[PIE inc] Statement on Kahah

Excubitors have been involved in the actions over Kahah III the last two days. Given the sheer amount of speculation I am seeing, it seems necessary to make a statement about our overall Organizational role in the fiasco.

PIE Involvement throughout the escalation of events that began with the Deathglow attack on Rens has had primary goal of deescalating the conflict wherever possible and preventing escalations that would result in the loss of life within Amarr. We have condemned these deathglow attacks, including the one on the Republic, and will continue working until the perpetrator is removed as a threat, however long that may take.

Our limited involvement in the particular mess in Kahah has been a part of this effort. We do not know the situation on the ground in Kahah, other than that it is quite grim, but it seems obvious that adding an army of foreign mercenaries and terrorists into the mix would only result in continued escalation. As such, when the long term terrorist organization the Ushra’Khan declared that it was attempting to drop a corps of marines and freedom fighters, as well as weapons such as void bombs, on the planet, PIE needed to become more directly involved that we had been thus far.

Up to that point PIE involvement has been limited to our Sarum pledged faction, headed by Lady Admiral Newelle. The Newel objectives have been stated elsewhere on these forums. Those objectives were neither endorsed nor condemned by PIE. Some notable moments in the Newelle deployment, however, include the decision to allow a U’K pilot to bring humanitarian supplies to Kahah and an attempt to rescue survivors in the aftermath of the Fweddit Massacre. While it is paltry compared to the scale of Fweddit’s atrocity, hundreds of slaves owe their lives to the Newelle deployment.

As a note: PIE condemns, in the strongest terms, Fweddit’s actions. They have been KoS to PIE for years and PIE actively applauds retaliations against the blood cultist scum responsible for that massacre.

U’K’s Operation Starfall represents a change in PIE deployment and included members of the organization outside of the Newelle operation. It is absolutely unacceptable for foreign nationals and known terrorists to attempt a planetary invasion against an Amarr planet. Upon hearing of U’K’s plans we gathered a small battleship fleet of Amarr militia and loyalists to attempt to limit the damage that U’K’s attack could cause.

When U’K deployed, it was clear that they outnumbered us and outweighed us by well over two to one. However, when they attempted to land their forces, Khanid defense forces deployed to attack the invasion force. The Amarr fleet under Captain Newelle’s command engaged the U’K forces at that moment, resulting in the destruction of several battleships on both sides. Given the weight differential, our engagement was a tactical defeat but a strategic victory. Our force suffered well over 50% casualties, but the remainder retreated in good order with the primary objective complete. While we were on the field the U’K freighter had been destroyed, and their invasion had failed utterly. PIE is proud to have stood tall against superior numbers to prevent an invasion of an Amarr planet by an organization dedicated to destruction.

Ushra’Khan logistical efforts being superior to what we had on hand, PIE left the field after the initial engagement. It is at this point that U’K decided to sacrifice tens of thousands of Matari lives to demonstrate how angry they were at CONCORD.

This action by PIE is not an endorsement of Khanid methods in dealing with the planetside disaster that has developed on Kahah in the aftermath of the Blood Raider Deathglow attack. The situation is chaotic and capsuleer military intervention can only make things worse. We have forwarded the information we have on those attacks to the proper authorities, and will continue to work with those authorities to find out who is responsible for this debacle and bring them to justice.

Anyone involved in illegal attacks on Amarr, in any way, is our enemy and we will work to mitigate the damage that they can do to the populations under the protection of Amarr.

“So the Lord sent forth the Chosen,
to bring forth the light of faith
And those who embrace his love
Shall be saved by his grace
For we are his shepherds in the darkness
His Angels of Mercy.
But those who turn away from his light,
And reject his true word
Shall be struck down by his wrath
For we are his retribution incarnate
His Angels of Vengeance”

-Lord Admiral Gaven Lok’ri
Co-Chapter Master of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order
Divine Commodore of the 24th Imperial Crusade


Escalation beyond the wholesale slaughter of all Minmatar slaves on the planet?

Okay then.

You do realize what a rescue operation entails, right?

You got absolutely pasted by our fleet and utterly failed to make even a dent. If there was ever any doubt that PIE was incapable of standing for the Amarr, here it is. The only people who ever made a difference was Concord. Even the Khanid Navy proved themselves utter cowards, warping off at the first shot fired.

You mayaswell have not been there, and it wouldn’t have changed the result. I trust you realize this better then you pretend to.

Your people actively defended the Khanid navy as they sought to purge the system of all Minmatar slaves, up to and including assaulting several freighters who sought to offer relief and evacuation.

Yes, you do, you filthy liar. You endorsed the Khanid by your actions, and then you release a propaganda statement in which you try to wash your hands off of it in a sickening display of political manouvering.

I am sure this will produce just as many results as your supposed response to the bombing of your estate.

Upgrade your fleet, you couldn’t defend an astrahus in your current state.


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Well done, Chapter Master.

I for one always had faith that the noble paladins of the Excubitoris would see the threat to Holy Amarr that is posed by Ammatar traitors, Minmatar rebels and blood cultist terrorists working hand in hand to undermine all that we love and uphold.

To be sure, the actions of the Excubitoris will be long remembered in the annals of the Empire.

For Holy Amarr, Empire and Kingdom,

I have the honor and privilege to be,


Sa-Baron Chakaid of Ves-Sefris, Zirsem V,
Colonel General of the 19th Royal Uhlans,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III


We certainly do see that threat.


Interesting, tell us more.

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Most of what I have to say was already said in the OP. Did you have a specific question raised about that phrasing?

The wording implies that this change might be permanent, or long-term, instead of just for this operation. Is this the case?

