Duchy of Fekhoya Relief efforts

The duchy of Fekhoya helped defend Kahah III from the vicious attacks of the EOM titan. As we speak relief efforts and medical supplies have touched down on the planet to aide the victims of this senseless attack there.

The duchy will continue to ferry in supplies, personal care and anything the victims need to stabilize.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me privately.

Amitel Del’Amargo
Head Diplomat


As one who was a part of the force taking Chakaid down, I was also on the front to help survivors. The devastation caused by the Avatars weapon will never leave my soul.

I write to advise that Khimi Harar has made a shipment of relief supplies on this date to the Duchy for use on Kahah III. I am saddened by the unnecessary violence inflicted upon this world and will also pray for the victims and survivors. I am glad that my pilots were able to be among those who mobilized on short notice to end the vicious doomsdays. by the heretic and traitor, Alar Chaikaid and his EoM compatriots.

The Duchy thanks you for your efforts Executrix. We hope to continue and foster working together with Khimi Harar.

Amitel Del’Amargo

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