New Commision in Khanid

To his Majesty, Great King Farokh, Khanid III, Sovereign Ruler of the Khanid Kingdom.

Greetings and thanks to your highness.

I am Hamad ul-Shattan of the Shattan-Khans of the Cyberknights, your humble servant.

I prepare for the arduous duties that I have received as a blessing in service to the Empress and our King, and I avail myself of this solemn occasion to express the gratitude which their confidence inspires and to acknowledge the accountability which my situation enjoins. While the cosmic expanse of their interests convinces me that no thanks can be adequate to the honor they have conferred, I labor to return best what I can make and to zealously dedicate my humble abilities to their service and their good.

As the instrument of the Khanid Kingdom, I happily pursue the Royal interests and the interests of the Kingdom and in this specific command, to provide security within the buffer regions of the Amarr Empire and the various tribes of the Matar people. I assume command of the newly commissioned Khanid Royal 124th Cyberknights Squadron - Kahah Strong, its crew, its vessels, and its missions and implicit tasks.

Under the weight of this immense blessing, I shall endeavor to select pilots whose faith and diligence and talents will ensure in their respective stations able. I will labor to development their talents to meet your level of trust and to return their fruits back to this kingdom and its peoples.

I pray for the discernment and leadership left by my illustrious peers and predecessors, and with veneration to the lights that flow from the divinity that founded this kingdom. The same blessings bids me to hope for instruction and aid from the coordinate Imperial squadrons and golden fleets, and for the indulgence and support of my fellow-empyreans generally.

In the name of the Great King Farokh, we will bring light to the Bleak Lands and to Devoid, and Khanid’s wisdom and virtue to all New Eden.

Amarr victor; Kahah strong.

You humble Servant
Hamad ul-Shattan
Commanding Officer
KR 124th Cyberknights Squadron - KS
Auxiliary to the 24th Crusade

Edited with input from Samira Kernher


Just an FYI, the current king of the Khanid kingdom is Farokh Khanid (titled Khanid III), after Garkeh committed Shathol’Syn following the Succession Trials in 2016.

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Ah. Thanks for the correction.

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