State of Fabai, Aridia, and what should be done about it

From Scope:

Amarr legal observers are divided on whether the Khanid writ of distraint will prevail but note that House Kador itself has directed all its efforts in Aridia into the Mayonhen constellation, and may be vulnerable to a transfer of the primary fief of Fabai to meet obligations under Imperial law. Aga-Count Alar Chakaid, a key party in the Khanid case, reflected on the relief of Anath and continuing instability in Fabai, “It was a tragic scene, particularly on Anath II, but my own Royal Uhlans and the Navy did what we could. Fabai is a valued neighboring territory for us in the Kingdom, and my own home of Zirsem is a but a few jumps away. So you can understand the horror with which we view the Blooder incursions, and the contempt we feel for those who, even after that vile raid, could not be troubled to prevent opportunistic Minmatar terrorists and Ammatar traitors from exploiting the situation! It is clear that under Khanid protection Fabai would be safer and more prosperous.”

As one of the initiators of relief efforts on site (*), I can confirm that the constellation of Fabai in Aridia is in a terrible state.

I have no idea what the imperial law requires from local government, but even then I am pretty confident to say they are not being met. The systems are barely policed (not that I complain), and the situation in ground in many places was such that when disaster hit, large areas in completely habitable planets were devastated, for lack of proper infrastructure to support even basic emergency measures.

It was a disgrace, even when being used to seeing disregarded areas in the Empire.

I do realize that this falls under Imperial law in the CONCORD system of pretending we don’t care about what goes on inside each others’ borders, but certainly something needs to be done?

Personally, I would encourage all parties to work for a solution where logistics of the region is temporary handed to care of a humanitarian organization such as the Sisters of EVE, with CONCORD itself providing security support. Basic relief and transport out to the most affected could be arranged for quickly by parties experienced in such work, which would give authorities more time to figure out how to improve the infrastructure and defenses of the region.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
CEO, SoE Roughriders

(*) I assure you, Mr @Alar_Chakaid, that if I had been on site for “opportunistic terrorism”, you would have noticed the effects. I was unfortunately too busy saving Imperial citizens from things such as starvation and diseases that even a modicum of modern health care should have eradicated to “peddle guns and rebellion”.


Chakaid is fishing for being granted holdership of an entire constellation.

The big question the Imperial government should be asking is how much the Kingdom and Chakaid had to do with this attack. Awfully suspicious for them to be pushing for its annexation so soon after it was attacked, and so soon after Orlon Zashev, another person with links to the Kingdom, somehow managed to escape Imperial custody. The Kingdom is trying to hide evidence of wrongdoing.

And really, are we going to start ceding territory to the Kingdom now that they’ve been made an heir house again? Especially after the mess with Kahah and the sanctions? Come on.


Yes, I have an opinion.

I do believe this is a classic case of ‘none of your damn business’, Elsebeth. Tend to the impoverished and neglected pit that is the vast majority of the Republic before you comment on your neighbor’s yard like a snide busybody housewife who cares more about looking good than doing good.

Your motives are obvious and malicious. Your catchphrases of “fight on, children of God” and “let the cluster burn” have been noted.


The Empire is not much better once you dig below the upper crust. Of course, I wouldn’t expect a lord consort and former courtier like yourself to have ever seen such much of it from beneath your golden veil. Let alone anything of the Republic, to which you’ve never been.


Actually Samira, I am well aware of the dismal economic state of Aridia and Mishi, having grown up there and seen plenty of it despite having been raised at court. As for the Republic, I am aware it is experiencing a certain rise in quality of life, but its bloated military budget and increased belligerence only promises to break that trend and drain its citizens once again. I do not need to go to the Republic to understand it exists on borrowed time.

Do not think me some pretty, empty-headed bird in a gilded cage. The plumes are just there to distract from the talons.


no one thinks ur pretty aldrith

and no ones gonna be real scared of ur ‘talons’ either


… and/or significant increases in spending for government PR and media relations. :roll_eyes: Yes, there is a lot to fix in the Republic, and there is a lot to fix for the Tribes, may of us still in Darkness. And trust me, we are working on it, too.