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Without knowing how the Kahah situation develops, I cannot speak to that. The wording in that particular phrase only refers to the events of yesterday.

Thank you for the clarification.

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We will not rest until you are standing in front of a Republic Justice Department tribunal for your crimes.


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I hate to be an asshole here, but the Justice Dept has no jurisdiction whatsoever over Chakaid, at least not until such time that Khanid is free and joins the Republic.


He remains a suspect-at-large for the gas attack in Rens. I remain hopeful that after the message we dispatched to CONCORD through the incompetent SARO officer’s embarrassment that Chakaid’s extradition to Republic jurisdiction is on the table for negotiation.

I wouldn’t hold your breath. While the bastard irked me too, he was well within the CONCORD accords, simply stopping capsuleer action that was in fact illegal - in Khanid. I find our chances of actually getting a government official of another sovereign nation based on that extremely low.


Chakaid’s pet SARO officer goes home with the DED’s first public loss delivered at the hands of capsuleers. We have created a stir in Yulai and unless CONCORD is willing to risk additional embarrassment, it would do well for them to cut it out at the source and demand Chakaid be handed over to Republic custody.

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Oh dear, things certainly have gotten quite messy, haven’t they? Everyone is putting out statements. The Minmatar are putting out statements. The Amarr are putting out statements. So are the Caldari. Though, I seem to be missing a statement from the Gallente capsuleers. Everyone has made much ado about very little.

Slave revolts are a fact of life. The poor Minmatar are still learning just what civilization means, and there’s bound to be some mishaps along the way. In fact, raising slaves is not dissimilar to raising slaver hounds. They need to be trained properly. Punish mistakes and reward the good behaviors. A wise holder will ensure that her slaves love and fear her, for she is the source of all happiness and suffering for her slaves.

Of course, this takes time, effort, and money. Trained overseers are not inexpensive. Some holders seek to speed up this process, by using vitoxin or TCMCs. I’ve never really approved of such shortcuts. And, of course, Kahah is a perfect example of what happens. The Blooder attack was a perfect storm.

Usually, slave revolts form organically, with one or two leaders getting a gang together to try and foment a larger action. If the slaves have been properly raised and trained, a holder’s security force will get wind of this well before anything disagreeable happens. From there, it’s a simple measure to crucify the leaders as an example of one’s iron will and divine mandate. The lesser slaves I usually give a lighter punishment and send them back to work as an example of my mercy.

Unfortunately for the Khanid, these revolts didn’t form organically. The Blooder attack threw a switch. Multiple simultaneous revolts across the whole planet is quite a calamity, one that required a more direct response. Now, the Khanid are about as subtle as a sledgehammer during the best of times. In this case, it was no surprise how absolutely overpowering their answer was. I am not sure what people expected. Perhaps the Khanid should have kept asking nicely for the rebels to surrender?

And, of course, the feral Minmatar don’t really understand things. As a result, in some desperate act of something, be it stupidity or ‘resolve,’ they manage to get tens of thousands of their own killed in an act that was hopeless even before they announced the time and day.

It was the heroic Captain Newelle that led the Imperial fleet, as the Lord Admiral said, outnumbered. Of course, a pilot of such skill finds a way to achieve victory, regardless of what forces might be arrayed against him. I might have to ask him to sit for another painting.

When their suicide mission failed, inevitable, given it was a suicide mission, the feral Minmatar even went to far as to attack a CONCORD officer who was simply there to make sure the laws were followed. As I said, the Minmatar are still learning what civilization means. Some seem to be much further than others.

Somehow, this prompted PIE to explain that they are committed to defending the Empire? Well, while we are all stating the obvious: I like chocolate.

Of course the situation in Kahah is rather less than optimal. However, given the sequence of events that led up to it, all this posturing is a bit over done. In a few weeks this kerfluffle will be over, and everyone will move onto the next outrage. In a few years, people will barely remember.


Loved this designation.
Thank you.

Really wishing there was a “dislike” button right now…




  1. (especially of an animal) in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication
  2. resembling a wild animal.

Yeah. I’ll own that. We exist in a wild state—unfettered by claims of ownership by the Amarr or their Blooder House. We exist this way after an escape from captivity and ongoing attempts at domestication. You want to wield this as an insult, I know, but the only reason we’re ‘feral’ is because you failed in your divine mandate. And your failure will only be compounded.

And it’s lovely that the ‘Imperial Fleet’ wants to claim it was outnumbered, but I clearly remember about two dozen ships of the Royal Khanid Navy on the field… and a supercarrier that ran the hell away when someone dared to shoot back.

Next time you want to bemoan the horrible actions of ‘feral’ people who knew centuries of peace before being invaded by savages, murderers, and rapists in golden ships… stuff your face back in your PIE and remember who made us into this.



We couldn’t even get the confirmed murderer of our Chief, when the criminal was a baselevel citizen in bad standing, not without attempting an armed conflict, which failed. (ref)

Get your head out of your ass. You’re a capsuleer, and no matter what your fanclub thinks, you’re not a god.

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I just came out here to say I agree with you 100%. You Capsuleers are not gods, you are low-rent demigods at best.

I on the other hand, am a God unlike no other. I am a wrestling God and my skills in the ring combined with my immortality are evidence of that.

I am the superstar in New Eden that shines brighter than Caroline’s star. These travelers transversing the lanes to each solar system ain’t going to Jita or Amarr, no no. They’re traveling to this superstar right here for the ultaimte spectulical witnessed by human eyes.

And with the crowd is chanting my name, I will have the strength to pry open those pearly gates to heaven.

Take whatever God I find up there.

Break his back over my knee

And make him humble.