In Defence of the Khanid Kingdom - before DT until Khanid is safe from invasion

Due to the continued escalation of accusations and overreach by Matari Social Justice Warriors and sycophantic spineless Amarrian so called loyalists, the Battlemonks shall be looking to establish a sanctuary and safe space in Kahah for all who wish to stand by our Brothers and Sisters of Khanid and their right to their own culture and traditions.

I welcome members of the 24th, Fweddit, Caldari mercenaries, and all who have suffered under social media driven emotionally immature moralistic overreactions.

Stand by our Khanid allies. They who know the full scriptures and protect the faithful that even Amarr does not.

Bring your battle equipped ships and we shall pray together on the blood of the weak.

To co-ordinate: our first prayer shall be one hour prior to down time. I would encourage the dark faithful to attend. We shall be using ship SKINS to identify ourselves with Red, Black or Blood markings.

Pax Amarr Pax Sanquinis Khanid.

You’re a bit late to be honest.


And I thought I was late to that field. I mean, several days after the final shot is kind of impressive as far as reaction times go.


Im pretty sure it will get interesting.

Oh look, @Alar_Chakaid, your blooder pet is coming to your defense.


While I have always felt optimism is a great value in my tribeswomen, I have to say I think this is probably far from over.

EDIT: To clarify: CONCORD has indeed decreed as is their right and duty under the Yulai Convention, Accords et cetera and so forth that capsuleer influence is over, but I have both hopes and fear that what happened in Kahah was just the beginning of something bigger.

Does one solitary Bhaalgorn even count for anything anymore?

crour , ashimmu , bhaalgorn is welcomed afaik

but you can bring any ship that can use blood raider skin so example prophecy coercer etc.

I had faith you could change, you told me you would. You told me that you were not interested in the blooders like everyone thought, just the ships. I could live with that. I knew it would be a process but for whatever reason it failed.

Don’t you dare claim to stand for the Kingdom while practicing your foul rites.


Yeah, the multi-million blood sacrifices of slaves need to ostensibly be done under the Rite, not the off-shoot of the same stem, by golly.


So is the kingdom safe from invasion yet or what ? :thinking:

No, it isn’t.

I am sure those “sanctions or worse” will happen any day now.

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Keitan Yun is certainly known for his follow through.

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Ow, that hurt my feelings.

Mostly because I have been outwitted and cannot think of anything clever but true to say here, but still.

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Hah. Out of perverse curiosity, how many of the lines you thought up in reply had to be tossed for breaking a certain Elsebeth specific EM rule?

I wasn’t keeping a count so hard to say post-hoc. Five-ish?

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Given recent events, I don’t think this has been particularly successful in achieving the thing it was supposed to, whatever it was.

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