Take a Moment

For all the divides and disgreements many of us had, all the barbs flung and harsh language, let us take a moment and enjoy the one solid good thing from Kahah.

We all agree that something needed to be done to fix it, we all agreed.

That’s a marvel right there. This crisis has caused me no end of stress and I’d be the first person to admit the Kingdom needs reform but the positive take away is we agreed.

Now our methodes differed and whose truely to blame is still in the air. I don’t want to talk about that, I want to hang on that for one moment, one spec of time we agreed on the topic of slavery that this was too much.

Just appreciate that.


Wherein by “we” you mean a handful of capsuleers who post on IGS.

Yay hooray.


Millions dead but hey, a very small handful of Mary capsuleers kind of whimpered softly, slightly raised a finger and went “… uhm.” before they promptly wet themselves at the sheer level of rebellious courage they displayed, and then flew in a nice orderly formation around the Khanid mouthpiece like good little pets.

Where would you like your statues delivered? The parades will be arranged in every population center larger than five hundred souls, I’m sure.


What’s the point even? Capsuleers hold themselves slaves as well in the form of other capsuleers working their asses off for some shady leadership with delusions of grandeur.


There are victims and there are victim statistics, the one get a statue the other means a statue.

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