In the skies of Kahah, a message shall be sent

Hear me, citizens, for I am one who speaks on behalf of our Lord, and who shall voice His wrath against those that defy His rightful order!

The rebels of Kahah seek to rise above the stations He has given them, believing themselves to be masters of their destinies. But the Lord is the master of all, and His fury shall rain down upon Kahah in a tide of blood and flame. So say the Scriptures, and so says his Speaker.

But His words are the merest fraction of His will; He makes Himself known to the galaxy through action. So shall it be now; as I am His voice, I am also His sword. We shall gather above the rebel world of Kahah to deliver with action a message that can never be heard with words; a message of His might, and the fury with which His will is enforced across the stars.

We invite all the Faithful to gather with us one day hence, above Kahah III, to bear witness to these sacred rites. We invite, as well, the unfaithful; the dregs of the stars, the heretic and unbeliever, to see with your eyes the fate of those who seek to defy our Lord’s commandments.


Somehow, I doubt it.


Well, you certainly speak for someone, but it’s not God. A lot of one-day old capsuleers suddenly popping out of the woodworks lately.

In any case, there’s no rightful order to be found when dealing with the Kingdom. The Kingdom betrayed Amarr and declare with their sign that man is above God. They themselves are rebels, faithless, infidels, unworthy to hold slaves to begin with. This uprising is a consequence of the Kingdom’s evil. God’s judgment cannot be escaped, no matter Jamyl’s attempts to pardon them.


Well he didn’t say God, but Lord. I mean, maybe he meant m’lud Golden Shower.

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I defy your Lord’s commandments. I somehow doubt you’ll do a damned thing about it.


I’m beginning to think the deathglow is getting into people’s capsule fluid. This is just getting ridiculous.


The advantage here is that the Imperial bloc is very good at ignoring stupidity.


The hour approaches, brothers! Join us at 16:00 standard time today!

You are human excrement.

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Our message has been sent.

Today in the skies of Kahah III, we have conducted the execution of some two million Minmatar slaves, to demonstrate our will and wrath to those who would defy God’s order.

The wreckage of each vessel was destroyed. The blood and bone and steel rain down upon Kahah III, and as it falls, so fall the hopes of those rebels who defy God upon that world.

We give pious thanks to our sovereign Empress Catiz I, and to our sovereign Lord Almighty, for entrusting us with the sacred task of maintaining His order in this galaxy. All souls shall be Reclaimed, in this world or the next.

Amarr Victor.


The “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service has transmitted what has transpired in Kahah, today.

The way I heard things, some wingnut pawn was behind this, so as to pour scorn on someone else.

Sounds like one of Omir Sarikusa’s band of clowns. Or one of their wannabe hangers on.

Well, Empire loyalists are gonna Empire loyalist, it seems. And here people were having seizures over that one clown. I take it the Empire Loyalists will now be wardeccing Fweddit? No?

Gosh, imagine that.


I was shown a transcript of the speech made by “The Lord’s Speaker” over Kahah. I did not detect any unorthodox content in that speech. Ultra-conservative, yes. A controversial counter-terrorism tactic, yes. But unorthodox? I am not convinced by the accusations that he and his associates in this matter are Blood Raiders.

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Well, that lunatic’s ship was named “Crimson Fury”. While it doesn’t make them Blood Raiders, it shows some similarity. But actually I am sure even they don’t really know how to define themselves.

Calling Fweddit “Empire loyalists” is… Four? Five? Spirits it could be six years out of date.

They are no more Empire loyal than the average Blood Raider is loyal to his immediate superior.

And having been in an alliance with them, I can say they’re about as sane as said Blood Raider.


I have a ship named “By his light,” does that make me Amarr? Frankly I used to offensive Plex in it for the TLF, but still… Unless they made a statement or something it’s not exactly solid proof.


Perhaps I should have put it in quotation marks. Self-proclaimed Empire loyalists then? No matter how you swing it, this nonsense grows in the Imperial soil, just like the clown and the rest of the Sani Sabik/Blooder nutbags.

Of course, when I counseled ignoring the clown and letting him fizzle out, instead of feeding him endless amounts of attention keeping him going and going and going, that wasn’t received well by those who counted him as a fantastic way of making it look like they were ‘good guys’, doing good things, etc.

How much do anyone want to bet this guy is going to be ignored, because this time it’d actually be rather difficult to do anything about it?

I agree. The name may have been a tool for confusion.

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Please. A bunch of cowardly little pissants masturbating all over themselves isn’t ‘order’ or ‘wrath’. It’s just wankery and cowardice. Dueling freighters? Really?

If these are the tricks your god has to resort to, Fweddit’s gotten weak, and so is your god.