talent is why he was chosen to be the mask hiding the true threats to the Empire and cluster.

Respond as he wishes, and he will have ample evidence to discredit you in front of the Theology Council. This is a significant–albeit small–part of his ploy.

You have nothing left to prove to anyone. Just keep up your hard work, and you will be doing much more than Chakaid and his cronies are in their high tower.


Your clone banks will be eradicated.
Any back-ups of your mind will be deleted.
And I will hold your brain in my hands, with your skull torn away and only a few shreds of spinal cord keeping your heart beating, long enough for you to understand what is happening… and then I will lower you, one centimeter at a time, into a blender set on ‘puree’. I will keep your gray matter on life support for centuries, with an awareness of nothing but agony and the utter ruin of all that you have ever held dear.

And then… if you are extremely fortunate… I might let you die. Maybe.

Or I might decide to start getting mean.

He’s using the highest of his titles.

Nothing so merciful, I promise.


I have never had the opportunity to even meet Aga-Count Chakaid and this thread is the closest to an interaction that I have had with him and neither of us has addressed the other in it. I would hardly constitute that as ‘being a flunky’.

Similarly, I hold no title, estate or position within the Kingdom nor the Theology Council so I am nobody’s subordinate although I would submit to Her Holiness Empress Catiz I and King Khanid III.

My loyalties are to the God I am increasingly learning about and the Kingdom that has granted me hospitality that I have never seen prior to this.

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They are not pious. They are not hospitable. They should not be represented. And Chakaid, like his King, deserves nothing more than chains or death for their treasons against God and Amarr.

Your experience, that of a few weeks, surrounded by traitors and lipservers, is worth nothing. The Kingdom are not our kin. They are not part of the same faith. And they deserve their false crowns taken from them and to be Reclaimed under proper Amarrian lords. Not given open arms. Yes, indeed, the empresses that have fostered the return of these filth, and given them so much special treatment while they have yet to answer for any of their crimes against God and Holy Amarr, have failed utterly in their duties.

There has been mountains of evidence. This is Chakaid, who blatantly selected a blood raider to serve as one of House Khanid’s champion-candidates during the Succession Trials, and defended the decision when called out on it. This is Chakaid, whose enemies all conveniently end up coming under blood raider attack shortly after they make accusations against him. This is Chakaid, who has fabricated evidence to try and frame others for his misdeeds. This is Chakaid, who has supported and participated in the mass murder of slaves.

Whichever idiots who you were talking about the faith with have clearly failed completely if their advice has had you get swept up by the evil lies of the Kingdom.


Your proof? Either provide it or stop making baseless accusations.

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