Khanid Kingdom stacking the Theology Council

  • Khanid Nobles Appointed to Theology Council Include Duke Fayez of Youledian and Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III


Is the rest of the Empire really going to stand for this? Are the other heirs going to stand for nobles of a traitor kingdom, who have not been raised or trained in the orthodox Imperial Rite, being appointed to positions on the Theology Council? Appointees that include Lord Chakaid, who approved of a blood raider entering the Succession Trials? A Kingdom that greatly harmed the Empire’s reputation and economic position with the other CONCORD signatory states with their actions at Kahah? A Kingdom that is trying to steal the Fabai constellation, possibly to hide their own culpability with the tragedy that happened there?

The Kingdom is afraid of what Zashev will reveal to Lord Sarum. They are trying to poison the investigation by expanding their influence in the courts so they can overrule any findings Lord Sarum presents. God, they sent a fleet of ships to try and intimidate House Sarum after Zashev was delivered to them. Are we really going to just quietly sit back and let this vile corruption spread, like we did with the Red Chamberlain?


No, we shouldn’t sit back. Honestly at this point I think we need to invoke the Speakers to investigate the whole affair. I am willing to offer myself up to their judgement if they will also judge Chakaid.

There is no person better qualified to serve upon the Theology Council than Sa-Baron Chakaid.

Chakaid appointed to the Theology Council. Ha ha ha, good one, Gutter Press.

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Considering that the late Empress Jamyl I began normalizing the relations between Khanid and Amarr and the Khanid participating without issues in the traditional Succession Trials without incidents, I do not see why Khanid should not receive positions in institutions that represent all of Amarr.

If you speak of “vile corruption”, I wonder why Ardishapur are still allowed to hold positions if you consider how much subversion and rejection their former heir displayed towards both Jamyl I and the righteously elected new Empress Catiz I.

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Chakaid is the bigger problem here. There is absolutely no way this appointment can be acceptable given his ties to the ongoing investigations and the question marks on his character.


Aren’t there like thousands of Theology Council members, though?

Even if he wound up on the council, he’s just one voice among many … right?

That a clone and breaker of Shathol’Syn like Jamyl could become empress is what is evidence of the corruption. No matter what she did during the Elder attack, her sins deserved punishment, not pardoning and rewarding. And the Kingdom participating in the Succession Trials without issue? One of Khanid’s champion-candidates was a blood raider. Garkeh was the only heir to ever be allowed to compete twice. And he likely broke Shathol’Syn and had a clone take the fall for him. Every aspect of Khanid’s participation in the trials was an issue. That that farce was allowed shows just how deep the sickness goes.

As for Ardishapur displaying any “subversion and rejection” against Jamyl, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Lord Yonis might have said some things that could be seen as implications of ill feeling towards Jamyl, but he did nothing to act against her. In fact, he was the one who spoke on behalf of the Privy Council when they voiced their approval for her ascension. That is a mark against him.

One voice among many, yes, but while he continues to have questions upon him he should not be given rewards and responsibilities. Would you appoint a man suspected of corruption to a supervisor role in a company that employs thousands of supervisors, justifying it as “just one lower level leader among many”?

I don’t know the exact number of Khanid nobles appointed, but it’s more than just Lord Fayez and Chakaid. Dozens or more.

And sure, there are many on the Council who are not Khanid. Who could, potentially, vote against them. But the Empire continues to show, over and over and over and over again, that corruption goes deep. How many of the other Council members are already in the Kingdom’s pocket?

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I wouldn’t of course. I guess I’m mostly objecting to the notion that two appointments is “stacking the council” when (1) there’s been no coverage of other changes, including proportionate representation from other Heir fiefs and (2) the overall size of the body is just that huge.

It is more than two appointments.


So, Samira? Are you this upset because this is really, clearly an actual problem-- the Kingdom somehow grabbing more than its fair share of power on the Council, about which I’d expect to hear, loudly, from the other Houses-- or is it really that House Khanid keeps doubling down on supporting your nemesis even though he might possibly be in some trouble?

The former. Lord Chakaid is a symptom of an underlying problem. I’ve been calling out the Kingdom’s indiscretions since before I even knew who he was. He is just one more stain, one more piece of evidence on the rotten pile. A particularly big one, to be sure, but you’re vastly misunderstanding me if you think my issue is with him alone.


Well … that’s good I guess, but I wasn’t really suggesting such a thing. It’s why I didn’t ask about Chakaid, or just the fact that he’s being honored, but. . . .

If this is true, and Khanid Kingdom persons now sit on the Theology Council, then the Khanid Kingdom must be subject to the Theology Council’s authority.

Which means they must start by replacing that symbol that King Khanid II used as his Royal Seal, as that explicitly rejects the authority of the Council.


I admit I am at a loss for how to express my deep disappointment in imperial authorities. To allow those with hands stained in the blood of innocents, who have time and again demonstrated moral bankruptcy, to join the Empire’s highest court and interpreter of Holy Scripture? Truly, what more evidence is necessary to lay bare for all of the faithful of the corruption that festers in the beating heart of Holy Amarr?


Don’t be silly. Khanid’s vassals sitting on the Council doesn’t give the Council authority over Khanid. He can simply claim that as the Council’s membership are equivalent to the standing of his vassals, they are of course subordinate to his own standing. At best, they’re advisors to the Imperial Throne, and if supported by the Empress, of course he’ll abide by her decisions, but they have no intrinsic authority, as the Kingdom isn’t a theocracy, it’s a Kingdom.

I encourage any persons considering defecting to contact myself. Full confidentiality guaranteed.


As the Fleet Commander of the Amarr Loyalists during the Khanid standoff I must agree that the Khanid forces’ presence and actions in Sarum Prime that day showed clearly that they’re worried about Lord Sarum getting his hands on Zashev.

The point isn’t that Chakaid can single-handedly control the Theology Council, the point is that the only ‘position’ he deserves in the Theology Council is standing before it on charges of heresy.

Or maybe Lord Yonis understood the miracle of Empress Jamyl, who she was, and what she stood for better than you. If she cheated Shathol’Syn by cloning as you say, where is she now? Khanid, who has cheated Shathol’Syn is happy to avoid death over and over again by all evidence. If Empress Jamyl was hell-bent on surviving by cloning, then why wouldn’t she just clone again after her last death?

People are quick to talk about Empress Jamyl re-establishing ties with the Kingdom, but what they don’t realize is that without her doing so, all these exceedingly obvious instances of heresy and corruption coming from the Kingdom wouldn’t have been brought into the limelight. Empress Jamyl laid a trap for the Kingdom and they’ve fallen in it. It’s now up to the current powers that be to capitalize on it. Also, if Empress Jamyl had done the Kingdom a great favor, why are they still clearly so hostile to House Sarum?

Of course, the fact the Chakaid was just nominated to the Theology Council shows us that the chance given to us my Empress Jamyl is being squandered by either incompetence or corruption.

Because as far as I’m concerned, if Jamyl had been sitting on the throne when all of this went down, the Kingdom would have fallen months ago.

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