This thread, however, is about what we saw in Fabai, and what should be done about that.


Regardless of the actual condition of Fabai (and I suspect Elsebeth Rhiannon’s testimony on this subject to be nothing more than Minmatar propaganda), Sa-Baron Chakaid has proven himself more than qualified to rule over Constellation-sized political entities; under his enlightened rule, Fabai would become a bastion of Faith and Order, a place where liberalism, abolitionism, and Minmatarness are crushed under the jackboot of Tradition and Obedience.

It is not.

He hasn’t proven himself qualified to administer a test, let alone anything where people are expected to live and thrive. The Empire’d be better off putting that constellation into stewardship and naming Mittens Lord Protector or something.


I was going to respond but given that the Lord Consort took the words from my mouth. I’ll just add my +1 to second his response.

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If the Holders of House Kador have been remiss in their duties to protect the lives of Imperial subjects in the Fabai constellation due to their inability to provide security, then does not the Khanid Kingdom, having shown their ability to deter and destroy Covenant forces by deployment of the RKN, present themselves as better stewards to fulfill security obligations in the area?

For that, they’d have had to have shown some ability to deter and destroy Covenant forces.


I am sure if the Khanid Kingdom were granted their distraint over Fabai, the RKN would be more fully able to provide a more effective security apparatus than which is currently afforded by House Kador.

I think the Kingdom has every right to be concerned by a security threat presented by Covenent forces on their borders fostered by what appears to be the laxity or complacency of Kador to deal with it.

After the pernicious and deadly attacks upon Kahah by the Covenant it is only proper for a Holder such as Aga-Count Chakaid to address border security of the Kingdom and seek out the means to properly address them to ensure the safety of not just Kingdom subjects, but all citizens of the Empire.


I don’t think the Kingdom has any reason whatsoever to be concerned by any security threat presented by their Covenant allies/minions.

Chakaid is a terrorist and a criminal, and he needs to be apprehended and turned over to the RSS, so that he can be properly punished for a period not longer than the natural life of the universe.


While I can understand such accusations being made by the historical enemies of the Khanid Kingdom such as the Minmatar Republic or other Houses of the Empire such as Sarum or Ardishapur in particular, so far I have seen no actual evidence furnished to establish the conspiracy theory of collusion between the Kingdom and the Blood Raider Covenant as having actual basis in facts.

If evidence is presented clearly demonstrating collusion between Blood Raiders and the Kingdom I may give credence to the idea, but for now, I think it just hearsay and conspiracy theories promulgated by parties who benefit from doing so.

That being said, to me, the recent events in the Fabai Constellation show two Holder families allowing security they were responsible in providing for to lapse and opening a potential avenue for attack by Covenant forces which was exploited as such.

All I see is the Khanid Kingdom seeking to prevent another tragedy like Anath on their borders due to the negligence of others.

You are more than welcome to trust to the good graces and benevolence of people who use sub-orbital artillery bombardments on civilian population centers. I hope for your sake, no-one you care about is ever in theirs.


Wait. The argument the Khanid are making is that the holder houses have not been supplying patrol ships to keep Covenant forces and other undesireables away. And the Imperial Navy is thinly stretched and having to fill in the gaps.

I was under the impression that following Uriam Kador’s attack on the Federation, that Empress Jamyl had confiscated the Kador Fleet and more tightly enforced the Heideran Edict that forbid anyone other than the Imperial Navy to maintain a standing fleet of warships.

Has Empress Catiz rescinded that edict, and now even relatively low ranking Holders are permitted, even expected, to maintain substantial naval forces separate from the Imperial Navy command ?

If the Imperial Navy is having its domestic commitments reduced, then with no reduction in the size of the fleet, it frees them up for actions against… whom ? The Drifters ?

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I have always thought the Houses have a duty to supply ships & officers for the Navy, but that they cannot maintain their own space forces.

Not that I am much of an expert on Empire law…

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Let us summon Samira then, to clarify.