Kahah residents say long recovery still ahead of them

Ten months on from the Kahah Crisis, residents of Kahah say full recovery is still a long way in the future.

Gutter Press agents were on Kahah recently, to gather opinions from citizens about the Crisis and their hopes for the future. The citizens told tales of woe, with many blaming capsuleers and the Sani sabik for the crisis, and predicting that full recovery could still take many years.

“Those damn out-kingdom capsuleers ruined everything”, said one farmer. “Every damn mercenary outfit picked my damn fields as landing zones, totally ruined my damn cabbages. Look at all these damn craters I’ve had to fill in. Rocks everywhere. This soil is going to be terrible for ploughing for decades”.

“I had to spend months rounding up feral slaver hounds after the crisis.”, said a hound trainer. “What with the bombs and the fighting, lots of them got loose and roamed about”

“I was having a quiet drink with my mates at the veteran’s club, when some damn fool set off the invasion alarm”, said a retired Khanid mechanised infantryman. “Next thing we know, our cybermods transformed into their war forms, and now I’m stuck that way. Can’t run the diagnostics because the ECM protection isolated the systems. Now when I’m looking at the waitresses in my favourite restaurant, I get all the tactical pop-up overlays, and I can’t turn them off.”

“With God on our side, we shall surely punish the Sabik worlds for this”, said a retired Royal Khanid Navy officer. “Not one stone left stacked on another, not one blade of grass left standing”

“We’ve had to make a lot of changes in how we conduct our farming”, said another farmer. “Huge labour shortage as a result of the Crisis, so we’ve invested in more drone-controlled harvester machines, rather than slave-controlled ones. This is going to be an issue in the off-season though, as that’s when we do the other maintenance which is still labour intensive. Just not enough bodies to do all the work.”

“The Royal Uhlans requisitioned my stables for a brief period”, said a horse-breeder. “Had to pull double shifts to muck them out afterwards. I didn’t know gene-modded cyberhorses pooped that much.”

“Radioactive debris from one of those Minmatar ships that exploded in orbit has poisoned some of the cropland near my home town”, said a policeman. “I have every faith the King and his officers shall avenge this attack on us.”

Gutter Press agents confirmed by aerial survey, that cratered farmland and derelict buildings were present across large areas of Kahah III, with filled-in craters visible through discoloration of the crops.

Kingdom officials that spoke to Gutter Press praised the local Holders for their efforts in the reconstruction, and forecast that economic output of Kahah should reach pre-Crisis levels before the anniversary.

Gutter Press. News.


This article proves that the anger and the aggression aimed at the Khanid Kingdom by some sectors is purely based on prejudice. Intaki V came under siege from a Caldari megacorp and various capsuleer and non-capsuleer groups offered support and funds for humanitarian aid. The people of Kahah II haven’t seen that. Quite the contrary, capsuleer actions have had the sole impact of desolating local infrastructure and destroying lives.

It is not my place to say what the people of the Kingdom or, more specifically, Kahah III want or need. However, I have 2 suggestions of how I and others may help that, should a representative of Kahah step forward and say they are needed, I would be willing to instigate.

  1. A humanitarian aid drive.

I am pleased to see that the local Holders have done such a good job at restoring and reconstructing Kahah III to where it is now. I do not wish to undermine or denigrate that work as it has been vital albeit greatly ignored. However, there is still a journey to take to return Kahah III to its rightful place on its path of prosperity. As such, I would be willing to collect and distribute any donated resources to the people of Kahah III as well as the surrounding planets and systems to try to support the Holders in their endeavours to bring Kahah III back to its former glories and onwards into new ones.

  1. An auxiliary defence force.

I will never pretend to be the best pilot in a combat situation. I will never presume to be able to respond to all threats to the Kingdom. I will never claim myself to be better than the Royal Khanid Navy or suggest that they are not doing a good enough job. Why? Because all of these remarks would be untrue.

However, there are some resources that only capsuleers can obtain and some tasks that a navy would not be able to do that an independent group might be able to. Thus, I would propose creating the Khanid Auxiliary Corps and inviting any pro-Kingdom capsuleers to join me in defending the Kingdom from inevitable attacks by capsuleer and Blooder groups in the future.

As I have said previously, I do not wish the problem to be compounded by my own meddling. Looking back over history shows that, whilst capsuleers are very adept at causing such a mess, capsuleers have been pretty inept at their attempts to clean them up - the near-arming of Lai Dai corporation with dirty bombs that they could have used on the very people the intended action was meant to protect, for instance. Should a representative of Kahah III or the Kingdom tell me that no action is needed, I shall respect that and step away.

Should I be advised that either, both or a different action is required, I would be glad to serve as best I can. But I must remind as a caveat that, whilst I am a capsuleer, I am still human and I am still fallible so I do not wish to over-promise and under-deliver. If any negotiation is needed, I would be willing to do so here if public openness and honesty is considered needed or in private via my mail if confidentiality is required.

