Official Statement from the Duchy of Fekhoya

[[The emblem for House Deritan is displayed and fades into a live feed.]]

“Good evening. The Duchy of Fekhoya has always prided itself on the protection and welfare of the citizens and civilians residing within the constellation. Recent news troubles us greatly, and we will do all we can to help each and every citizen and baseliner who has been affected by this unjust purge committed by Chesm Khan and the Royal Guards. Please accept my deepest sympathies, and know my heart goes out to all of you.”

She takes a breath, emotion quite clear on her features.

“As you all know, the lines of succession are not always clear. There may be some animosity toward my title and claim, but I have strived to better the lives of the people living in the constellation. We fight, daily, against the blooders, Triglavians, and other enemies infesting our home, while the nobility of Khanid Prime does very little to mitigate these attacks on the people living under the Kingdom. Many from beyond the Kingdom joined in to root out heresy, stopping the likes of Chakaid and Nauplius from further spreading their blasphemy. This can hardly be said for those residing at court.”

Her tone remaining calm, she continues.

"Now some will claim many things about me, and I, of course, expect my enemies and detractors to step up and start spewing lies, half-truths, and other things. I will say this right now. I am loyal to my Kingdom, I am loyal to my home and I always have been, from my days doing undercover work for Khanid Intelligence, to this endeavor. If there are any crimes for which I am made to answer, I will present myself, whether at the court of my King or my Empress.

Until that day comes – if that day comes – and until another takes my place as Duchess of Fekhoya, I will continue to protect and provide for my people, a faithful subject of the Amarrian Empire."

[[The feed fades back to a display of the emblem for House Deritan before resuming standard transmission.]]


I wouldn’t rush to such claim if I were you, Ms. Deritan.
We still have an unfinished business due to your unprovoked attack on an allied officer, which you have requested to delay for six months, of which there are only five have left.

If you would like to get an official clearance, there is a workaround for this. Instead of fighting in the duel, you may request a tribunal hearing. However, since the offense was committed in an international territory against State citizen, the tribunal shall be ours. If you need an urgent solution to the situation and will prefer to pick this option, please contact me privately.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

shut it, you’ve also shot at allied entities to your State and don’t give a toss.

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This pirate does talk too much and dares to stick her nose into affair that doesn’t belong to her.

For those who aren’t aware yet somehow:
I haven’t recieved any complaint forms or requests for compensation or even explanation in regard of any action or inaction that I have committed by my own decision.

Now, shut it YOU, and learn your place.

For the rest of the readers, I believe I have made a statement similar to Ms. Deritan, that if I’ve actually have committed any sort of crime or even slight injustice against allied or neutral entity, direct that to my NeoCom mail or to my FCO, every case will be studied and answered in shortest terms in a professional manner. There’s no need to troll on forums like Ms. Brezia does… provided you need a real solution of any sort of diplomatic issue or simply to restore the justice if you believe something I did was unjust, and not to post something just to make a nuisance of yourself.

Also I would like to remind that any further discussion about my own person does not belong to this thread, for I do not belong to the Duchy of Fekhoya, nor have any direct or indirect business there with exception of my private issue with Ms. Deritan that has began with her personal initiative. Ms. Brezia shall understand this as well before she will decide to write something further to ME in here.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

Commander Kim,

You are fully correct about one thing: This is not the place for your accusations against my person. By co-opting this media release for your own gain, you detract from the seriousness of this incident. Our disagreement is not pertinent to my statement regarding attacks on the people under my protection, and my assertions to answer to the Empire - if they so choose to have me do so - is entirely irrelevant to your claim that I have threatened your honor.

I would be more respectful of your request for a duel, which I have already said I will engage in once I’m no longer pregnant, if you kept your points on topic and civil.

This is, again, not the place for such a discussion, and calling me out so publicly while my people are in dire need of humanitarian aid is, frankly, dishonorable and beneath your claimed good character.

We will meet on the battlefield when I am physically able.


Lady Ithiria Deritan, Duchess of Fekhoya


Ms. Deritan…

First of all, as a State officer, I do not solve any sort of “disagreements” through duels, and assuming this about me is as insulting as the first reply you did to me which caused the whole situation. In here, slander is a criminal offense, especially when it targets honor of a service person.

I have offered you just an option - which was, actually, way less satisfying for me, but which, I believe, could be more profitable for you. I could have been mistaken, but yet, I’ve just offered you it with a good will, thinking you might be interested. You could have just told me it won’t be needed, but what did I get in reply? Yet another attack on my Honor.

I will be looking for our meeting on the battlefield with even greater interest now.

Have a good day,
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

Commander Kim,

I would behoove you to read my statement more carefully. I stated that the way you are behaving presently here in the face of a humanitarian crisis is against what you claim to be your good character, and that this action is dishonorable behavior from a self-proclaimed honorable Caldari officer.

Let’s not continue this quibble here, though, as I find it’s a disservice to my own time. I will make contact when it’s time to engage in our duel. Will this be satisfactory, or would you prefer my doctor update you regularly on my gestational cycle?


Lady Ithiria Deritan, Duchess of Fekhoya


Ms. Deritan…

Are you really going to blame me in my behavior in regard of that humanitarian crisis? Do you realize how hypocritical it sound? Of all the people it’s you and only you who had control of the situation.

It’s not my business what happens in the Duchy, but just look at the situation from the logical point of view, from above. Not as a Royal Guard and not as a representative of House Deritan, but, say, as an independent viewer, as a Strike Commander of allied forces, who doesn’t know all the intricacies and claims made by both sides.

There is only one way to achieve a legitimate authority - it is by being assigned to your position by your supperior, or otherwise being approved. And we’re not talking about the highest authority - it is a different story, and, I hope, you aren’t planning to assume a position of an Empress?

In either way, in all civilized parts of the cluster power is granted by superiors and it has a meaning that you represent the superior power, not your peers, nor your subordinates, you bring the will of your liege. And it doesn’t matter if people welcome you or not, it’s your duty to make people support you and collaborate, one way or another. And if you’re not entitled to the position, you shall make sure people aren’t supporting you anymore, because if people will follow you and your liege won’t give you permission to lead… it will be a mutiny. The people who will follow you will suffer, and not just because they followed you, but because you allowed them. Local leadership is way more influential to direct subordinates, and that they are being targeted by Royal Guards because they supported you - is only because you didn’t order them to cease supporting you. A leader shall always control and manage the people, not otherwise, it’s not your duty to to what people want from you (including having you as a leader whom they love), it’s your duty to make sure the people will do what is needed and accept that without confronting either of authorities.

I don’t know what exactly happened there, did you assume the position you weren’t entitled to, or you assumed it legally but didn’t relieve the control when it was necessary - but what I do know, is that the people who follow you are now fighting against representatives of the superior authority.

And in that situation I can’t blame anyone else than one who actually represents the local authority whom these people are loyal to.

As I have said already, it’s not really my problem, I just said how I see the situation. But as you read this, maybe you’ll get some ideas how to minimize the bloodshed before jumping on others. Also I hope in the future our self-proclaimed Duchess won’t dare to stain my Honor with her own issues.

That won’t be necessary.

Commander Kim,

Thank you very much for your input. We will take it under consideration.


Duchess Ithiria Deritan

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