A Request to DCH/DONIG for Public Clarification

Courteous greetings to my fellow subjects of His Royal Highness Khanid III, and her Imperial Majesty Empress Catiz I,

I come to you today with a most disturbing question. Tucked away in the end notes of The Scope’s most recent news roundup, I could not help but to notice a rather distressing report.

Khanid Royal Guard and Chesm Khan Operation “Eliminates Ducal Pretender Supporters” in Royal Duchy of Fekhoya

I am forced to admit that perhaps news may not travel as swiftly to my own home as it does the keen ears of Scope reporters, and as such I am requesting clarification from some of the only people I can imagine would be able (and hopefully willing) to offer it.

Would the Lady of Fekhoya or an appropriate mouthpiece kindly be able to explain what is going on in her house? Is she perhaps in need of aid? Or has she been clapped in irons?

I hope I may receive a swift answer, so this uncertainty may soon be resolved.

Faithfully yours,
Lady Liliyah Setareh
Knight of Neyi IV

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Lady Liliyah Setareh,

Lady Serareh an Offical Statement will be forthcoming within a couple hours.

Duchess Ithiria Deritan
Duchy of Fekhoya
Khanid Kingdom.

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