In service to God,

Ange des Larmes

I, Nauplius, have contributed the following to the Kahah Humanitarian Aid Drive:
1000 units of Livestock
1000 units of Genetically Enhanced Livestock
1000 units of Fertilizer
And most importantly of all, 50 of St. Tetrimon’s Fingers, because it would do not good if the bellies of Kahah be full and their spirits empty. Hopefully, these fingers will serve as the centerpieces for 50 new shrines all over Kahah.


A. This is Gutter Press. As a general rule, if they report that the sky is blue, you’re probably on an airless asteroid.
B. Capsuleer actions did nothing on the surface of Kahah III. A very small number of agents were able to get to the surface, and helped get some slaves to transports and off-world. The destruction itself? That was done by the Khanid, with “millions [of slaves] being corralled into the slave ghettos and subjected to artillery fire and suborbital bombardment” by the 7th Asbara and the 19th Royal Uhlans—and their commanding Colonel General, Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid.

So if there are craters in the farms of Kahah? They’re his craters. He’s the one who was shelling the planet. Not any of us.


People who weren’t actually present for these events should shut their ignorant lips.

There was significant capsuleer involvement in humanitarian efforts. Khanid forces declined these efforts, and Khanid commander Lord Soshan Fayez even had CONCORD destroy humanitarian transports to prevent them from helping people on the surface.

Khanid were butchering people on Kahah. You are trying to defend an evil, abominable country. Stop acting the good guy, because you’re far from it.


You’re leaving out some important parts there, Kernher… Parts that add weight to your arguments, at that…

Feel free to add anything I might have missed.

I’m personally fond of the part where Empire loyalist capsuleers defended and supported the decision


As ever, when Gutter Press reports on a controversial subject, one should look carefully at what the article does not say, as well as what it does say.

We do not see any criticism of Kingdom officials responsible for planetary defence. We do not see any criticism of the heavy-handed methods the Kingdom military forces used to resolve the crisis.

What we do see, is that foreign capsuleers, Minmatar, and the Covenant are blamed for causing the incident. We see there is a labour shortage. Not enough slaves to carry out all the work necessary.

So we can expect the Kingdom to adopt a more pro-slavery attitude, compared to the Empire’s current policies seemingly favouring gradual abolition. And a more aggressive foreign policy, against “enemies of the Khanid people”.

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Kingdom already is more pro-slavery than the Empire, and more honest in that they don’t pretend its for the slaves betterment.

I was thinking more along the lines that Clownmaster Chakaid would be agitating for enslaving a few planets as compensation.

Whereas few serious people in the Empire have advocated that sort of thing. I was under the impression that Imperial Law does not allow enslaving of the populations on the temporarily occupied planets in the militia warzones.

The linked article is inaccurate, as SFRIM forces were actually part of the group attempting to deliver humanitarian aid, and did not in any way support the destruction of Ms. Kernher’s vessel. SFRIM forces were, at the time, under strict orders from myself to obey all local laws and comply with directives from legitimate local authorities (as is our standard policy when on humanitarian deployments anywhere in the cluster), but not to lend any sort of military aid to Khanid forces, a policy which only changed once Kahah became subject to a foreign invasion attempt.


Some were (yourself). And some, specifically Lord Crases (who was part of SFRIM at the time) was escorting Fayez’s vessel along with PIE. He had also been earlier threatening to destroy ships in the humanitarian fleet, and talking about participating in the pacification efforts – before you told him to cease that.


In all fairness, Crases began that crisis by quietly helping aid transports evacuate wounded, including slaves. I take exception to many of his stances on matters since then, but he started off by trying to help and hoping it would all blow over.

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Of course, if the Empire wouldn’t watch idly by as millions of innocents are put in the grinder, intervention wouldn’t have been required…


I’m not sure it is. At that point, SFRIM were often flying logistics for PIE fleets. While it could be claimed ‘that’s not supposing the Khanid’, obviously, indirect support (by supporting PIE’s support) is still support.

I’m not recalling such events in Kahah before the invasion attempt, though I may be mistaken. Thebeka, of course, is another story entirely.

In either case, the article is clearly referring to a very specific instance of supporting Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez in the incident where Ms. Kernher’s ship was destroyed by CONCORD forces.


You choose your words wisely, Lord Avarr. A “foreign invasion attempt” implies that the intent of the operation was conquest. Of course, the actual intent was to establish a safe zone to reduce innocent civilian casualties—a slaughter that was exacerbated by so-called “Amarrian loyalists” through covert complicity, inaction, or even overt support for the Kingdom’s practices. You are not unique in this. Oveg Drust was just as willing an accomplice to what was occurring on the surface.

Well said.


I’m surprised Chakaid hasn’t thrown his two coinsworth in, to confirm or deny things mentioned in this article.

Well actually I’m not, because to do so would be to contradict his previous assertions on the amount of outside military interventions that really occurred on the surface.

Haha, Count Chakaid got snookered by Gutter Press. What a laugh.

Does SFRIM and LUMEN have a duty to mankind or the law…? Not a criticism, but a legitimate question…