Queen Zidarez Missing and a letter to Khanid III

As a Holder and cyber-knight of you’re most Holy Majesty, Keeper of the Kingdom, I offer my aid in whatever way I can to the finding and safe return of her Ladyship as well as whatever resources I can bring to bare to resolve this crisis.

I also call on my cyberknight brother and sisters to join me in returning home to serve our Lord as best we know how.

Walk with God
Kithrus Avrose Crases


This news is especially distressing. The Queen was a huge inspiration and role model for me and other Ni-Kunni kids stuck in the ghetto with nowhere to go. Stories of her struggles and successes factored into my decision to enlist in the Navy. It’s very possible that, without her, circumstances would have never led to the testing that gave me a chance to be a pod pilot.

I am no cyber-knight, nor do I have any notable stakes in the affairs of the Kingdom, but I would like also to pledge whatever assistance I might be capable of providing should the need arise.

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I hope she burns, along with all the other Khanid.

I’m sure so does king khanid himself, and his pet underling chakaid, so they have an excuse to continue to be the worst human beings in the cluster along with Sansha cultists.

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I am not Khanid so I cannot imagine what the people are going through but my thoughts and prayers are with the Khanid peoples.

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This forum needs a dislike button.


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