Joint Operation to Stabilize Fekhoya Economy Successful

On April 25th, YC123, Joint operational forces of the Khimi Harar, representing the Ordo Crucis Noctilucae and Duchy Military Forces engaged in raids on four customs offices located in the Chamemi system. Four offices were involved and all were taken with minimal resistance. While generally falling under the mission of increasing stability in the Duchy, the Khimi Harar contact, Zeresh Chingul indicated that this op was just the latest step in a long-term effort to align interplanetary commerce surrounding the system to a standardized tariff system that is locally produced, sourced, and controlled.

The recent reinstallation of the Duchess to the seat of power within Fekhoya briefly caused some concerns among the locals, however it appears for the time being relations with existing legal power structures are trending positive and unlikely to result in any significant shakeups throughout the constellation. Diplomatic channels are open and this latest effort of collaboration is just one in a long series of collaborative efforts both planned and underway.

Though resistance was light, it is notable that in this Khimi Harar lead operation, that Duchy Military Forces were among the most effective combats in all four engagements. Pilot Phellan Kell logged top damage in three of the four captures. A name most people perhaps didn’t expect, newly minted capsuleer Julie Lemrenoy, yes that Julie Lemrenoy, brought the big ones sealing the deal for one engagement and landing the killing blow on the last. This is an excellent showing for auxiliary forces and the Duchy itself looks to be in good hands with competent capsuleers in service to the Duchess Ithiria Deritan.

Deena Evans, reporting for FNN.


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